Month: March 2010

Rado Diamaster Series Love With You I

In the past two years, love has been inexhaustible. ‘2013 Love Your Life’, a symbol of happiness and love, many newcomers rush to complete their life-long events at the end of last year. Newcomers who do n’t grab the 2013 wedding tickets do n’t have to worry. 2014 is also full of declarations of love. 2014 “Love You I” will surely cause a wedding boom! In addition to using rings to encircle each other, witness the two people’s steadfast love Moment, and presented the other party with a high-tech ceramic masterpiece called DiaMaster, which is scratch-resistant and not easy to wear. The wrists reflect each other’s love and make a lasting moment with your lover.

 Marriage is a big event in life. Even in the modern era of free love, Taiwan’s traditional etiquette is still not surprising. In addition to big hires and small hires, watches that symbolize eternal love are also one of the first choices. The radar watch that has never worn the high-tech ceramics to lead the trend of the altar is a marriage blessing for the new people. The DiaMaster series of watches has a simple and classic appearance, plus high-tech ceramic materials, and a convenient price. It is definitely the best choice for wedding watch! The easy-to-read large open dial also reminds each other of every minute that they cherish together.

 It is worth mentioning that, unlike the previous ceramic black and white presentation, another one is created using the industry’s original plasma treatment technology. The activated gas at a high temperature of 20,000 ° C can change the composition of high-tech ceramics. Any metal, can show a mysterious and stunning metallic luster texture, and will not fade with the passage of time, symbolizing the marriage of a lifetime, the husband and wife still retain the freshness of newlywed love.

 Radar DiaMaster series plasma-treated high-tech ceramic automatic watch, priced at NT $ 110,300.

 Radar DiaMaster series plasma-treated high-tech ceramic automatic watch, priced at NT $ 93,500.

 The DiaMaster case made of carbon steel is another economical starting point! Compared to stainless steel, carbon steel is five times harder than stainless steel and has the advantages of more durable and scratch resistance. The stainless steel and rose gold PVD staggered five-link bracelet not only gets rid of the old-fashioned stereotypes, but also symbolizes the firmness and love of the new couple.

           Rado DiaMaster watch in carbonized steel and rose gold, priced at NT $ 57,900.

 Rado DiaMaster series carbon steel rose gold watch, priced at NT $ 54,400.

 The well-known Swiss watch brand Radar has always been known for its high-tech ceramics. Ninety percent of the watches are made of ceramic materials. Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, lightweight and anti-allergic are synonymous with the brand. New, this time the radar uses the complex five-link chain technology on the DiaMaster series to make the watch more comfortable to the wrist. Let the radar watch accompany you to witness the beginning of another stage of life this year!