Month: May 2010

Richard Mill Launches Rm 27-03 Tourbillon Watch

Since 2010, RICHARD MILLE and Rafael Nadal have worked together to create exceptional watches, writing a new chapter in the history of watchmaking, and the latest works in this series will definitely be refreshing. In terms of impact resistance, the tourbillon movement raises technical performance to an unprecedented level.

   By design, this watch shows the king of the Spanish tennis champion. Obviously, the French Open is a good time to release this new watch. The clay court has always been Rafael Nadal’s favorite. He put his advantages to the fullest and won the French Open champion 9 times. The soft and fragile clay court needs to fully demonstrate the offensive style of play on the premise of observing the basic discipline principles of the game.

   In the same way, this new watch perfectly blends innovations in materials with the structure of horology. The clay court is famous for its expansion effect. The same applies to RM 27-03, its eye-catching red-yellow-toned TPT® quartz case, symbolizing the country of Rafa, Spain. Through a Swiss proprietary process, a thin layer of silica with a thickness of only 45 microns is immersed in a colored resin, and the filaments are woven into a thin layer, and then heated to 120 ° C to show bright colors. During the research and development of new colors of TPT® quartz material, whether it is the color stability required by the REACH standard, or biocompatibility and durability, it shows the superb skills of RICHARD MILLE and North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT®) engineers . After the composite material is prepared, it will take a long time for milling and surface treatment to obtain the watch case and various parts.

   The quartz fiber material of the case can guarantee a waterproof performance of 50 meters in depth, has excellent strength / weight ratio, has no sensitization, and has good UV resistance. However, what makes this extraordinary watch unique is the tourbillon movement that can withstand up to 10,000g of impact. In the ‘pendulum impact test’, the linear acceleration caused by the sudden movement or impact of the wearer is simulated. It is this kind of long research and development and repeated tests that have raised its performance to a new level.

   The ultra-light tourbillon movement is mounted on a hollow integrated TPT® carbon fiber base plate with micron-level accuracy, making this watch almost indestructible, while simplifying the parts in the structure and making it lighter. The quick-winding barrel provides lasting power for up to 70 hours of operation.

   The perfect surface treatment of the RM27-03 movement, using hand-polished progressive chamfering, elegant forged surface, shines with the brightness of micro-grinding technology. The RM27-03 has a memorable atmospheric performance: a highly recognizable and unique hollow bridge plate surrounds the barrel, with sharp and smooth lines, with high-quality gears and a mechanical tourbillon with a 3 Hz frequency, it outlines the visual front Bull image. The bull is a symbol of Spain and a symbol of Nadal’s selection. As a fun compliment, the TPT® Quartz Torque Limiting Crown used for winding and manual setting is tennis-shaped.

   Energetic and sporty, this watch is limited to 50 pieces and will be a new partner for Rafa in the future.
RM 27-03 RAFAEL NADAL Tourbillon Technical Specifications
Limited edition of 50 pieces
Caliber RM27-03: manual winding tourbillon movement, hours and minutes display
Dimensions: 47.77 x 40,30 x 12.75 mm
The main function
Power reserve
70 hours (± 10%).
TPT® Carbon Fiber Integrated Base Plate
RM 27-03’s one-piece base plate ring structure is machined from TPT® carbon fiber material. The bezel and the bottom cover are directly mounted on the bottom plate, perfectly interpreting the ‘one-piece’. Its principle is similar to the racing structure, which can ensure maximum rigidity and impact resistance.
TPT® carbon fiber consists of multiple layers of parallel filaments separated from carbon fibers. These TPT® carbon fiber layers, no more than 30 microns thick, are first dipped in a resin and woven using a special machine, with a 45 ° angle between the layers. After heating to 120 ° F at a pressure of 6 bar, TPT® carbon fiber can be machined in the parts factory of RICHARD MILLE. TPT® carbon fiber is known for its excellent resistance to microcracks.
The hollow TPT® carbon fiber baseplate is a revolution in machining. As the main component of RM 27-03, the base plate must be thoroughly tested under extreme conditions to optimize its mechanical properties.
Grade 5 titanium alloy bridge
Grade 5 titanium alloy is a bio-compatible, super corrosion-resistant, high-rigidity alloy that ensures smooth gear operation. This alloy contains 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium, which optimizes the mechanical properties and makes it superb in the fields of aerospace, aviation and automobile manufacturing.
The RM27-03 movement bridge plate is the same as the base plate and has also undergone intensive and rigorous complete testing to optimize their impact resistance.

Variable inertia balance without hairspring
The variable inertia balance without hairspring and end curve hairspring can ensure the reliability of the watch when it is subjected to vibration, movement assembly, and disassembly, thereby achieving long-lasting and accurate movement.
Quickly rotate the barrel (6 hours instead of 7.5 hours per revolution)
These barrels have the following advantages:
-Significantly reduce the adhesion of internal mainspring cycle, thereby improving its performance;
-Provides a perfect mainspring delta curve, creating the ideal ratio between power reserve, performance and regularity.
Progressive rebound function barrel pawl
This device can save a lot of energy (about 20%) when it is chained, especially at the beginning of the chain. It also helps to evenly distribute the internal tension of the mainspring.
Winding barrel gear and central involute tooth profile of the center wheel
The involute tooth profile of the winding barrel’s center can provide the best 20 ° angle pressure, which helps to improve the gear transmission efficiency, and can offset the meshing deviation of the gear, thereby ensuring good torque transmission and significantly improving its performance .
Clockwork box cover is secured with eccentric screws
This feature guarantees that the barrel cover remains stable even when subjected to strong stress.
Case and bridge plate with five grade titanium alloy spline screws
Better control of tightening torque during assembly. Therefore, the screws are not affected by physical operations in the disassembly process, and thus are durable.
Other features
-Movement size: 29.30 x 29.60 mm
-Thickness 7.10 mm
-Tourbillon size: 12.30 mm
-Balance wheel size: 10.00 mm
-Number of gems: 19
-Balance wheel: 2-arm beryllium bronze alloy, 4 adjustment screws
-Moment of inertia: 11.50 mg • cm2, inclination 53 °
-Swing frequency: 21600 times per hour (3 Hz)
-Balance spring: Nivarox® elinvar
-Shock absorber: KIF Elastor KE 160 B28
-Barrel shaft: Nickel-free Chronifer spring barrel (DIN x 46 Cr 13 + S), with the following properties: anti-rust, anti-magnetic, hardenable

TPT® quartz case
The front and rear bezels of the RM 27-03 are made of TPT® quartz. This unprecedented breakthrough material was designed and developed jointly by RICHARD MILLE and North Thin Ply Technology.
TPT® quartz is composed of multiple parallel filaments separated by silica. Fiber layers up to 45 microns thick are dipped in an exclusive yellow or red resin developed specifically for RICHARD MILLE, and then inserted into the TPT® carbon fiber layer and the fibers between each layer through a special automated control system Staggered at a 45 ° angle.
Then, in a similar device for an autoclave that manufactures parts for the aviation industry, after heating to 120 degrees Celsius under a pressure of 6 bar, the material can be sent to the manufacturing factory of RICHARD MILLE and processed by CNC machine tools. After mechanical processing, each layer of TPT® quartz material is randomly peeled off to form a special texture, making each case processed into a unique work. Quartz fiber has high temperature resistance and high strength, so it is used in high-performance equipment.
The complete case is equipped with two nitrile O-ring seals to ensure water resistance at a depth of 50 meters, and is assembled by 12 grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel washers.
Case Grade 5 Titanium Spline Screw
Use this type of screw to better control screw torque during assembly. It will not be damaged during assembly and disassembly, so it is durable.
Torque-limiting crown
The crown is made of TPT® quartz. This new safety device prevents accidental over-winding of the watch, causing damage to the winding stem or excessive pressure on the barrel.
The upper flange is made of TPT® carbon fiber.
Sapphire crystal (1800 Vickers hardness), anti-glare mirror (both sides)
Thickness: 1.20 mm at the center and 4.09 mm at the edges
Surface treatment
-Hand-polished progressive chamfer
-Side blast milling
-Elongated upper surface
Stainless steel components
-Surface blasting
-Surface satin finish
-Manual chamfering
-Longitudinal drawing
-Matte ‘brouillé’ brushing
-Side longitudinal drawing
-Groove polishing
-Both ends are stone-polished
-Polished bearings
-Recessed diamond polished
-Surface softened by ring
-Rhodium (before cutting)
-The gear is slightly modified to ensure the beauty and overall performance of its geometry

Oris Grand Crown Lady’s Diamond Watch Mother’s Love Shines Brightly

Oris Grand Crown Lady’s Diamond Watch presents modern and elegant feminine elegance with exquisite aesthetics. Combining the spirit of flying with concise taste design, it exquisitely presents elegant shapes and practical functions. The beauty of craftsmanship and craftsmanship shines brightly in motherhood.
    The classic large crown case, equipped with an elegant white mother-of-pearl dial, presents an elegant and sporty confident taste. The bezel is set with 80 dazzling diamonds, giving a dazzling light of luxury and grace. Gorgeous and concise moments of beautiful diamonds perfectly set off the unique charm of noble and mature.
    The fascinating Oris crown ladies’ diamond watch series also offers a choice of various color calfskin straps or stainless steel bracelets, making this masterpiece of art deco. Brilliant mosaic diamonds, combined with the ultimate craftsmanship, are dedicated to the great mothers of the world.
Oris Women’s Diamond Watch with Large Crown
 Oris 733 movement, base SW200-1 movement.
Multi-piece stainless steel case set with 80 carat diamonds of 0.5 carat, brilliant cut diamonds of VS1 clarity
White mother-of-pearl face plate set with 13 diamonds
Hours, minutes and seconds at the center, fluorescent coated hands
Anti-reflective sapphire crystal with spherical cut inside and outside
Stainless steel case, spiral back, transparent mineral glass case back
Stainless steel spiral safety crown
Waterproof function 10 times atmospheric pressure

Mido Autumn Wedding Pair Table

The cool autumn wind blows away the hot summer days and the harvested golden autumn season. After experiencing the love of spring and the storm of summer, the love harvested by lovers becomes more precious, and the happiness of loving each other is forever. In the ticking sound of time, Swiss Mido presents the blessings of love to those who love in the golden autumn harvest season—the observatory-certified movement proves every minute of happiness, and the shining diamonds embellish the purity and warmth of love Rose gold lets the warmth of love surround the couple. The Swiss Mido uses a pure mechanical movement to tick the ticking of each lover’s happiness and express the true love of each other. Proof of happy moments-Belem Celli III series 18K rose gold observatory
    In the most beautiful years, the most beautiful seasons, to meet the most cherished of you, to spend the most joyous time-staggered moments, eyes meet, the Cupid shot with gold arrows hit two atriums, thus weaving one The most precious time of the sweet love network is that the Mido Belem Celli III series 18K rose gold observatory records it for you. The ticking sound of the watch is the whisper of the lover and the murmur of the lover. , Sublimate love to the extreme, and together confirm the happy moment.
    Time and emotion are intertwined, and true love will not lose its luster even if time flies. The Mido Belem Celli III 18K rose gold observatory outlines a pure and timeless beauty with a simple design and exquisite craftsmanship. It incorporates the concept of the infinite extension and arc of the arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan. Endless love. From the very beginning of the design, Mido invested tremendous efforts to ensure that this watch has the best quality and craftsmanship in all details. The transparent back cover can clearly see the elegant mechanical operation of this watch, highlighting the first-class characteristics of this watch. The 18K rose gold element emphasizes the noble and elegant temperament unique to this retro-styled watch. In addition, it is equipped with a COSC-certified astronomical movement, which makes this watch not only has an eye-catching appearance design, but also excels in the accuracy of travel time. And it is precisely the quasi-beauty of time that inspires and inspires the life of the Berencelli series, letting the hands tell the love story in a revolving cycle, so intriguing, such as fascination and endless.
Decorating the purity of love-Bruner diamond watch
   In the glitzy city, the crowds are crowded, and the street-side windows give a glimpse of the glory, seeing the appearance of love. The Mido Bruner series diamond watch quietly leans in the soft light. It integrates the concept of the Chrysler Building in New York into the design and continues the legendary love of the metropolis in the crowd. If you dare to be tough, that’s the man’s stance to guard your lover, purely strong, that’s the insistence of a woman in love. The beginning of love is like a poem, but the love that Mido desires to pass does not stop there. Although men and women in love want a beautiful first look, they also want to keep a long-term future. So on the dial, 12 brilliant diamonds set every tick of the time, no matter how long, I will be with you every minute.
    As another masterpiece in the history of architecture, the steel structure of the Chrysler Building’s iron-clad exterior, streamlined contours, and towering spire design all give it a shocking power, making it a wonder of the world’s architecture in the past century. Admiration. This excellently designed nearly perfect building has become the design soul of the Mido Bruner series. The Mido Bruner diamond pair watch perfectly inherits the concise and bold lines of the Bruner series, and uses new design elements to interpret the tribute to the contemporary architectural masterpiece, the Chrysler Building in New York, so that more watch lovers appreciate and Experience this amazing look and quality. The design of Bruner series diamond watch faithfully restores the unique and modern architectural style of Chrysler Mansion, elegant and exquisite, and is meticulously refined in details. It perfectly combines the agile artistic trend with the eternal time philosophy. The core spirit of a beautiful table is inspiration and eternity. The watch has an elegant appearance, a calm temperament and a restrained style, while the ubiquitous design feeling is inadvertently revealed, highlighting the wearer’s excellent taste. The diamond is a blessing of love from Bruner series. The diamonds that have been carefully cut and polished represent spring, summer, autumn, and winter. No matter the weather is sunny, the love is always bright and beautiful, and it is always new.
    The two watch pairs of the Bruner series differ only slightly in size. The men’s watch case is 40 mm in diameter and slightly larger in size, which symbolizes the ingenuity of men; the women’s watch case is 33 mm in diameter and small in size, which means that women’s tenderness is like water. The diamond-polished hands and slender dial scale are reminiscent of the Chrysler Building straight into the top of the sky, and stand upright and stand out. The fine polishing of the outer ring of the dial and the exquisite carving in the center complement each other, giving people a beautiful visual enjoyment. The men’s watch on the watch is also specially equipped with a COSC-certified astronomical automatic movement, which makes it go further in the field of astronomical-certified watches and accurately records the sweet every minute per second. The sapphire mirror effectively protected the fuselage, and the Bruner series flipped the watch. The transparent back jumped into the eye. Here the designer lifted the last foreshadowing with light weight: love is unreserved and candid.
The warm time of love-Belem Celli gold watch
   When the gorgeousness of rose gold and the calmness of pure steel are combined on the wrist, a wonderful love story unfolds: warm rose gold surrounds the case and glows a faint golden light, which is the moment of love that the woman carefully guards; The pure steel strap is intertwined with the fashionable and beautiful rose gold, showing the rapport between men and women. Inspired by the Belencelle gold pair watch between the Rennes Opera House in France, the ‘remix’ material reproduces the neo-classical retro trend, abandons the complicated and complicated design appearance, and returns the watch design to the original intention of time expression And pay tribute to the original look of love.
    In the 1920s and 1930s, people’s innovations in the industrial field gave birth to great inventions, as well as in the field of watches. When gold or rose gold was combined with stainless steel, the watch industry set off a ‘mix and match style’. After eighty or ninety years of baptism, the gold watch became a classic. The French Rennes Opera House, which also reflects the innovative spirit of the era of great changes, abandoned the complicated decoration and gorgeous appearances popular at the time with solemn and simple shapes, used its subtle curves and contours to show its pure architectural art, and returned to the opera house. Fundamental utility. The golden pair of watches in the Belem Celli series upholds this unique soul. It can withstand the erosion of time and the weariness of trivial life. It can stand proudly in the rush of time, just as love goes through the baptism of time. , Still lasting forever.
    The men’s watch with a case diameter of 38 mm is in sharp contrast to the women’s watch with a case diameter of 29 mm. On the one hand, the male’s atmosphere is chic, and on the other hand, the female’s exquisiteness. The use of interval gold material adds warmth to the watch, making it record the warm time in the years. The Roman numerals under the sapphire crystal are also made of rose gold, which shines brightly in the sun. In the era of pursuing freshness and excitement, people always try to sketch newer and stranger love patterns. Although adhering to the concept of innovation, Mido chose the simplest one in the love pattern to pay tribute to the original look of love.