Month: September 2010

The Unique Charm Of The Jaeger-lecoultre Chronograph In The 1960s

Estimated price: 2200-2800 USD
Price Including Commission: USD 4320 (about RMB 29492)
[Late 1960s]
Overall description: The case diameter is 35 mm and the thickness is 14 mm. Model E 2644, good condition, water-resistant, two-piece stainless steel case, polished, round timing button, screw-down case back, dart-shaped lugs, blue to black gradient dial, speed dial on the outside of the dial Circle and 1/5 second scale, luminous material filled baton-type hands. Movement configuration: C al.72 movement, rhodium-plated, 17 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance, shock absorber, blue steel flat spring, dial, case and movement are all signed.
    The speedometer bezel of this watch can record a speed of up to 1,000 km / h. The maximum speed limit of common chronographs is currently 400 km / h, and many chronographs use a maximum of 500 km / h. Speed ​​measurement value. However, as far as our F1 motorsports, which is the most common and most expressive of speed passion, the fastest speed is currently only about 360 km / h. Although generally not used, the numbers ‘1000’ and ‘800’ arranged ‘tightly’ on the upper right side of the speedometer also reflect the unique charm of this Jaeger-LeCoultre chronograph from the 1960s. This watch is equipped with Cal.72 movement, which also appeared in early Rolex watches, featuring a double-layer blue steel hairspring and unique shock absorption. If you add the particularly pleasing fresh blue gradient dial, which is less than 30,000 yuan, it is also very good to wear it in your hand.

Those Things About Watch And Woman

A male ‘watch fan’ once lamented that watch appreciation is like a woman’s product. Some people find it beautiful when they see it for the first time, and they get tired of it when they see it at first; Then, a series of simple classic watches introduced in this issue, they are beautiful women with pixels facing the sky, born of beautiful beauty, vividly expressing the beautiful design concept, people can not be tired of looking back, endless aftertaste.
The Blancpain Villeret series of ultra-thin watches, won the ‘Ultra-thin Series’ award of Geneva watchmaking in 2004, 18K white gold case, thin and round body like a gentle beautiful jade.
Simple and classic
He is not exaggerated, not dazzling, and his elegant and introverted image of a gentleman is raised in his hands.
Piaget’s Altiplano series is the representative of simple models. Among them, the ultra-thin round style decorated with broken diamonds is specially designed and produced in limited quantities for the Chinese market. There are two models of diamond hour scale or simple black hour scale. The round shape, with the extremely simple hour scale and diamond bezel, further highlights the elegance of this classic model, which not only shows the countless delicateness of Piaget, but also perfectly shows the charm of simplicity and beauty.
Bvlgari’s BB series repeats the brand name and is engraved on the outer ring of the case. Although there is not much decoration, it has established a simple and beautiful design concept, especially all the golden hands, and The golden scales coordinate with each other, revealing the preciousness of time.
Although Chopard is known for its jewellery design, this Chopard LUC Extra Plate watch is an ultra-thin style. To some extent this is also due to the design of the two hands, which not only makes the mechanism in the movement simpler, but also The dial does not have any extra details, and the combination of hands and scales has achieved unprecedented simplicity.
Germany’s Glashütte is famous for its outstanding functional design, but now it uses Senator Automatik to perform the simple beauty of German watches, especially on the noble gray dial. The time scale uses simple lines and the hour and minute hands also Without too much decoration, it stays quietly on the dial, interpreting the tough but simple German style.
Simple and classic price surprise
Omit the multi-function, put aside the flashy decoration, naturally bring a price surprise.
Although the Patek Philippe 5119 watch is a new product in the Calatrava series, the dial still retains the classic style of the original watch. The designer only slightly lengthened and tapered the black Roman numerals, and adorned the white dial to make the entire dial more polished. Bright. The delicate hour and minute hands are leaf-shaped, while the second hand is delicately placed on a small dial at 6 o’clock. 18K yellow gold case, buckle with black crocodile leather strap, transparent case back, only 127,700 yuan, but watch fans are all dreaming of pp!
The Mido Belem Celli series incorporates the classic and timeless instrument, violin, into the watch design. The sapphire crystal glass, the black dial, the silver triangle shuttle scale, the hands, and the brown leather strap are harmoniously integrated. The price is 5200 yuan.
Simple and classic
Elegant, ultra-thin, moderate diameter, leather strap, perfect for social, business or office wear.
Minjiang Pattenon Contemporaine Automatique is a watch that combines contemporary design with simple style. The wide dial design clearly accommodates various time parameters. The hour scale becomes slender and rich in texture. The second hand corresponds to the dot scale.
The rectangular DolceVita XXL and Cape Cod 1928 are classic models from Longines and Hermès. Both have Arabic numerals. Although they have different design details, the seconds hand in the same color as the hour and minute hands indicates the track-like scales. Reproduce the nostalgic look of early watches.

Clock And Watch Retouching Talk About The Series-rotating Circular Pattern

Circular-graining, also commonly known as stippling, spotting, and beading, circular pattern decoration or ring texture-consists of delicate and concentric circular patterns Composition, used to decorate the surface of watches and clocks, especially movement parts. The decorative pattern circled around the center of the circle, but never chased its own ‘chases’ of its own tail. The more, the better, until it covered the entire surface, like a cluster of flowers, blooming with the inner joy of a watch aesthetician.
   However, as with many other motifs in the retouched ‘Standby Tracks’, the original reason for the appearance of the rotary circular pattern was practicality rather than aesthetic value. This kind of decoration is common on the inner surface of high-end movements, and its essence is to capture the dust particles in the movement, attract them to fall into the canine teeth staggered retracted center, and even cover the grooves of the grooves, so as to avoid affecting other sensitive machines. Core component.
The meticulous rotating circular pattern on the surface of the Zenith Tourbillon movement

   Today, aesthetic considerations have long replaced the original practical functions, which also considerably improved the overall look and feel of the movement. The Geneva pattern (Côtes de Genève) is usually decorated on the bottom of the movement, which is naturally clearly visible, but the rotary circular pattern is different, and the position it is decorated is more hidden. One is the dial side of the movement, which is usually covered by the dial. The other is the bottom of the main splint, which can also be called the movement chassis or chassis. The wheels, levers, and cams are mounted before the splint is placed. . Therefore, relatively speaking, the circular pattern is almost hardly visible. But it still hasn’t escaped the connoisseur’s keen eyes, and in all the retouching craftsmanship, the quality of the rotating circular pattern is undoubtedly the best to evaluate. In fact, quality is almost synonymous with quantity here. Just count the number of circular patterns on a movement to evaluate whether it is finished or just a normal average.
Revolving circular pattern on Cooperfuss watch movement components

   What is the normal average level? From the movement plywood, even on each side of the photo, the surface of the installed movement is decorated with circular patterns, but there is no rotating circular pattern deep in the bottom of the large parts. This is normal. Average level. So, you may ask, why no one cares about those places at all, why spend time doing nothing? This is a completely different perspective in the field of fine watchmaking-the movement as a whole, no matter the visible area or the invisible area, the finishing process should be the same. At this level, finishing means that the rotating circular pattern needs to cover all possible corners, and circular patterns with different diameters are superimposed and cleverly superimposed to be considered an excellent process.
Seiko Credor self-sounding watch movement main plate, wonderful spiral pattern

   Technically speaking, the tool for making the rotary circular pattern is boxwood rods, which are arranged in a combination of ring-shaped grooves and grooves to form the theme pattern of the clusters. You can also create a denser pattern model by stacking to enhance the decorative effect. However, this tool is limited to a given rounded radius. If you want to cover every small corner of the main splint, you need to use a second set of tools with a smaller diameter. For some specific high-end movements, a third set or more of tools are sometimes used to ensure that even a square millimeter of unmodified area is not left on the surface of the metal movement. As the final retouching link, the circular pattern should be arranged in a spiral shape instead of the same straight line, just like the ‘cherry on the top of the cake’. This is a truly superb master craftsmanship.

Language, Audemars Piguet Or Vacheron Constantin? (You Ca N’t Afford It, Click Here To See It)

The top luxury items that you can’t afford to buy and also have a look at are in this article. After the birth of the watch, the watchmaker relentlessly pursued the pursuit of complex functions. The functions of perpetual calendar, three questions, and moon are no longer a problem, but how do you innovate in craftsmanship and design and even watchmaking materials? Is every innovation successful? The following three watches are the three ultra-complicated watches that have received much attention at this year’s SIHH International Watch Fair. They are also the peak works of the brand’s watchmaking technology. Let’s take a look.

Lange 740.056 watch

Product model: 740.056
Watch diameter: 41.5 mm
Case thickness: 14.5 mm
Movement model: L952.2
Case material: 18k white gold
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch details: 11.59 series 26394OR.OO.D321CR.01 watch

Product model: 26394OR.OO.D321CR.01
Domestic public price: 553000
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 10.9 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 5134
Case material: 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 20 meters
Watch details: 11.59 series. At this year’s SIHH Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair, Audemars Piguet launched this series. Among them, the perpetual calendar watch, with its blue starry dial (dark blue aventurine) design, first captured the hearts of the public from the appearance. Equipped with Calibre 5134 self-winding self-produced movement, with functions such as date display, week display, month and leap year display. The domestic price of this watch is about 550,000 yuan, which is a complicated function watch suitable for daily wear.

Summary: The above three super-complicated watches, including those suitable for collectors for senior players, also have types suitable for daily wear choices. None of these three watches are currently on the market, and the exact time for their release is uncertain. Friends who are interested in these three watches may wish to continue to watch the Watch House for more fresh information.