Month: December 2010

Jacques Dro’s Indissoluble Bond With Ore

Near the earth where we were born, as far away as the vast universe, all kinds of ore materials inspired Jacques Dro’s infinite inspiration. Jacques Dro captures the splendid natural luster of the ore, and uses a hand-made process to make it into a unique dial. The designers of Jacques Droe changed the rough and original state of these materials, and gave them a new texture based on the natural unique colors and brilliance of the ore, making them transcend material and presenting an immortal beauty.

  Jacques Dro’s gemologists are constantly looking for rare gems: apatite, bronze pyroxene, emerald, lapis lazuli, meteorite, mother-of-pearl, black agate, ruby, spectrum stone, etc., each kind of ore has Unique mysterious qualities. Skilled watchmakers have blended their art and superb skills into these precious mineral materials so that after the material is cut, they can still maintain the natural beauty of the stone, while also meeting the different preferences and personality of customers. A gemstone can only make one dial, and sometimes not even one. Therefore, the crystals must be hard and scratch-resistant so that they can withstand frequent processing without being damaged.

 Bronze pyroxene

Bronze pyroxene contains many minerals. These minerals show slight differences. After polishing, the stone shows a shimmering earth tone. This hue makes it full of earth’s vitality while also looking deep and mysterious. The temperament of bronze pyroxene is warm and delicate. On Jacques Dro’s GrandeSecondeBronzite, this ordinary stone finally shines with brilliance through the delicate processing of humans.

Emperor stone
The emperor stone has rich and delicate colors like oil paint. The tender yellow, pink, green, orange and even blue are beautiful and beautiful. This type of emperor stone, found deep in a canyon in central Mexico, is the finest of jade. Jacques Dro’s GrandeSecondeImperialJasper ore veins flow over the entire dial, interwoven into a unique and beautiful pattern.

lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli was regarded as the most precious gem in ancient Western societies. In ancient Egypt, Inca and Sumerian civilizations, they were deeply attracted by this intensely colored gem. Lapis lazuli is composed of a large number of small cyan particles, supplemented by white and gold traces. These evenly distributed colors make lapis lazuli alive. It was also used to make the most precious paint of the Renaissance: ultramarine. This unique color gives Jacques Dro’s Grande DateLapis Lazuli a moving color and soul.

For the creative Jacques de Lo, their precious materials are hidden even in the depths of the universe. When an asteroid fragment fell through the Earth’s atmosphere and fell down, it became a shooting star. More than 4 billion years ago, when the solar system was born, a meteorite fell on the earth. It has a peak-top pattern in the center, and various geometric and irregular structures overlap each other. Like geocentric matter, it is also composed of iron and nickel. Its appearance makes us wonder about the mysteries of the universe and the origin of the world. Jacques de Rote’s GrandeSecondeMeteorite crosses endless boundaries of time and space. It is a veritable ‘outside guest’ on his wrist.

  Strictly speaking, mother-of-pearl is not a mineral. It is obtained from organisms, but it has a physical texture very close to that of minerals. Mother-of-pearl usually only uses the inner surface of some precious shells. Like the fruit, it gives the pearl luster and iridescence over a long period of time, showing a delicate and moist texture like skin, with unique oriental tenderness. Jacques Dro’s The Mother-of-Pearl Moon Phase watch (The Éclipse Mother-of-Pearl) radiates the ultimate purity and whiteness, while also looming pink, blue and green shimmer. The frilled mother-of-pearl is vibrant and can make the light dance.

Black agate

Black is the strongest of all colors, and it is also the most elegant. The black color of black agate is the most representative of all black gems and the most special one among agates. The smooth and even surface of black agate can completely reflect the light without consuming it, thus reflecting the mysterious light. Therefore, it has been made into many exquisite jewelry, which frequently appears in various elegant occasions. With the evening dress, it can set off the deep temptation of the evening dress. Jacques de Rouge’s onyx hour dial watch (GrandeHeureMinuteOnyx) has a unique charm.


In Sanskrit, ruby ​​is called ‘ratnaraj’, which means ‘king of the stones’. Ruby belongs to the corundum family of minerals and has a trigonal crystal system. Its composition contains chromium. The higher the content of chromium, the brighter the red, thus showing an infinite color from red to pink. Ruby has a hard texture, just below diamond. Jacques Dro’s PetiteHeureMinuteRubyHeart watch is captivating with its intense colors and unparalleled enthusiasm.

Spectrum Stone
  The spectrum stone is named because it can flash a rainbow-like colorful luster, also known as labradorite. After exquisite polishing, the original somber stone shows a ever-changing fire color. From pine green blue, emerald green to marble brown to amber … On Jacques Dro’s GrandeSeconde Spectrolite, the colorful light dances freely, bringing us a wonderful flow that will never repeat. Performance. (Originally: David Chokron, compiled by Watch House Xiao Sen)

Swiss Mido’s ‘inspired By Architecture’ Global Journey-lucerne Station & Seoul Station-collision Between Classic And Modern, Enjoy Extraordinary Speed Pace

The inspirational journey of 12 cities around the world, ‘Inspired by architecture’, after the Moscow and Bangkok stations, came to the ‘most literary’ city-Lucerne and ‘most entertaining’. City-Seoul. In order to increase the participation of the event, Mido specially invited Franziska Bründler, the founder of ‘Design Schenken’ and Eric Byeong-Jun Min, a modern and veteran Korean media expert, to start from their unique perspective on architecture and culture. Come and discover Lucerne and Seoul, two beautiful cities that fuse trendy art and nostalgic traditions.

Seoul architecture Gyeongbok Palace

Seoul Architecture Dongdaemun Design Plaza
 Located in central Switzerland, Lucerne has been an important commercial town across the Alps since the 13th century. Swiss Mido “Inspired by Architecture” reveals 5 most classic and most iconic landmarks in Lucerne: Lucerne Train Station, Bulbachi Panorama, Lucerne Nine Towers, Kapel Covered Bridge and Lucerne The Culture and Art Center fully embodies Lucerne’s unique historical essence and artistic and cultural connotation. Late summer and early autumn is one of the ideal seasons to visit Lucerne. The annual Lucerne Music Festival is not to be missed; and the best way to experience Lucerne in depth is from the Lucerne Culture and Art Center. This French architect Jean Nouvel Starting with a representative building full of futurism. Then enter the old town from the oldest wooden structure bridge in Europe, the Kapel Covered Bridge, walk along the shore of Lake Lucerne to Seebad Pier, taste Swiss cuisine at the lakeside restaurant, and admire the beautiful and hydrophilic scenery of this ancient city .

Gyeongmun Palace Stone Building

 The center of the Asian entertainment trend storm-Seoul, is extremely urban and highlights the unique Asian entertainment and trend culture. Its architectural style is rich and diverse, conveying the city’s avant-garde and novel era characteristics. The five landmarks revealed on the global journey of “Meeting from Architecture” on the Swiss Meto watch: Gyeongbokgung Palace Kyungsui Building, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Kyungun Palace Stone Building, Chongli Gate, and Mishima are even more It is a wonderful display that fully integrates traditional Asian culture with neo-futuristic style. If you want to experience the fast pace of Seoul, shopping is an excellent choice. While grasping the fashion trends, you can always go to the roof garden of the department store at any time to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You can walk in the park, choose a cable car or hike to the N Seoul Tower on the top of Namsan to see the beautiful scenery of Seoul city.

Seoul architecture Mishima
‘Inspiration from Architecture’ is still hot! In which country will the next source of inspiration for Swiss Mido be born? Netizens can log in to the official Sina Weibo @ 美 度 表 of Switzerland to praise and comment on your favorite inspired buildings. At the same time, participate in the Weibo event topic # 灵感 源 从 建筑 #, upload stories and inspiration photos related to the building (unlimited countries and regions), and @ 美 度 表 手表, you will have a chance to win Swiss Mido watches once a week One, the final winning netizen will be announced every Thursday on the official Sina Weibo of Swiss Mido Watch. For more inspirational city content, please visit the activity page of the official website of Mido and click to view.

2019 New Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600 Meter Watch

The prototype of the Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600m watch was released in 2005, and its orange bezel and strap are unique. This watch has evolved over several generations, and this time it is back to the classics, introducing the new seahorse series Ocean Universe 600 meters classic orange model.

Case and integrated bracelet

 The new watch is equipped with a 43.50 mm stainless steel case, an integrated polished stainless steel bracelet, and an Omega patented push-pull adjustable buckle.

Orange and white color scheme

 The new watch adopts orange zirconia ceramic graduated ring (new technology is pending patent application). The novel and original orange hue revitalizes the classic style. The diving scale is made of white ceramic and coated with white Super-LumiNova. Polished white zirconia ceramic dial with Arabic numerals and hour markers in orange lacquer.

Delicate details

 The new watch also has many details to watch, including a calendar window at 3 o’clock, rhodium-plated hands coated with Super-LumiNova’s luminous coating, and orange lacquer on the center second hand tip.

Extreme Observatory Movement

 Through the sapphire glass case back, the movement of the Omega 8900 Observatory movement is clearly visible. Both the movement and the entire watch passed the rigorous tests of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) and were certified by the Observatory.

What is Time to Move: Last year, the Swatch Group announced its withdrawal from Baselworld 2019. Then from May 14th to 16th this year, six high-end brands under the Swatch Group: Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Glashütte Glashütte Original and OMEGA jointly held a new product launch exhibition in Switzerland to display brand new models of this year. At the same time, nearly 200 media from around the world are invited to participate.

Simple And Not Simple Three Simple Men’s Watches Recommended

Neat and neat lines, abandoning the extra embellished surface, the simple design style is full of the minimalist ideas advocated by modern cities, and the minimalist watch looks like a book with a lifelike character, and at the same time a low-key and unobtrusive appearance It can also show a refined personality. Today, Watch House recommends three simple and simple men’s watches for everyone.
NOMOS METRO Series 1108

Watch model: 1108
Watch diameter: 38.5 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: Stainless steel
Movement model: Alpha
Power reserve: 43 hours
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: BM12-1975A COSC
Power reserve: 120 hours
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: BM12-1975A self-winding movement, with a 120-hour long-term power reserve and a magnetic resistance of 1500 Gauss, making it more advantageous. The size of this watch is moderate and generous, and its exquisite simplicity is an elegant choice for urban men.
Longines traditional watchmaking series L2.821.4.11.6

Product model: L2.821.4.11.6
Domestic public price: 16500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: L888.4
Power reserve: 64 hours
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: longines / 54616 /
Watch Comments: This watch has a diameter of 40 mm. The stainless steel case with bright blue steel hands looks clean on the white dial. The painted Roman numerals add a retro elegance to the watch. The same as the previous Baume & Mercier series is the date window at three o’clock, giving the dial more practical functions. The watch is equipped with a L888.4 movement with a single crystal silicon spring and has a 64-hour power reserve.
In summary: smooth lines, simple and elegant design, I believe these three watches embody the concept of less is more advocated in life. The attitude of simplicity without losing your style is our pursuit. If you want to make your life exquisite and elegant, try these three watches.