Month: April 2011

Basel Preview Bucherer Presents Two New Watches

As this year’s Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair is about to open, Swiss high-end watch brand Carl F. Bucherer has specially presented two watches that will be officially released during the exhibition. A crowd of watch fans and Bucherer supporters is a sneak peek. Continuing Baucher’s unremitting commitment to horology and jewellery, both watches have a unique personality and timeless value.

 Aristocrat Bamboo Watch

 As the name suggests, the Bucherer Aleksandrique Bamboo watch not only has the tenacity of bamboo branches, but also the elegant beauty of the peerless beauty. There are many exciting innovations in luxury, which add the most gorgeousness to the Arica series. Chapter. The case of the Aliga Grande Bamboo watch is cast in white gold with delicate lines; the white gold dial is set with 83 orange and black rectangular sapphires, paved with bamboo branches; the case is set with 90 orange and black rectangular sapphires, and 239 Round black sapphires.

 In addition, the crown is set with an orange sapphire, which echoes the gem composition of the case. The Bucherer-Alliance Regal Bamboo watch is limited to 25 pieces worldwide. Each watch is hand-studded at the Bucherer watch factory in Lennau, Switzerland. Bamboo stands proudly in the nature, and sets off the resilience of today’s women. And graceful elegance, such as the queen on the stage!

 Maliron PowerReserve Watch

 The brand new mechanical watch of the Bucherer Malilong series: the Malilong PowerReserve watch, with an integrated power reserve display and a CFB A1011 self-made movement, displays the remaining power for the wearer at any time, integrates exquisite technology and has practical functions.

 The watch has a semi-circular display at 3 o’clock, which indicates the remaining power reserve with hands. As the momentum decreases, the indicator will gradually move to the red area. The CFB A1011 self-winding self-winding movement equipped on the watch is developed based on the CFB A1002 self-made movement. It uses indicators to indicate power reserve, while using classic elements of watch design. No matter in design or technology, the Maliron PowerReserve watch is a subtle blend of classic and modern elements, creating a timeless and exquisite watch.

2016 European Cup Passionate Battle Swatch Takes You To Become A Hardcore Football Fan!

The European Cup of France 2016 (ie the 15th European Football Championship UEFA) is a popular football match that fans around the world are rushing to this summer. This year it was held in France and held in 12 green fields in 9 cities within its borders. . In the summer, Swatch launched the 2016 European Cup special watch ‘Hardcore Football Fans’, adding even more heat to this midsummer carnival!

 ‘Notes for fans of Euro 2016’

[European Beacon expands to the top 24 for the first time]
   The 2016 European Cup is comparable to the World Cup! A breakthrough in the practice of 16 previous teams, and the first expansion to 24 teams this year. The expansion of the participating teams has enhanced the excitement and unexpectedness of the game, and has also made many small-country teams that were unable to qualify for the finals appear on the European Cup stage. on. Looking back at the qualifiers that ended last year, England made a strong victory with 10 wins. Small nations such as Wales, Iceland, Hungary and other teams also showed strong fighting power. I believe that this summer’s final scene is not only a big match, but also a dark horse.

[12-year cycle of ‘Black Horse Law’]
   The tradition of ‘Europe without weaknesses’ makes the European Cup championship often difficult to guess, and it also produces an interesting ‘dark horse law’-a dark horse that enters the final every 12 years. The ‘Danish fairy tale’ in 1992 and the ‘Greek mythology’ in 2004 are the most classic representatives of them. Both teams are the biggest dark horses that won the trophy in the end.

Denmark finalist for the Europa Cup in 1992, one of the most amazing myths in European Cup history

The unknown Greek team in the 2004 European Cup went dark, creating a myth to win the championship
   Now another 12 years have passed. Will the 2016 European Cup continue this pattern? Among the 24 teams participating in this year’s European Cup, Belgium, Austria, Wales, Poland, Switzerland, Iceland and Turkey have been regarded as ‘powerful dark horses’ by many fans.
Touring 24 countries Swatch turns into ‘hardcore football fans’

   Swatch created the ‘Luxury Appearance Lineup’ for hardcore football fans for the 2016 European Cup-‘Hardcore Football Fans’ watch, with a complete buckle ring of 24 countries flags and an extra buckle ring printed with 2016 and championship trophies. Collectible. Fans who support different teams can also purchase buckle rings with flags of participating nations belonging to different teams. Fans, what are you waiting for! Come and collect!