Month: July 2012

Light And Complicated Tasting Blancpain Villeret Series Full Calendar Watch

Full-calendar watches have always been a watch type favored by watch friends, because although they are not as powerful as perpetual calendars, they are similar, but the price will be much cheaper than perpetual-calendar watches. Therefore, full-calendar watches have always been the object of enthusiasm of table friends. Unfortunately, in reality, full-calendar watches are rare. Today, the watch home will bring you a tasting of full-calendar watches, which is Blancpain. A full calendar watch from the VILLERET series, the official watch model is: 6639-3642-55B.

Complex function illustration

   One of the most classic works of Blancpain, which has a long history of 281 years, is the full-calendar moon phase watch, which can be described as the first ‘light and complicated’ watch of life in the upstart. It has the brand’s iconic aesthetic style, which represents the most comprehensive and traditional concept of time. Behind it is the support of the industry’s most abundant and complete product family, and the brand’s love and confidence in the mechanical watchmaking industry. In such a classic watch, we can find the perfect balance of rationality and sensuality.

With regard to the origin of timepieces, Blancpain holds a firm and unique point of view-the moon phase is the trader behind the ‘time’

Regarding the origin of the timepiece, Blancpain holds a firm and unique view-the moon phase is the trader behind the ‘time’, and the time is derived from the running of the sun and the moon. Therefore, when the moon phase appears on the dial, the three calendars should be in charge, and it is indispensable to call it the most classic moon phase watch. After years of training, Blancpain has always adhered to the combination of the three calendars and the moon, and has developed the most complete moon phase product line among the top brands, giving a powerful footnote to a ‘speaking’ watch.

 The watch has a 42 mm diameter design

    This watch features a 42mm diameter design, an 18K rose gold case design, and a brown alligator leather strap, which is classic and stylish. The watch crown and lugs are also made of 18K rose gold. The crown of the watch is also engraved with the Blancpain classic ‘JB’ logo.

The watch comes with a brown alligator strap

   The watch is paired with a brown alligator leather strap, stitched with brown silk, and the buckle of the watch uses a pin buckle made of 18K rose gold. It is simple and safe to wear. Blancpain’s English name is ‘BLANCPAIN’.

Watch with round double bezel case

   The watch is equipped with a round double bezel case, Roman numerals and willow-shaped hands, which are the three major characteristics of Blancpain Villeret series watches, this design meets the Blancpain brand’s consistent style.

The dial design of the watch is much simpler than the perpetual calendar model.

    The dial design of the watch is much simpler than that of the perpetual calendar. The watch has a week display window at 11 o’clock, a month display window at 1 o’clock, and the blue steel snake-shaped pointer in the center is analog. Date display hands, at 6 o’clock position of the watch is equipped with a moon phase profit and loss display device, to increase the beauty of the watch.

Watch with round double bezel case, Roman numerals and willow-shaped hands

   The watch is equipped with a circular double bezel case, Roman numerals and willow-shaped hands, which are the three major features of Blancpain Villeret series watches. Most buyers of this design will choose Blancpain moon phase. Because it has a pure connotation and status, it also contains a brand’s most popular and signature aesthetic elements: the plan conforms to the consistent style of the Blancpain brand.

Inside the watch is a cal. 6639 self-winding movement produced by Blancpain.

    Inside the watch is a cal. 6639 self-winding movement produced by Blancpain. The movement has a diameter of 32 mm and a thickness of 7.6 mm. It can provide 192 hours of power reserve when fully wound. Titanium balance-free balance spring with gold trim screw design is precise and durable.

In summary: Blancpain continues to carefully reinterpret this classic series with a modern appearance, while faithfully retaining its unique aesthetic. The new models continue the brand’s tradition, highlighting the watchmaker’s unwavering pursuit of true watch value. The introduction of the large fire enamel dial and blue steel snake-shaped calendar hands is the most powerful proof. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 295,500 yuan, and interested friends can go to the local Blancpain store for more details.

In The Name Of The Sea, Iwc Launches A New Summer Special Edition Watch And A Summer Limited Edition Strap

June 29, 2018, Schaffhausen-In the middle of summer, IWC releases a new special edition of the Portuguese Marine Nautical Elite Chronograph Summer Edition with a water-resistant steel case and blue dial , With elastic blue rubber strap, add summer color to the wrist. As another highlight of the ‘Summer Collection’, the brand launched a summer limited blue and light gray fabric strap, which is limited to a limited time with pilots, Portofino and specific Portuguese models.

Strike Blue in the Name of the Sea
   Midsummer is bright, followed by the hot sun and the temptation of the sea. The IWC Portuguese Elite Chronograph “Summer Special Edition” (Model: IW390507) is undoubtedly the perfect partner for your passionate voyage or summer adventure. Waterproof stainless steel case with screw-down crown with protective device, elastic blue rubber strap is definitely the first choice in summer. The blue dial with the small white dial, the rhodium-plated hands and the jumping red seconds hand, reveal a sense of leisure in the movement. IWC IWC 89361 is equipped with a flyback function. The hour and minute chronograph display integrated in the small dial is arranged at the ’12 o’clock’ position, and the quarter-circle scale can record extremely short time. Through the transparent sapphire glass case back, the precise mechanical operation of this sports timepiece is clearly visible.

New IWC Portuguese Elite Chronograph Summer Special Edition (Model: IW390507)

Blue and light gray
   Even if you already have a variety of IWC watches, you can still add a different summer excitement to your wrist. This time, IWC launched a summer-limited fabric strap specifically for the classic series of watches, carefully selected light blue and light gray color, highlighting the extraordinary charm of the wrist. The following models are available with new straps for a limited time.
   IWC IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch can be selected with 4 fabric straps, blue, light gray solid color models, or blue with light gray seam, light gray with blue seam. At the same time of simple style, it adds modern style.

   IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph hits 4 fabric straps (blue, light gray, blue with light gray seam, light gray with blue seam), any new color can be special with the ‘Little Prince’ The version of the night blue dial is matched with a harmonious beauty.

   IWC Portofino automatic watches and Portofino chronographs have always been favored for their elegance, with blue or light gray fabric straps, in association with the stainless steel case and silver dial, such as the summer wind So simple and refreshing.

   The IWC Portuguese Chronograph can be replaced with a summer-limited fabric strap that is different from the dial color. The silver dial is equipped with a blue strap, or the blue dial is equipped with a light gray strap. The cool colors in summer are different. .