Month: August 2012

Going To The World With Breitling Aviation Chronograph

Whether you are a flight controller, a Coolpad player, or a full-blown adventurer, Breitling, which enjoys the reputation of ‘the designated supplier in the world aviation industry’, will definitely make you love at first sight. Because of such outstanding features, Navitimer has been recognized by the World’s Largest Aviation Industry Association, the World Pilots Association (AOPA), as its designated flight-specific watch.
的 The opening of low-altitude flight means more adventure fun in 2011! For anyone who dreams of becoming a pilot, or who has the courage to challenge the limits, flying is definitely the most worthwhile life experience right now. With such a unique New Year plan, how can you lack the equipment that is extremely cool? Whether you are a flight controller, a Coolpad player, or a full-blown adventurer, Breitling, which enjoys the reputation of ‘the designated supplier of the world aviation industry’, will definitely make you love at first sight.

Enjoy adventure
Men are born adventurers. Heaven, into the sea, adventure can inspire their maximum happiness. Not only does the Breitling watch have many complicated functions of precision timepieces, its rough dial and military style full of male masculinity are undoubtedly the most worthy gifts for 2011.

Breitling Navitimer
Recommended reason: The aviation chronograph Navitimer introduced in 1952 is a classic of Breitling, known as the ‘aviation computer’. Equipped with a famous circular flight slider, the wearer can quickly perform various calculations such as flight time, fuel consumption, climbing or landing rate, and average speed through the conversion scale in the bezel. Because of such outstanding features, Navitimer has been recognized by the World’s Largest Aviation Industry Association, the World Pilots Association (AOPA), as its designated flight-specific watch.

Rolex’s Deep Sea Challenge Exhibition Lands In Beijing Let’s Explore The Secrets Of The Ocean

On November 20, 2018, the Rolex Deep Sea Challenge exhibition first landed in Beijing, telling us how Rolex diving watches can help humans explore the secrets of the deep sea together with technological innovation and excellent performance. Watch House is also fortunate to come to the scene and experience the charm of the ocean with us!

   Mr. Cai Zhiqiang, the general manager of Beijing APM, Mr. Song Qinsheng, the general manager of Emperor Watch & Jewellery China, and Mr. Peter Bouvard, the general manager of Rolex Beijing Co., Ltd. were invited to cut the ribbon for the opening of the exhibition and start the underwater adventure.

From left to right, Mr. Cai Zhiqiang, general manager of Beijing APM, Mr. Peter Bouvard, general manager of Rolex Beijing Co., Ltd., and Mr. Song Qinsheng, general manager of Emperor Watch & Jewellery China

   The design inspiration for the Deep Sea Challenge exhibition is inspired by the Rolex Oyster bracelet. The exhibition is divided into three parts: deep, deeper and deepest. Show us the development history of Rolex diving watches one by one-from submariner, sea dweller Sea-Dweller to Deepsea dive watches and how they assist explorers in their deep dive missions.

On-site exhibition area
A model for diving watches

   Rolex launched the Oyster watch in 1926, pioneered in the field of waterproof watches, and became an outstanding timepiece that cannot be surpassed. The first submersible model was water-resistant to 100 meters. It was a model for sturdy diving watches later, and it was also the blueprint for sea-dwellers and deep-submersible designs.

Rolex Submariner
Challenge the deeper ocean

   In the 1960s, the development of diving entered the second stage, and Rolex diving watches faced a new challenge—breaking the depth that humans can reach and the length of life and work on the ocean floor. So in 1967, the sea-dweller model came into being, meeting the requirements of saturated divers for diving watches. The diving depth ranged from the previous submersible model of 100 meters to the sea-dweller model of 610 meters (2000 feet). By 1978, the sea-dweller had broken through 1,220 meters.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller

   The Rolex deep dive watch, also known as the ghost king, is water-resistant to 3,900 meters (12,800 feet). Its case diameter is 44 mm and it is equipped with a patented Ringlock system, which improves the watch’s pressure resistance while retaining the proper wearing size.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deep Dive
Reaching deep in the ocean

   What surprises us this time are the two experimental dive watches on display-the RolexDeepSeaSpecial and the RolexDeepseaChallenge.

   The Rolex Deep Submersible Special Edition experimental watch worked with the Trieste deep-sea submarine to reach the bottom of the Pacific Mariah Trench, setting a record of 10,916 meters (35,814 feet).

Rolex Dive Special Edition

   The Deep Sea Challenge watch was worn by the famous director and explorer James Cameron (representative work ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’) and dived to the bottom of the Maria Trench, after which it reached 10,908. Meter (35,787 feet) single-person dive record. This watch for deep sea diving finally returned to the ground without damage.

Rolex Deep Sea Challenge

   The Rolex Deep Sea Challenge exhibition showcases Rolex diving watches and their history, leading us to experience the mysterious charm of Rolex watches in the deepest part of the ocean. This exhibition will be presented exclusively at Beijing APM from November 20th to November 29th, 2018. Interested cousins ​​can move to visit. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

A Quartz Movement Factory Started To Make Mechanical Movements, Will It Be A Gamble Again

In the first two months, Swiss third-party movement supplier Ronda announced the automatic mechanical movement R150 that will be unveiled during the Basel show. Ronda has been in the past few decades. It is one of the largest third-party quartz movement suppliers in Switzerland. In addition to the Swatch Group ETA company providing quartz movements for its own brands, most Swiss affordable brands quartz watches rely on RONDA to provide movements. Provide assembly machines and finished products, so many companies will simply process the Ronda movement, print their own brand trademark, or use it directly. Ronda, which has been producing quartz movements for forty years, began to venture into mechanical movements with great fanfare last year. At least we can see that participants who are very upstream in the industry have sufficient confidence in the prospect of mechanical watchmaking.

   Founded in 1946, Ronda Company initially provided parts for various movement factories and watch factories as its main business. In the mid-1970s, due to the explosive growth of quartz watches caused by quartz storms, Ronda began to purchase equipment to produce quartz The movement also retains a portion of the mechanical movement business, but by the end of the 1980s, mechanical watches had not returned to their former glory, and Ronda has since completely suspended the production of mechanical movements. Today, nearly three decades later, mechanical watches have established themselves in the industry. More and more brands have integrated mechanical and quartz, which creates opportunities for third-party movement suppliers to enter.
   In Switzerland, there are not a few third-party movement suppliers and component suppliers. Most brands cannot fully produce all the parts required for watches, and the fact is not necessary. In the history of Swiss watchmaking, it has always been crowdsourcing. Subcontracting, standard setting and assembly by the brand, and branding are the products of the brand. Ronda is working on a very crowded supplier of mechanical movements, and it seems a bit surprising to the outside world, because apart from ETA’s providing the largest basic movement, Sellita is another major supplier of mechanical movements In the field of basic movements, when the two overlords have firmly grasped the customer resources, Ronda started in 2011 and intends to invest in the development and production of mechanical movements. In 2016, Ronda returned to the position of mechanical movements, which seems to be a step. Dangerous chess.

   The R150 movement has a diameter of 26 mm, a thickness of 4.4 mm, a 40-hour power reserve, an average error of 12 s / d, a junior needle and a calendar function. From the data point of view, the performance is flat, and the size is larger than the ETA two basic movements. , The thickness is closer to 2824, but it is unknown whether it is built-in or cut into the market at a lower price.
   In my opinion, Ronda is very similar to Citizen’s Miyota. In their respective watchmaking camps, they occupy a very large market. Because they provide extremely high cost-effectiveness, many brands that do not have the ability to produce movements, through design and Supply chain, channel, and marketing advantages can occupy a place in the low-end market. Miyota is even larger than Rhonda. It not only provides quartz movements, but also offers a wide range of mechanical movements, which are sufficient for daily use.

   It is no secret that Miyota’s movement level is not as high as ETA, and of course, it is not as high as Sellita. This level is reflected in the product grade and accuracy, but it can reduce the entry barrier for mechanical watches, despite the quality Not good, but buying a mechanical watch for a thousand bucks is unimaginable in Swiss brands.
   In Switzerland, the most basic movement suppliers are ETA and Sellita, and the higher-end ones are soprod and vaucher. There are many more advanced ones, and these suppliers have solid customer resources and component suppliers with great price advantages. Therefore, Ronda returns to the red sea of ​​mechanical movements, and what kind of differentiation will win the market, it is worth paying attention to.