Month: November 2012

Seiko Guidao Cr8000 Spring Drive New

The top watch brand Guiduo Watch, with its simple and exquisite oriental watchmaking aesthetics, is unique in the watch altar and has become the first choice for many collectors. In 2008, Guido launched a new series of classic series CR8000 Spring Drive. The elegant black tone white butterfly shell is used as the face plate, and the bright color highlights the time scales of 2, 4, and 7, just like the quiet moon in the early night; Some are based on the limited-edition new styles that maturity spokesperson Hitomi Kuroki participated in in the planning. Under the embellishment of more than 30 diamonds, they are set with two pink cosmos flowers, showing the coexistence of mature women’s beauty, cuteness, and strength. Traits. In 2008, the full series of Guiduo Watches is based on the traditional Japanese watchmaking rigorous traditional watchmaking technology, incorporating modern and elegant sensual design, highlighting the classic mark of Guiduo watches.
Guido Watch Taiwan Lacquer Art Limited Edition
Reference number Ref. GZBE974
Material: 18K rose gold / Cal. 6898 manual winding movement
Function: hours, minutes, small seconds display / blue
Mirror: Gem Crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters
CR8000 Spring Drive Thin Watch
Reference number Ref. GCLH993
Material: Stainless steel
Movement: Cal. 7R88 Spring Drive manual winding movement
Functions: hour, minute, second, date display / power reserve display
Face plate: White butterfly shell
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal

     Guiduo Watch is proud of its lacquer-making watchmaking technology, which immediately caused a repercussion in the watchmaking circle. Under the skillful hand-drawing of world-class lacquer master Quan Longfu, it was screened and picked up bit by bit. The traditional Japanese lacquer technique is applied to the hand surface plate, incorporating the exquisite skills of snail shell and dill painting, that is, the beautiful shell inlay and the sprinkle of silver powder and gold powder. The formation of its pattern and color is due to the contact between lacquer art and different materials. It is difficult to control, and it requires quite skilled and exquisite skills to create such a deep and dazzling superb.