Month: May 2014

Hamilton Khaki Navy Diving 1000m Watch

During the year, there will not be any other time period more suitable for wearing a diving watch! Only now, they are masculine and uninhibited, they are natural decorations on the bare arms of men.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Dive 1000
Hamilton has an excellent background in military watch service, so you can see a very strong masculinity in its watch series. The whole body is tough black, with a large date window only at 3 o’clock. The dial indicates that this watch has an excellent water resistance of 1000 meters. It is an absolute professional diving watch. But we believe that there must be countless military watch fans who do not dive into it.

G-shock Aviation Watch Perfect Resistance To Gravity

Pursuing everything possible and constantly breaking through ourselves, the watch brand G-SHOCK has been constantly challenging the limits and pursuing fresh excitement. The GW-3000BD, which was developed in 2010 with aviation elements, has always been strong and shockproof. In addition, this time, a larger and more powerful technology is added. It is a watch that can withstand the pressure of gravity and provide a special pilot’s watch. Its resistance to extreme gravity has become its biggest highlight.
飞行员 For pilots and difficult flight events, GW-3000BD’s super strong and unique anti-vibration technology meets the demanding requirements in this regard.
GW-3000BD can easily cope with these demanding requirements. It can break through the limits and ensure that the internal functions of the watch are operating normally without damage.
    Watch hands are very light. If they are operated under gravity and high speed, the hands will lose their balance or damage. Through accurate calculations, the weight of each hand is adjusted so that they reach the most accurate configuration, realizing the demanding requirements of a 1/100 second stopwatch.
注重 Pay attention to protection function in design. The forged multi-faceted three-dimensional metal watch frame completely protects the watch body, while installing a large diameter polyurethane ring to protect the crystal oscillator. Polyurethane rings are also used to protect aircraft cockpit equipment from damage.
    The connection between the strap and the dial is fixed simultaneously from both sides by polished screws to ensure structural safety and stability. A metal frame is added to the details such as the buttons to ensure that they will not be hit and prevent misoperation.
Resist extreme gravity
GW-3000BD has undergone a very strict gravity pointer test, and has been specially tested under acceleration conditions that humans cannot tolerate. By testing the 1 / 100-second stopwatch against gravity, and simulating the pressure of up to 12G in 5G and aerial aerobatics in F1 races, the pointer function and other parts can still work normally. .
The perfect interpretation of aviation elements
As a series of models developed with aviation elements, the GW-3000BD reflects the concept of aviation everywhere in many details throughout the watch, including time characters with large fonts at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, and 6 o’clock. Large-size dial design, all layouts have excellent visibility to facilitate reading time, and at the same time enable pilots to read information accurately and in a timely manner during stressful flight conditions.
    In addition, the dial’s time scale and hands are coated with blue light-storage material, which not only ensures visibility during the day, but also can be clearly read in the afterglow of the setting sun at night. The black panel design eliminates light reflections and improves visibility in bright daylight conditions. The white digital index and the black dial form a strong contrast for easier reading.
强劲 GW-3000BD’s other powerful features include automatic reception of 6 waves, TOUGH MOVEMENT tough movement, 5 motor drive, solar drive, 200 meters water resistance, low temperature resistance, pointer anti-magnetic and other functions, making the flight unimpeded.