Month: August 2014

Gucci Launches New I-gucci Watch

Gucci announced the launch of the new I-GUCCI watch, thereby further expanding the cutting-edge design of the timepiece and subverting the traditional fashion attitude. Large-size double-row digital display with a variety of colors and surfaces to choose from, and perfectly match the classic blue, brown, and black GG rubber straps, of which the black strap has a unique green, red, and green striped strap For decoration. Elegant gun metal, brown or black tones accentuate the smooth curves of the stainless steel case. The most expensive model’s bezel is set with stunning diamonds, which makes it particularly noble. 55 brilliant gems complement the watch’s unique, subversive spirit and unconventional modernity. These styles complement the I-GUCCI collection, breaking the 2008 limited edition model with only black and red straps. Like their predecessors, these new models can provide the wearer with the ultimate timekeeping function. With a single tap, the surface can quickly switch from the original jumping surface that displays the time of the two places to the liquid crystal pointer display that displays only the local time. Quick adjustments can be performed using the side buttons embedded in a 44 mm atmospheric sleek case. Designed by creative director Frida Giannini, these I-GUCCI watches showcase Frida’s outstanding talent in combining Gucci’s classic luxury with self-confidence and a modern vision. Through the simple lines, the modern sense of sporting spirit is interpreted. Not only that, the Swiss-made watch still shows the exact precision.