Month: October 2014

Rolex 8171 Watches Create The 2013 Auction Myth

In the last month of 2013, many people’s eyes have shifted to New York. Of course, this is related to the auction. Of the major auction events in the past year, the three most striking The big auction houses are still Sotheby’s, Antigoron and Christie’s, and every bid is impressive.

 It is reported that the transaction value of the three major auction houses has exceeded 24,000,000 US dollars, but more than half of this amazing amount was obtained by Christie’s. However, in the auction of the past year, Rolex’s 8171 was in the lead, and it became the first at the price of 1,145,000 ($).

 This is a vintage Rolex that is loved by collectors. It has an Italian nickname Padellone, and its English translation is frying pan. It seems to be because it is large and round. . Its production period was from 1949 to 1952, and the output was only about one thousand in just four years. Rolex seldom refers to complicated watches. It has moon phase, date, day of the week and month display. It is quite a complicated design for Rolex. The surface has not been changed.

 From this list, we can also intuitively see that all the lists except this Rolex watch and fifth-ranked Richard Miller are occupied by Patek Philippe.

Longe Female Watchmaker And Craftsman Shows Female Power

Master sculptor Simone Rauchfuß started angle grinding for her carving knife. After putting down the polishing paper in her hand, she engraved petals and flower patterns on the metal surface. A calm and focused attitude is respectful. From the depth of the cut to the arc of the line, every stroke is her personal treasure, creating a unique and unparalleled look for the balance plate, making each Lange watch a truly unique treasure.

    In contrast, the process that product designer Romy Küchenmeister-Jensch was responsible for has started earlier. Glashütte’s calmness and tranquility are exactly her favorite working environment, which is conducive to her inspiration. When designing the dial, she can ‘incorporate the value and characteristics of Lange into the production of each watch to highlight Brands and watch collections. ‘ When asked about the features of a Lange watch, the 33-year-old female designer from Dresden tells what makes Lange the most exciting thing: ‘Low-key, precise, clear, timeless classic.’

    More than half of Lange’s work teams (58% accurate data) are female employees. They have creative thinking and are determined to push the unique beauty of Lange watches to the extreme. ‘I think women’s senses are sharper, and the sculpting is more delicate,’ Simone Rauchfuß said confidently. ‘Women’s craftsmanship is more exquisite than men’s, and sometimes they are more determined. We are all perfectionists. We like to add a bit of decoration here, and add lines to make the whole design flawless.’

    The busy schedule of production manager Heike Ahrendt contrasts with the tranquility of the Müglitz valley. He said: ‘Communication is a major part of my work. In addition to ensuring that our timepieces are accurate, we must ship on time and arrive on time. To this end, I travel between offices, conferences and tea rooms, and I am committed to urging my colleagues to meet the deadline. Sometimes it is necessary to urge and annoy others to complete the work. ‘

    But watchmaker Kerstin Richter, for example, doesn’t look like a person who can be easily moved. Holding a very manageable screwdriver, he stared intently at the magnifying glass in his hand, and the calm and peaceful atmosphere was once again interpreted. Don’t underestimate this magnifying glass. Without it, it is not easy to handle those delicate parts! Everyone who works here is fascinated by these small parts: their interaction, their beauty, and their flawlessness. Kerstin Richter recalled: ‘Since Lange returned to the altarpiece in 1990, Walter Lange has been dedicated to making precise and perfect movements.’ When asked about the previous VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (state-owned watchmaker), she Explaining: ‘At that time, we had mass production, so when Lange returned to the altar table, we decided to start again, based on the brand’s unique and exquisite craftsmanship.’ Anyone who has the opportunity to observe the work of Kerstin Richte, You will find that she is the outstanding talent representative who mastered Lange’s superb craftsmanship.
    For 17 years, Heike Ahrendt has been pursuing the perfect fusion of technology and vision, with great interest and never getting bored. She said: ‘Contrary to what you think, sometimes, I even yearn for this tiredness, because our work is very fast! Many things happen every day, and time passes quickly, every day, no day One week, or one month will repeat. I think my job is very variable. ‘

    Beate Weber agrees. From edge trimming, grinding, and polishing-every step requires fine manual work and rich experience. Thousands of different parts of the Lange movement, whether or not they can be seen through the sapphire crystal caseback, are each finely polished and finished. The staff responsible for the last process of the Lange watch will be decorated by hand, making each watch a unique treasure. ‘Don’t ask me if I’ve seen all the different movement parts of Lange,’ said an experienced polychrome artist. ‘Many parts are very small, and new parts often pose a major challenge to me.’ After that, she inserted a gooseneck hairspring into the trunk of the elderberry and tied it in circles on the chips, which were plated on the periphery. With progressively fine diamond powder. The watch is polished like a mirror, and it is beautifully balanced.
    Most of the female employees who work at Lange are from the local area, and many are affected by family influences. Because of this, tradition is extremely important to them. As Romy Küchenmeister-Jensch puts it: ‘When I design my products, I like to take inspiration from the old clocks of Ferdinando Adolf Lange.’ Simone Rauchfuß also emphasizes: In terms of design and technology, all are not affected by tradition. ‘Beate Weber said that more and more people are tired of this fast-paced and fast-paced society:’ Who now produces products that claim to be eternal? Can make eternal watches ‘It can create eternity in the workplace, which is the motivation of my work.’

    Are all Lange employees gifted with unique genes? Everyone’s opinion is different. The strength that brings them together is as follows: the relentless pursuit of the perfect watch, while proud of serving Lange.
    As said before, it is generally believed that women’s intuition is stronger and more emotional. And Kerstin Richter added: ‘I have some female colleagues who are particularly good at handling multiple tasks or tasks at the same time. It is amazing.’ Heike Ahrendt said: ‘Women’s achievements are not so obvious or well known? That’s because They are more low-key and modest. ‘
    The watch industry is still a male-dominated industry. When we were in the highly complex world of watches and clocks, and we exchanged enthusiastically about the technology of making watches, did we think of Lange’s famous, pioneering classic, symbolizing men Prestige mechanical watches of status, all contain the gentle creativity of women?