Month: December 2014

Styling Adds A Touch Of Refinement And Elegance, Attractive And Timeless Classic Luxury Watch

RADO Swiss Radar first produced white high-tech ceramic watches in the 1990s. And this one represents the classic, elegant and fashionable color of the times will become the main color tone of the Swiss radar in 2011. Today, Swiss radars have created a new trend. Many of its collections have launched new white watches simultaneously. The white high-tech ceramic watches with many styles can be used in white dresses or as white accessories for decoration Add a touch of refinement and elegance.
ADORADO Swiss Rado Integral precision ceramic series white ceramic watches, available in white, gold or silver style, while combining low-key luxury and classic design perfectly, while showing all the advantages of high-tech ceramic materials. Outstanding lines, elegant and chic
ADORADO White ceramic ceramic watch series Ceramica, with its immaculate appearance highlights the gorgeous elements of the watch, silver or gold metal dial, showing the noble and outstanding temperament. Iconic design with unique charm.
ADORADO Centrix white ceramic watches in a simple, elegant and elegant style, while the sparkling diamonds on the dial adds a bit of indulgence. The clean shape gives this watch a frank, direct personality, classic and timeless, fresh and refined.
ADORADO Swiss Rado D-STAR series of white ceramic watches, is a highly acclaimed Swiss Rado legendary watch, DiaStar diamond star series, a modern interpretation. The distinctive faceted case and wide viewing angle dial give this watch a unique personality, bold and dynamic. The dial, entirely made of white high-tech ceramic, is set with 36 top diamonds, making it an attractive timeless classic.

Citizen Won The China Advertising Great Wall Award Advertiser Award

At the just-concluded 24th China International Advertising Festival, the Citizen brand returned home with honour. With the integration of the limited-edition watch signed by Tian Yizhen, it stood out from the fierce competition and successfully won 2017 China Advertising Great Wall Award Advertiser Award.

   The Great Wall of China Advertising Award is the largest advertising award in China’s advertising industry. Among them, the Advertiser Award is the highest annual selection by the Chinese advertising industry in the field of advertisers, and it is an annual recognition of corporate brands that have made outstanding contributions to the Chinese advertising industry.

   This award-winning project is the first signature watch launched by Citizen and Greater China spokesperson Hebe Tian Yizhen in mainland China. It is limited to 1,000 pieces and is mainly used to give back to Hebe fans’ support. The watch is made of cool black and gold tones, with a rhombus shape, full of fashion design. At the same time, he led a kind of ‘black justice’ who courageously made himself, and fit perfectly with Hebe’s independent personality label. In addition to matching the temperament, the Chinese and English double signatures engraved with Hebe Tian Yizhen on the back of the watch have become a major attraction to attract fans. Inspired by Hebe’s homophony, the nickname of ‘Little Black Watch’ also emerged. The brand knows the stars and the fans, so it drives the carnival shared by the idols and fans. He be Yourself, bravely be yourself, is a portrayal of Hebe, and it is also a statement of attitude that Citizen’s Little Black Watch conveys to fans.

   As a limited-edition watch signed by a celebrity, the gimmick ‘Tian Yan Zhen’s Choice’ has captured the eye. Citizen is still planning carefully, using multiple cross-border elements to add icing on the cake. The brand specially invited international emerging jewellery designer Long Zijia as the overall art consultant, and designed custom necklaces and limited sets for the small black watch, so that every fan who bought the watch could feel the unique ‘limited’ quality. In addition, the ‘Little Black Watch’ project has also been injected with public welfare genes. Citizen and Hebe have jointly supported the Nature Conservation Association’s Yunnan Golden Monkey’s entire territory protection project in Yunnan, so that this idol-driven consumption has a higher level of society value.

   The ‘Zhenxinchengyi’ of the product, as well as the precise grasp of the needs of fans, heralded the success of the final sales performance. The pre-sale opened simultaneously on the four online platforms of Citizen’s official WeChat mall, official website mall, Tmall flagship store and flagship store. 399 pre-sale products were sold out within 24 hours. Among them, more than a hundred sets of products on WeChat mall were sold out within a few minutes, and Tmall platform also beat the crowd on the day, sitting firmly on the same day as the watch sales champion.
   For the Citizen, this award is not only a high recognition of the brand advertising value, but also an inspiration for the brand’s continuous innovation to lead the market. In 2018, Citizen will usher in the 100th anniversary of the brand. This brand, which has been working hard to manufacture ‘watches that citizens of the world love’ since its inception, will continue to practice Better with better products and services Starts Now belief.

Hermes Arceau Robe Du Soir Watch-2018 Geneva Fine Watch Award Best Art Craft Watch

When it comes to mosaic inlay art, people will think of the mottled light and shadow and the beautiful visual effects. The perfect craftsmanship will render the colorful and colorful collage elements into the most beautiful. Glamorous pattern. Hermes took inspiration from the 2018 “Robedu Soir” silk scarf designed by Florence Manlik in 2018, and used 2,200 tiny leather square pieces to insert the side silhouette of the horse in the Arceau watch with a diameter of 41 mm. The shiny round rose gold case, asymmetric lugs and slim lancet needles perfectly complement the texture and beautiful color of the leather mosaic inlay pattern, which contrasts with the electro-optical blue background and the same-color strap. This timepiece reflects the leather and saddle making skills inherited from Hermès to this day. This watch is limited to 12 pieces.

ARCEAU Robe du Soir Watch
A well-preserved notebook records the process of Hermès craftsman’s intensive study. She turned imagination into reality and achieved little-known top secret techniques. One and a half years of painstaking effort created perfect craftsmanship and excellent touch. Over the course of several weeks, thousands of square pieces of colored leather turned into stunning miniature works of art with dexterous hands and meticulous patience. Carefully selected full-grain calfskin is first carefully cut into more than 3,500 panels, and then 2,200 pieces of leather panels suitable for square inch creation are set in the exquisite dial to outline Hermes ‘Robedu Soir’ Steed pattern for scarves.
Xi Chuanshi Saddle Technology

全新 This new rose gold Arceau craft watch highlights its distinctive style with gorgeous colors. The brightly-colored steeds and the electro-optic blue background shine brightly, and the same color Swift smooth calfskin strap is a beautiful background. Henrid’Origny’s design in 1978-the popular round case and asymmetrical lugs in the shape of a stirrup give the watch a classic charm. Driven by the Hermes-made self-winding movement, the slender hands slowly move across the dial of the leather mosaic inlay to get out of the rhythm of time. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can appreciate the dynamic beauty of the movement.

12 Arceau “RobeduSoir” watches in limited editions are a fusion of contemporary mosaic intarsia and Hermès’ playful creative world.

Technical Parameters
Numbered limited to 12 pieces
Hermes homemade H1837 movement
Automatic mechanical movement, Swiss made
Movement diameter: 26 mm
Movement thickness: 3.7 mm
Power reserve: 50 hours
Number of stones: 28
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / 4 Hz
装饰 Movement decoration: satin-finished snail-shaped substrate, splint and oscillating weight, Hermes exclusive H decoration
Shape / size: round, diameter 41 mm
Material: 18K Rose Gold
Table glass: Glare sapphire crystal
Waterproof: 30 meters
Leather mosaic intarsia craft.
The motif is derived from the silk scarf designed by FlorenceManlik for Hermès.
18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle
Light blue calfskin strap

With the careful dedication of his craftsmen’s dexterous hands, Hermès has created objects that are compatible with the wearer’s spiritual charm and breath. Born of exquisite and exquisite technology, the illusion is self-explanatory and presents an unexpected lightness and agility. These objects make ordinary daily life become a wonderful stage; each moment that flows quietly becomes a precious time.

Time is also an object to Hermès. From the lingering compactness, Hermes extracts the uniqueness of time. In addition to measuring, sorting, and driving, Hermès is bolder in pursuing another view of time: an exciting, free-flowing shuttle, creating a space of joy and fun.