Month: March 2015

The Legend Of Parmigiani Writing Time And Speed

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 supercar with first-class technical performance has just rolled off the production line in the Bugatti car workshop in Molsheim, and has fearlessly entered the world of mass production sports cars Land speed record battles and historicly set the world record. Representatives from the Guinness Book of Records committee notarized the record on the Ehra-Lessien circuit. It can be compared with the fast performance on the track. It is like an unprecedented watchmaking achievement. Parmigiani and Bugatti established a formal partnership in 2001 and launched the second generation of Bugatti watches. The first special edition watch is limited to 30 pieces.
Through 6 pieces of crystal glass, you can clearly see the 337 movement components in the Bugatti Super Sport watch.

Amazing creativity
In 2004, Parmigiani set off a revolution in the watchmaking industry. The entire movement of the Bugatti Type 370 watch was mounted on a horizontal axis. The whole looks like a car’s engine block: one The pillar assembly is connected to the five splints of the movement, while the mesh drive wheel is cut into a wheel.
In 2010, Parmigiani assembled all the mechanical parts of the new Bugatti PF 372 movement on a vertical axis, and still can display the side time, which is well received by car drivers. *
Parmigiani successfully developed the world’s first 90 ° time setting system by integrating the double pinion system and the bevel gear transmission. The dial and the display axis (hours / minutes) cross vertically. Like Parmigiani’s complete set of movements, this unique and complex mechanical system (capable of displaying time on the side) is all designed and innovated in Fleurier’s manufacturing workshop (VMF).
Another key feature of the new Bugatti watch: the elastic crown. The elastic crown is located directly above the watch’s outer profile, and together with many key technical components create a harmonious aerodynamic line of the watch. Just tap the crown and it pops out of the case so you can set the time.

The movement fully embodies the craftsmanship of Parmigiani

 To match the shape of the new Bugatti watch, the manually wound Parmigiani 372 movement (with a power reserve of 10 days) features a double-sided design. On the wrist, the movement of the watch is displayed at an angle of 30 °. Above the movement, the balance wheel and mesh drive wheel plywood form an arc, showing the oval appearance of the Bugatti sports car. The pendulum (made by Parmigiani’s Atokalpa turning plant) and the central circular power reserve plate bridge marked with a 10-day power reserve scale are clearly visible.

 Amazing aesthetic features, the movement gear is machined into the shape of the wheel again, and the plywood designed and processed according to Parmigiani’s exclusive standards and its 10 bridges use the 370 pillar system. Through 6 pieces of crystal glass, you can clearly see the 337 movement parts in the Bugatti Super Sport watch; this watch is water-resistant to 10 meters. The carbon fiber time wheel can be seen from the center cutout of the dial, a tribute to the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 supercar. The limited edition model commemorating the ‘world record’ sports car Veyron uses orange hands, decals and chronographs in the same hue.
In order to match the appearance of the new Bugatti watch, the manually wound Calibre Parmigiani 372 movement (with a power reserve of 10 days) has a double-sided design.

Shape and features of Parmigiani style

 The streamlined exterior of the Bugatti Super Sport watch has a wing shape, but the design is inspired by the iconic lug shape of a Parmigiani watch. The new Bugatti watch has the characteristic curve of the Parmigiani brand, thus representing the decisive characteristics of Parmigiani. The two removable lugs on the front of this watch make it highly human-like when worn. The new Bugatti watch uses a complex design that is rare in watchmaking: the design of the 18K white gold case (designed and manufactured by Parmigiani’s Les Artisans Boîtiers case manufacturer) reproduces the compactness of the Bugatti Veyron sports car. Flank silhouette. Or brushed or polished, or beveled or chamfered, under the action of light intersect and shine, gorgeous. The streamlined shape of the watch is reminiscent of the outline of a 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Veyron sports car, and it is also equipped with an integral Hermes strap.