Month: April 2015

Wear Watch To Wear Rolex, Fight To Draw Dunhill

The title is just a general meaning I want to express. After all, I am a watchmaker and I always like to draw anything to a watch. Regarding the expensive entry-level watch, I always recommend buying Rolex Date-Just, Omega moon watch or Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. I definitely don’t regret it. Maybe, one day, you suddenly want to install a B, and you want to try the smooth suction of the pipe, then I only recommend you to start from the Shell series of Dunhill.

   Why write about pipe? Some time ago, the cousin of the forum transferred me a pipe article and said that I wanted to try it, and asked me if I could buy a few hundred bucks. I know that I have n’t gotten started with the pipe, but after all, I have been fighting for many years and had some experience of spending money unjustly. I told him responsibly: ‘If you really want to smoke, then spend more money from Dunhill. Start with the Shell series. ‘

Shell Collection

   Of course, smoking a pipe made of heather root, meerschaum, etc. is good for home decoration. At the beginning of the year, I tasted the pipe. In order to practice the rush, the 500 yuan on a certain treasure bought a machine bucket of safin (the bucket is also divided into two types: machine and manual production. The price is very different, and it is quite handy. The price of the master’s manual bucket is 5 yuan away), but after a while, I still feel uncomfortable. I thought it was my ‘oral skill’ that was not enough for home. Take a friend who has been playing for a long time at a time to a pipe club in Shuangjing (I do n’t take the name of a so-and-so club now, and I feel that the business is not booming). Handle bucket, opened the bucket in the store, tried it on the mouth, and felt a lot of suction. This suddenly dawned on me. It turned out that it wasn’t my technology that wasn’t home, but that the machine’s own flue didn’t open well, and it wasn’t worth it. A Dunhill entry-level Shell straight bucket is about 3,000 yuan. I do n’t think there is a need to buy a bucket at this price. Whether it is a machine or a manual bucket, it will only make you think that the pipe is very difficult to smoke. .

Cumberland Collection

Bruyere Collection

   After a period of time, you will find that a bucket is not enough, and you ca n’t smoke a pipe a day (the pipe will get wet when you smoke, and you should use it for at least 24 hours after the bucket, otherwise Will affect the taste of tobacco). Continue to buy Dunhill buckets, of course, Cumberland and Bruyere series are both good choices, and the price is not expensive. If you are looking for top quality products in the bucket, Dunhill also has Root D.R series available. The wood color is impeccable and expensive.

   If you want to buy a master hand bucket, the span will be large, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands. First determine how much you want to spend and the type of bucket you want. As for who you buy (the master’s bucket is also not easy to smoke, after all, there is always a deviation in the way of opening a flue), go to the foreign pipe forums ( It seems like a pipe village in China), ask the true expert in the jar, and learn to take pictures on foreign websites.

Danish Fighter ‘Old Cow’ Fighting
   Everyone likes the bright texture. Of course, the price will not be cheap. I once pursued a good suit for a while. After I bought it, I was reluctant to smoke, and I wasted money. In fact, I usually smoked those few.

Nightcaps and Balkan slices

   Let’s talk about tobacco, throw away the seasoning grass that the girls are smoking, and talk about the original grass. Most of the original grass is made of various varieties of safflower tobacco. Due to the different climate and soil in the planting area, it is a semi-finished product that is cured and fermented by special treatment methods. It is simply and rudely divided into L grass and V grass in China. L grass is easier to buy in China. Common examples are: Dunhill Sambo (cock, nightcap and 965), blue dog, log frog, etc .; L grass Old ladies prefer Balkan slices, old cakes, etc. L grass has a special flavor due to the addition of trace Latakia in the tobacco blending process, and it will have a charred cow dung smell when it is smoked (some people think it is chicken feces). I don’t like it so I only smoke some V grass now.

Judge, Little White and Escudo

   The V-grass is added without Latakia. (Remember not to use the L-grass pipe to smoke V. Also, the V-grass pipe should not be used to smoke L, which will affect the taste. This is why people who smoke a bucket need several The reason for the pipe). V grass is more difficult to buy in China. After all, V grass without Latakia is more popular, and the longer the tobacco is placed like a good wine, the more mellow the taste is. Pump slowly. It is best to go to Haitao to buy V-grass, otherwise you can only set up a relationship with the owner of the pipe store and let it help you stay in advance. In the grass, I personally love Escudo, the judge and Dunhill. The temperature of V-grass is higher than that of L-grass. To avoid burning out the pipe wall, it is necessary to slowly draw fine products.

   Tobacco is also like a cigar. It needs to be raised and not allowed to dry after it is opened. Conditionally put in a sealed box and keep it in a humidifier. Conditionally put humidifiers. Try different grasses to find your favorite taste.

TSUGE IKEBANA’s Acorn Bucket

   Recently, I really like to use the acorn bucket to pump V. I asked my friends to collect a Japanese acorn from TSUGE IKEBANA (I also like Sixten’s acorn, but I can’t afford one for 100,000!), Wait for the fog The haze faded, picking a good day and starting a fight, Meimei fought a fight.

   The smoking pipe is nothing more than leisurely. If only wine is a good match, I think it is too pretentious. Shouldn’t you drink tea and soda?