Month: June 2015

In The Free Diving World, Everything Is Based On Accurate Timing. Chop With The Frogman Diver

In preparation for the new season, we travel to the Bahamas to explore the wonderful training of Pierre Flora, the world record holder and brand ambassador four times. Pierre is home to the sea, wearing a khaki navy series frogman watch on his wrist, firmly and confidently, acting decisively. He took precious time out of his busy schedule and shared his unique insights into the diving world with us.

Pierre, thank you for accepting our interview. Why did you choose to train in the Bahamas?

This is a great place for diving training. The sea water is warm and clear all year round, and various fishes move freely in the sea. There are no excessive ocean currents, and there are some excellent hidden dive sites. The weather conditions are usually very good, but this time seems a bit fickle. We have become accustomed to this. Training in the natural environment, everything must adapt to natural changes.

How important is time to you in diving or preparation training?

In freediving, time is of the essence, it can be said to be everything, including the ‘rest time’ on the surface of the dive, the time to ‘formally start the dive’, and the time to resurface. By definition, freediving is holding your breath. Therefore, free diving is not possible without a diving watch.

Why did you choose the Khaki Navy series?

I chose the Khaki Navy because it fits my personal needs. This watch series is specially designed for diving and meets the requirements of long-term deep diving. At the same time, you can read at a glance. Under water, I checked the watch and made a decision in less than a second. Therefore, I need to read the time I spend underwater in less than a second. The strap is comfortable to wear and durable, with no risk of loss or damage.

Although the diameter of the dial of the Khaki Navy watch is relatively large, it is hardly felt on the wrist due to its light texture. It has been integrated into my life and can easily accompany me into the endless deep ocean. All in all, I chose this watch because it is simple, durable, powerful and compelling. Just like the ocean world I dive into every day, it is full of infinite charm.

How do you usually arrange your training program?

I schedule two to three hours of training every day. However, when training at sea, eight hours a day is also commonplace. I always start my day with half an hour of yoga practice. Then I would swim for an hour or 3 kilometers and run for an hour and a half or 15 kilometers. Free divers must have a strong physique, so aerobic fitness is essential, which helps me stay in shape and maintain a good athletic performance throughout the year.

Can you share some diving notes with us?

First, do not dive alone. It is important to be accompanied when diving. This helps each other in critical situations. Another suggestion is to get plenty of water. Although our bodies are always soaked in water during diving, if we don’t drink enough water, our skin will quickly dehydrate. Dive watches are also essential equipment. Diving underwater is like escaping: it is difficult to perceive the concept of time. I would never have achieved such a result without a diving watch. Therefore, the diving watch is a great partner for divers. Finally, always be in awe of nature.

Do you have your favorite diving destination?

There are great diving spots in the waters around the world. For example, diving in Cuban waters is accompanied by crocodiles; diving in Polynesian waters is accompanied by whales; diving in the waters of Dominica is accompanied by sperm whales; diving in South African waters is accompanied by sharks.

As soon as the words fell, the frogman dived into the endless deep sea.