Month: July 2015

Jacques Reverso Rose Gold Watch With Chocolate Dial For Ultimate Elegance

In 1931, a legend was born: a watch was launched, and its reversible case could protect the dial from impact. For polo players, they finally have a watch that is suitable for polo sports, and for elegant gentlemen who often chase new things, such innovative designs are rare. The Reverso watch is designed to be worn by British officers during polo matches without having to worry about breakage of the fragile watch. The Reverso watch has been widely praised since its inception, from watch lovers who are obsessed with flip case technology, to sports enthusiasts and aestheticians.
Origin of the legend

   Over the years, the Reverso watch has interpreted time in a variety of ways, with different sizes of cases, or equipped with innovative and complicated functions, while retaining the classic characteristics of double-sided watches. In 2011, at the 80th anniversary of the iconic Reverso watch, the Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the 1931 reprint of the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931 to commemorate the history of this legendary series. This watch is inspired by the aesthetics of historical models. Equipped with an ultra-thin case, popular sizes and a design that is true to the prototype, the watch is unique and is highly sought after by Reverso lovers and watchmakers. In their eyes, this classic watch should not be a passer-by of history. To this end, in 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Grande Reverso Rouge Reverso with a red dial, and in 2013 launched the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Duoface Blue. . In 2014, the third work in this outstanding trilogy, the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 with a chocolate-colored dial, was launched.
   Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 The large Reverso ultra-thin flip watch perfectly inherits historical origins and vividly reproduces the golden age of Art Deco style. Its shape, color and material are the perfect omen of the advent of the era of industrial design, and also the symbol of the peak of handmade art. The ingenious contrast between the chocolate-colored dial and the rose gold case, and the traditional oval pattern on the dial are pleasing to the eye. The reinterpretation of the aesthetic elements of the prototype model makes this wonderful combination even more irresistible. Except for the number ’12’, the other hour markers are all Barton-shaped, while the minute and hour hands are knife-shaped. The small seconds at 6 o’clock rotates around its rectangular small dial every minute. Without the word ‘REVERSO’ from historical models, nothing can be considered perfect. It seems that the words of beauty are inexhaustible, and the emotional connection between the owner of the Reverso watch and his watch has only been concluded from this moment. The new Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 large Reverso watch is elegant and elegant. The delicate dial and harmonious overall outline make it hard to resist. The watch is equipped with a 7.3 mm ultra-fiber case and a movement that is only 2.95 mm thick, making the watch perfectly fit the wrist. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 822/2 movement is solid and reliable, demonstrating the superb expertise of the watch factory.
   The polo player’s love for the Reverso flip watch has not been diminished for more than 80 years, and they have extremely strict requirements on the polo boots worn in major competitions. Without hesitation, they unswervingly walked into the Fagliano leather workshop, which was established in Buenos Aires, the world polo capital in 1892. For more than a century, the Fagliano family has focused on this mysterious and complicated craftsmanship-high-end leather making. The descendants of the family have also inherited the founding purpose of the company’s founders-family-style pure handmade. The masterpieces of the Fagliano leather workshop are widely loved by the world’s best polo players. It is difficult for them to imagine how to ride the field without their favorite polo boots.
   The alligator brown alligator strap with rose gold pin buckle makes the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 the perfect fit for the wrist, but this is just one of the options offered by Jaeger-LeCoultre. At the same time, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Fagliano leather workshops hand-crafted a second strap for this watch. The manufacturing process strictly follows the ancient tradition and is made of Cordovan Leather, known for its toughness. The straps sewn by Fagliano’s leather workshop perfectly reflect the flexible and elegant quality and superb craftsmanship, each one is a unique masterpiece of art. What makes Jaeger-LeCoultre even more proud is that the cooperation between the two parties has further strengthened the connection between the Reverso flip watch and the polo. More than eighty years after the release of the Reverso watch, estheticians will certainly welcome the birth of this new work. This watch embodies Jaeger-LeCoultre’s continuous pursuit of watchmaking, superb craftsmanship and excellent quality, and will continue to write the brand’s legend for more than 180 years.

Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 Technical Features
• Jaeger-LeCoultre 822/2 manual winding mechanical movement, hand-made, assembled and decorated
• 21, 600 vibrations per hour
• Number of gems: 19
• Thickness: 2.95 mm
• 45 hours power reserve
• Hours, minutes and small seconds
• Chocolate dial with powdered numerals and time markers
• Barton faceted gold-plated hands
• 18K Rose Gold
• Length: 46.8 mm
• Width: 27.4 mm
• Thickness: 7.3 mm
• Polished
• Sapphire crystal glass
• ‘1000 Hours Control’ engraved on the case back
• Water resistance: 3 bar
Strap and buckle:
• Matte brown alligator strap 20/18
• Spare strap: Cordova horse leather strap, carefully crafted by Fagliano leather workshop in Buenos Aires
• 18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle
• Q2782560

Jacques Jaeger Presents Three New Duomètre Watches

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Sphérotourbillon series three-dimensional biaxial tourbillon watch, Duomètre Chronographe chronograph watch and Duomètre Quantième Lunaire moon phase calendar watch are combined with innovative design features, exuding elegant and exquisite atmosphere. All three masterpieces feature opal-decorated magnet grey dials, and their deep shades are all men’s charms.
Duomètre Sphérotourbillon watch
   The new Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Sphérotourbillon series of three-dimensional dual-axis tourbillon watches combines outstanding design, unique functions and exquisite elements contained in pure horological tradition. This large complication watch combines excellent technical performance, simple aesthetic design and extraordinary complex clock functions.

Sphérotourbillon spherical tourbillon: precisely adjustable tourbillon
   ‘Precision’ is the core of the Dual-Wing design concept. The master watchmaker of Jaeger-LeCoultre has always taken this as the concept when he conceived the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon series three-dimensional dual-axis tourbillon watch. In fact, only a few tourbillon watches have a clear seconds display, and even fewer can stop the seconds. The Dual-Wing design concept allows Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers to create the first tourbillon that can be precisely adjusted. At 2 o’clock, there is a button to return the small seconds hand to the bottom of the tourbillon. As a major feature, the flyback function does not affect the operation of the adjustment mechanism. The small second hand returns to zero and immediately resumes operation. Therefore, even when setting the watch time, the watch can still maintain the maximum accuracy, accurate to the second.
Multi-axis tourbillon
   This watch is the fourth masterpiece of the Duomètre series. In addition to its unmatched reliability, another striking feature is its tourbillon. Originally designed for pocket watches, the traditional tourbillon cannot offset the effect of gravity on the ground when it is in different positions. Therefore, an additional rotation axis must be added to achieve three-dimensional three-dimensional rotation, so that the tourbillon of the watch can function in different positions. Through the hollow dial, the wearer can enjoy the extraordinary sight of the tourbillon as it rotates. In addition to rotating around the titanium tourbillon frame axis, the tourbillon rotates around the second axis at an angle of 20 °. These two very different fast rotations (30 and 15 seconds respectively) keep the watch from being affected by gravity in different positions.
   The innovative technologies that Jaeger-LeCoultre won in the first astronomical timepiece of the 21st century are all displayed on this gorgeous tourbillon: the one-piece titanium tourbillon frame is light and precise; the cylindrical hairspring has two end curves for concentric back and forth movement The traditional hairspring is incomparable. In addition, the highly inertia balance wheel vibrates at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour, while the eyebolt sleeve protects the watch from vibration or impact through the screw locking system. The watch has a transparent caseback, and the details of the Model 382 mechanical movement manually assembled and decorated by Jaeger-LeCoultre are pleasing to the eye.
Seeing beauty in complex details
   This watch is equipped with many complex and sophisticated technologies, but its beauty is not diminished. The spirit of innovation is combined with the design concept of the former pocket watch, which highlights the elegance and exquisite style. The watchmaker’s fine processing on the unprocessed nickel-silver semi-finished movement has created the extraordinary charm of the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon series three-dimensional biaxial tourbillon watch. The movement uses Jaeger-LeCoultre’s signature solar radial pattern and sharp concave-convex sharp corners. The various forms are intertwined with each other in harmony. The aesthetic design of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 382 mechanical movement fully reflects the high level of watchmaking art.
   This watch follows harmonious proportions and adheres to the tradition of watchmaking-the delicate and delicate rose gold case, the dial is simple and legible, the bezel and lugs are polished, and the case hoop is polished. These iconic designs inherit the design aesthetics of the Duomètre watch series and contrast with the complex mechanical structure of the mechanical movement.
   The Dual-Wing design concept is reflected in two different areas of the dial: the Sphérotourbillon spherical tourbillon is openly displayed on the left, and the main dial displays the local time on the right, and the date display is cleverly surrounded. In addition, there is a 24-hour sub-dial above the dial to display the time in the second time zone; the small second hand is below the dial.
Duomètre Chronographe
   When designing the first Duomètre watch, how to create a watch with accuracy comparable to an astronomical watch is the biggest challenge facing Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers. The Dual-Wing design concept makes everything easy.
   The Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop decided to equip the first Duomètre watch with a chronograph function, and Duomètre Chronographe was born. With its unique style and excellent craftsmanship, it has become one of the finest examples of watchmaking art. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 380 mechanical movement is equipped with a new structure. Its biggest advantage is that the time display is as accurate as an astronomical watch.

   According to the Dual-Wing double-wing design concept, the first gear set is completely used for time display (hours, minutes, and seconds), and the second gear set is dedicated to timing functions, and at the same time has an adjustment accuracy of one-sixth of a second Blinking seconds hand. Both mechanisms are powered by their respective barrels, ensuring a 50-hour power reserve (time display of 50 hours and timekeeping function of 50 hours). Power transmission does not interfere with each other. To ensure an elegant appearance and ease of use, the same crown can be wound on two barrels: clockwise for time display and counter-clockwise for timekeeping.
   This Duomètre watch with a mechanical movement 380 is the first chronograph to start or stop the chronograph without a clutch. A unique button synchronizes the five timers perfectly. The Duomètre watch recreates a great watchmaking classic with its welded lug case, opal-coated magnet grey dial, and the Dual-Wing’s signature 380 mechanical movement.
Duomètre Quantième Lunaire Moon Phase Watch
   In classic watches, the sophisticated functions of the sophisticated calendar display will definitely affect the accuracy of the time display. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaker used the Dual-Wing design concept to achieve the perfect work, creating a calendar watch as accurate as an astronomical watch.
   On the elegant and easy-to-read dial, the hours, minutes, seconds, calendar display function and moon phase display together create the classic design of the Duomètre Quantième Lunaire biplane series moon phase calendar watch. Through the case, the wearer can see part of the 381 mechanical movement. This superb movement is based on the Dual-Wing design concept and has unprecedented accuracy. It is another model in the field of fine watchmaking.

Dual-Wing design concept: Pioneer movement
   Jaeger-LeCoultre uses the Duomètre double-wing series and its Dual-Wing design as the concept to create innovative masterpieces in the field of fine watchmaking. The mechanical movement adopts a new structure as a whole, bringing unprecedented new functions. With the birth of the Dual-Wing design concept, Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers finally solved the problem of complex mechanical movements. Since complex functions use part of the power provided by the barrel, this energy consumption can disrupt the continuous power supply of the tuning device. The adjustment device must be carefully adjusted to ensure that it operates as accurately as possible. The power transmitted from the barrel to the gear train and escapement needs to be very stable and regular to ensure that the watch moves accurately and reliably.
Power from two movements at the same time
   The Dual-Wing design concept is to separate the power source of the two through the complex functions and the barrel of the movement to ensure a stable power supply, which has brought a new revolution in the field of fine watchmaking. In 2007, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Duomètre Chronographe chronograph watch. This chronograph watch with the Dual-Wing design concept has the same precision as an astronomical watch, and its timing is accurate to a sixth of a second. Later, the brand used this concept to create the Duomètre Quantième Lunaire biplane series moon phase calendar watch and the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon biplane series stereo two-axis tourbillon watch.