Month: August 2015

A Tribute To The Age Of Elegance Frederique Constant Launches Two New Runabout Gmt Limited Watches

Frederique Constant launches two new Runabout GMT limited edition watches to pay tribute to the elegant 1920s and Riva yachts.

Long-term partnership
   In 2009, Frederique Constant established a partnership with the Riva Historical Society. The Riva Historical Society was co-founded by Piero Maria Gibellini and Carlo Riva. Its sole purpose is to protect the world’s surviving Riva yachts and to help owners best protect their precious property. With the launch of two new Runabout GMT limited edition watches, Frederique Constant pays tribute to the brand’s commitment to maintaining the Riva name and its significance.
From ocean to land
   In the same year, Frederique Constant launched the first Runabout watch, named after the legendary Runabout yacht from the 1920s. Compared with the European elite Runabouts, Riva Runabouts are small, fast and powerful, and can be used by four to eight people. Riva Runabouts is the ideal muse for designing elegant timepieces.

Refined and elegant
   The new Frederique Constant Runabout watch is exquisite and elegant, with hour, minute, second, date and 24-hour GMT display functions. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 44 mm, is polished, has a three-piece structure and a transparent bottom, and is equipped with the FC-350 movement. The first is a silver dial with blue GMT hands and a navy blue leather strap; the second is a dark gray dial with white GMT hands and a light brown leather strap. Both watches are limited to 2,888 pieces and come with luxurious wooden gift boxes and Runabout wooden models.

Kingston Limited Edition Moon Phase Tribute To Legendary Runabout

Swiss watchmaking brand Frédérique Constant cooperates with the Riva Historical Society to pay tribute to the elegant craftsmanship of the legendary era. The new Runabout Moon Phase Riva Historical Society Limited Edition watch, as its name exudes, has a confident personality with rowing.

New wave led by wooden rowing

 Back in the 1920s, the entire world experienced a prosperous period that lasted more than ten years. A beautiful figure set off from the most beautiful beaches on the earth. The shiny, polished wooden dinghy is called ‘Runabout’. On the sea of ​​pure simplicity and cleanliness, this outstanding masterpiece of craftsmanship is driven by a deep, powerful and powerful engine that inspires everyone’s enthusiasm and witnesses its glorious glory.

 The Riva Historical Society-the guardian of glorious history

 The Riva Historical Society (RHS) was founded in Milan, Italy in 1998. The goal was to help find, maintain and repair the classic Runabout rowing boat designed by rowing enthusiast Mr. Carlo Riva. RHS assists the owners of Riva Runabout’s rowing boats to recreate Runabout’s most brilliant face in history.

Two models, three versions, a proud name

 The new Runabout Moon Phase Riva Historical Society series watches are limited to 1,888 pieces. Each one is contained in a unique watch box and is equipped with a certificate and a refined rowing model. There are two versions of the watch equipped with the FC-330 movement. Stainless steel automatic version with luminous moon phase display at 6 o’clock. The dazzling silver dial highlights the intricate guilloché motif in the center, and the hand-assembled pearl black Arabic numerals.

 The rest of the design includes a curved sapphire crystal and a see-through chassis. To thank our partner Riva Historical Society, their banner will be displayed on the watch case.

 In addition to the moon phase display, a series of new works at the same time with hour, minute, second and date display. Elegant design and reliable function, each new work provides 100 meters water resistance and 38 hours power reserve. Stainless steel case version with noble black leather strap and folding buckle. The FC-330 watch is also available in a 43mm diameter rose gold version. The silver dial contrasts with the central guilloché motif, with hand-plated gold-plated Arabic numerals. The rest of the watch’s specifications are the same as the stainless steel version with a brown leather strap for an excellent result.

Supreme respect for history

 The second model is the FC-720 power reserve automatic movement in the RHS series, which provides a 42-hour power reserve, which is only the most basic setting among many functions in the watch. Not only the hour, minute, and date display, model FC-720RM6B4 also provides a power reserve display at 12 o’clock. Coupled with the curved sapphire crystal at the bottom of the table, everyone can appreciate its dynamic movement. The silver surface of the watch is decorated with the characteristic Pavé de Paris guilloché. Whether it is handmade Arabic numerals or hands, they are all made of rose gold, and the combination of a dark brown leather strap with a discount makes this watch a unique and elegant piece.

 Round, deep, hand-polished wood. Shiny, hand-polished rose gold and stainless steel. The golden component shines in the sun. The silver dial shines like the surface of Lake Geneva; the watch is reminiscent of the powerful engine of the Runabout racing boat under the hot sun; Frederique Constant’s own movement, just like the evolution of many technologies on the earth, reliably provides the watch The motivation needed morning to night. It is no accident that classic wooden rowing is similar to Runabout. Passion breeds passion, whether on land, in the ocean or in a mountain lake. Regardless of past, present or future, our respect for Runabout is irreplaceable.