Month: October 2015

This Moment Creates The Next Moment Tissot’s Global Image Ambassador Liu Yifei Officially Launched A New Video Ad

Enjoy this moment, create the next moment without leaving regrets; give your best at this moment, and create the joyful harvest of the next moment. Every moment of life is to let yourself grow and transform. Grasp every moment and create every moment; this moment, create the next moment!
 On September 17, a new video advertisement by Liu Yifei, a global image spokesperson for Tissot, was officially released. Fantastic white space, mysterious silhouettes projected by bright and dark light, angular Paris studs, and beautiful multiple mirror reflections make up this visual feast full of charm of light and shadow. In the picture, Liu Yifei is dressed in a blue dress, and she is lightly strolling in the light and shadow time corridor; she smiles sweetly, and the Durul watch on her wrist exudes a midnight blue luster; brand new video The advertisement captures the details of the Durul series of watches, and the ever-changing Roman numerals and Paris studs behind Liu Yifei embodies the brand declaration of Tissot “this moment, creating the next moment”, and The perfect interpretation of the whimsical ideas emanating from the architectural aesthetic design elements. ‘Independent, confident, humble, and beautiful’ Yifei reflects the modern feminine spirit encouraged by Tissot, and perfectly interprets the Durul series of wrist watches with its own charm and elegant posture. Be the best of every moment, use this amazing moment, create the next wonderful moment, and make every moment proud!

Liu Yifei, Tissot watch’s global image ambassador, interprets the Duluer watch in a new video ad

 Time is connected by each moment. Every moment cannot be copied, every moment is precious, and the accumulation of life in each moment creates the transformation and sublimation of the next moment. The theme for this moment is to create the next moment of Tissot’s new video advertising blockbuster, officially launched under the interpretation of the brand’s global image ambassador Liu Yifei!

Liu Yifei, Tissot watch’s global image ambassador, interprets the Duluer watch in a new video ad

 In the new video advertisement of Tissot Watch, Liu Yifei travels through the space of light and shadow, and interprets the charm of time with her confidence and firmness. With her self-confidence, she has created an unparalleled charm, showing the unique temperament of modern women.

Liu Yifei, Tissot watch’s global image ambassador, interprets the Duluer watch in a new video ad
 Liu Yifei looks like a beautiful and graceful figure in a dreamy light and shadow, framed into a frame of stunning and dazzling fashion. Her beauty contrasts with the Durul series of wrist watches, depicting Tissot’s unremitting pursuit of the ultimate watch for 100 years with modern aesthetics.

 The Tissot Duluer watch is named after Duluer Street in the town of Liloch, the birthplace of the brand. It is full of 165 years of history and ingenuity. The deep and mysterious blue tone casts a unique veil around the watch. The classic but not fashionable Paris stud pattern surrounds the dial, like a rolling snow mountain in Switzerland; the delicate and beautiful sapphire glass is inspired by the blue lake in the foothills of the Alps, and the Swiss scenery is also contained in the elegance. Magnificent. In addition, the watch is also equipped with a mechanical power 80 movement, creating unlimited value for a limited time.