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Blancpain’s ‘heart Of The Ocean Global Tour Photography Exhibition’ Officially Debuted In Taipei 101 Mall From January 7th To 20th

Blancpain’s ‘Worldwide Marine Photography Tour Exhibition’ officially landed in Taiwan from January 7th to 20th, 2016, and began a two-week exhibition at Taipei 101 MALL 4F Metroplaza. On the opening day of January 7, 2016, Blancpain’s Vice President of Global Marketing Alain Delamuraz, 2015 Blancpain Watch Fifty Fathoms Underwater Photographer Alan Lo, and well-known director and Blancpain’s “The Global Marine Photography Tour of the Mind” Event ambassador Ma Zhixiang attended the event together and contributed to the promotion of marine conservation issues.

(From left to right) Dimitri Aubert, Sales Manager, Blancpain, Alan Lo, Underwater Photographer of the Blancpain Collection of 2015, Alain Delamuraz, Vice President of Blancpain Global Marketing, Li Mingxuan, Deputy General Manager of Blancpain Taiwan and well-known director Mr. Ma Zhixiang, the ambassador of Blancpain’s ‘Hearts of the Ocean Global Photography Tour’, took a group photo in the exhibition area.
   Mark Powell, President and CEO, Blancpain. Since October 9, 2014, Marc A. Hayek officially unveiled the ‘Hearts of the Ocean Plan’ and publicly stated that since the brand launched marine conservation activities, it has received responses from all walks of life and the importance and participation of public groups in marine conservation. Thanks to the appeal of Blancpain and leaders from various countries and regions, and the efforts of various types of media, it has saved 3 million square kilometers of ocean area in just four years. The ‘Hearts and Oceans Global Tour Photography Exhibition’ held at Taipei 101 MALL 4F Metropolis Plaza combines Blancpain’s passion and attention to diving, adventure photography, diving watch development and marine resource protection. The exhibition area is divided into a deep-sea art area and an exploration area, the legendary ‘Fifty Thousands Dive Watch’ historical area, and Blancpain’s marine conservation contribution area.

Blancpain watch with optimism, vision and innovation
   The “Mind the Ocean Global Tour Photography Exhibition” will run for two weeks from January 7th to 20th, 2016 at Taipei 101 MALL, a landmark, international business, finance and shopping mall in Taipei. The shape of the building conveys the concept of ‘growth and bloom’ like bamboo, which coincides with the brand’s concept of enduring with nature. In addition, in order to show the importance of this exhibition, Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s vice president of global marketing, the 2015 Blancpain 50 Fifty Photographic Collection, underwater photographer Alan Lo, and well-known director and Blancpain were invited to express the importance of this exhibition. Ma Zhixiang, the ambassador for the ‘Global Marine Photography Tour’, and Zhou Deyu, the chairman of Taipei 101, kicked off the exhibition, hoping to draw attention from all walks of life to marine conservation issues through influence in different fields.

Squid baby is about to hatch (Photo by Alan Lo, Underwater Photographer of the 2015 Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Photography Collection)

Pygmy Seahorse-Pygmy Seahorse-2015 Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Photography Collection by Underwater Photographer Alan Lo
   Blancpain’s Vice President of Global Marketing Alain Delamuraz personally introduced the “Hearts of the Ocean Plan” and Blancpain’s contribution to marine conservation and achievements to the guests; and 2015 Blancpain watch 50 噚 photography collection underwater photographer Alan Lo Through the precious moments captured by the macro lens, everyone will enjoy the beauty of the underwater world together. Event ambassador Ma Zhixiang also said that the ocean is like our mother. Everyone should make a contribution to ocean conservation.

Blancpain Fifty-Five Series Bathyscaphe Black Ceramic Flyback Chronograph

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Full Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph

   Each area of ​​Blancpain’s ‘Hearts of the Ocean Global Travel Photography Exhibition’ has in-depth and detailed introductions to different themes. The Deep Sea Art District showcases amazing and wonderful underwater photography in the Fifty Fathoms Special Edition in collaboration with world-class editor Dietmar W. Fuch and renowned photographers; the Deep Sea Exploration Zone is an introduction Over the years, Blancpain has collaborated with teams from different countries and regions to conserve and explore marine public welfare projects: together with the State Oceanic Administration of China, it has promoted the ‘Rainbow Fish’ project and funded Lauren, a scientist and an outstanding underwater photographer. Laurent Ballesta conducts coelacanth expedition research, sponsors National Geographic team to promote ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition’, signs cooperation agreement with Prince Albert II Monaco Foundation, and sponsors The Economist World Ocean Summit , Dedicated to awakening the public’s attention to marine conservation issues; in addition to the introduction of the legendary “Fifties” diving watch in the historical area, it also displays classic models over the years; the area of ​​marine conservation contribution once again emphasizes that the brand will Conserving the earth and sustaining the sustainable growth of rare creatures are the goals and missions, and introduce the achievements over the years, as well as the limited 50-series Ocean Commitment Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms X fathoms Automatic Diver’s Watch

Blancpain Fifty Fathom Automatic Diver Watch

Blancpain Automatic Submersible Watch
   In addition to in-depth introduction of Blancpain’s inseparable relationship with the ocean, this photo exhibition also showed the most complete classic models. In addition, Blancpain introduced a number of retro models from the 1950s from Switzerland to meet all For lovers and collectors.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph Ref.5980/1a-014

2010 New Nautilus Chronograph Ref. 5980 / 1A-014
    In addition to retaining the two features of embossed horizontal stripes and light and dark gradients, the details also use novel visual processing: the dial’s background color becomes black, and the date display window is white on a black background; in the silver gray single timer, the hour count Both the 0 to 30 minute chronograph scale uses black numbers, while the 30 to 60 minute chronograph scale is red. Nine rod-shaped three-dimensional hour markers and two rod-shaped hour and minute hands are made of 18K white gold and filled with fluorescent materials. Stainless steel chronograph hands / second hand with sandblasted rhodium plating. The sand-blasted brass single chronograph hands are in different colors: white is the hour chronograph hand, red is the minute chronograph hand, and the Patek Philippe imprint is printed on the movement.
    In 2010, Patek Philippe introduced two Nautilus chronographs made of rose gold and stainless steel in one fell swoop based on the chronograph concept of the year, in order to interpret the series’s unique and unique design style. Among them, Ref. 5980R-001 for the first time uses an 18K 5N rose gold precious metal case with a higher copper content, which is more suitable for men, and is equipped with a large scale crocodile leather strap. The embossed horizontal stripes pattern on its brown dial highlights Nautilus’s iconic style and a sense of inside and outside design through a light-dark gradient from the inside out. Nine rose gold three-dimensional hour markers and rose gold rod-shaped fluorescent hands filled with fluorescent materials echo each other and complement each other; the vibration-free chronograph / second hand with counterweight is also made of 18K rose gold. In order to improve legibility, the shorter hour hand in the single timer of Ref. 5980R-001 is purposely designed to be white, and the more slender minute hand is red. The new stainless steel Nautilus chronograph Ref. 5980 / 1A-014, in addition to retaining the two features of embossed horizontal stripes and light and dark gradients, also adopts more novel visual processing in details: its dial background becomes black, and the date display window It is white on a black background; in a single timer in silver gray, the hour chronograph scale and the 0 ~ 30 minute chronograph scale use black numbers, and the 30 ~ 60 minute chronograph scale is red. Nine rod-shaped three-dimensional hour markers and two rod-shaped hour and minute hands are made of 18K white gold and filled with fluorescent materials. Stainless steel chronograph hand / second hand with sandblasted rhodium plating. The sand-blasted brass single chronograph hands are in different colors: white for the hour chronograph hands and red for the minute chronograph hands. The elaborate improvements make the two watches seem familiar, but they are refreshing.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos Launches Historiador Cronotiempo New Watch

If it comes to which brand has a long history and tradition, then Cuervo y Sobrinos must be mentioned. Even in its most innovative work, the trademark has never lost its origin and complex personality, the exotic blend of Cuba’s past and the latest Swiss watchmaking technology.

With Historiador Cronotiempo’s new collection, Cuervo y Sobrinos has once again given life to one of its iconic collections of the 1950s. This Swiss brand with a Latin soul has further refined this classic in the latest stainless steel timed version. The 41mm diameter case, the sapphire glass mirror and the flat design of the dial evoke a rich and complex tradition.

The stainless steel case with a special crown is engraved with the date of establishment of the brand in 1882. The watch is equipped with an automatic chronograph movement, marking the latest development in the Historiador watch series. There are two versions of the dial, the semi-matte black or ivory white dial, and the red tachometer scale gives a sporty feel. The enlarged date at 12 o’clock creates a 3D effect, with the CyS logo visible on the small seconds dial at 3 o’clock.
The central seconds hand has a unique and innovative design: the red arrow makes it more visible. Each edition is limited to 65 pieces. US retail price: $ 4950.

Athens Gilt Enamel Painting Table

The HMS Nishizawa ‘HMS Caesar’, named after Emperor Nishizawa, was built on November 16, 1793. It belongs to the magnificent class of the British Royal Navy and has 80 cannons. Designed by Sir Edward Hunt and built at the Plymouth Shipyard. She is a fierce battleship. She is best known for participating in the Battle of Algeciras Bay near the British and French and French fleets near Gibraltar in 1801. It is one of the six British warships. In 1805, during the Battle of the Ortkar Strait, Sir Richard Strachan of the HMS Nishizawa defeated and captured a French convoy. In 1809, Captain Charles Richardson of the HMS Nishizawa fought against the French Squadron, blocking the ports on the Atlantic coast. HMS Nishizawa has won on many voyages. She converted to a supply ship in 1841, and after 28 years of proud sailing, she was eventually demolished in 1921.

 In recognition of the past achievements of the HMS Nishizawa, Athens Watch specially made the HMS Nishizawa watch to pay tribute to this distinguished Royal Navy member. Its red royal flag draws attention to the complex enamel painted dial. The unique design of the HMS Nishizawa watch is a treasure collected by collectors. It combines both the long-lost enamel painting process and an outstanding mechanical watch. Against the backdrop of a deep blue sky and turquoise ocean, the HMS Nishizawa raised a majestic and magnificent sail. The HMS Nishizawa watch not only represents complex enamel technology, but also reflects the spirit and history of this outstanding warship. During the production process, enamel needs to mix the oxides and weights of different metals to extract different colors and hues, such as opaque, transparent, translucent, etc. However, the process of mixing components is generally a trade secret. Over the years, enamel technology has been widely used in watch making, and is therefore popular with collectors.

Classico Enamel Painted Watch HMS Nishizawa
Case: 8K white gold case
Diameter: 40 mm
Dial: Enamel-painted HMS Nishizawa dial
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
Movement: UN-815 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Observatory (C.O.S.C.)
Kinetic energy: 42 hours of storage
Water resistance: 50 meters
Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass and case back
Strap: Alligator leather strap
Limited: 30 pieces each

 Each color block is clearly separated by a gold line to prevent the enamel melt from flowing to other color blocks. Generally, more than 500 mm long gold wires are required to make contour metal thin wires. The entire process takes 50 hours and 26 steps to complete a dial. The enamel painting technology applied to the HMS Nishizawa can truly represent the skills and creativity of enamel painters. It is also one of the most sophisticated and complex art trainings. Only a few artists can master the skills. HMS Nishizawa is as original and exquisite as other watches in the Athens Enamel Painted Series. The case can be selected from 18K white gold or rose gold. Each edition is limited to 30 pieces. The diameter of the watch is 40mm. Equipped with UN-815 self-winding movement, COSC certified by Swiss official observatory, power reserve of 42 hours. Of course, the marine watch must be waterproof to highlight its value. This amazing watch is waterproof to 50 meters. The HMS Athens Nishizawa watch combines the exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled mechanical knowledge of the craftsman. It is the ultimate symbol of watchmaking technology. This watch is undoubtedly destined to remain in history.

Seiko Grand Seiko Historical Collector’s Edition Introduction

In celebration of the ‘100th Anniversary of the Seiko Watchmaking Process’, a classic watch from the Grand Seiko series is returning with glory. In 1967, the 44GS series watch was first introduced, showing the charm of the Grand Seiko series with a new look. This new design was created by a young designer to reflect and interpret the essence of the SEIKO brand. When the first Grand Seiko watch came out in 1960, it was pursuing purely functional goals such as precision, practicality and wearing comfort. Its charm lies in outstanding movement manufacture. In the early 1960s, a young college student who joined the company discovered that focusing solely on building movements was not enough. He researched the models on display at the Wako Department Store in Tokyo, realizing that SEIKO needed to create a watch with a design that exudes more glamorous luster and excellence, so he decided to make a wrist for SEIKO. The table sets an appearance style. He eventually created the ‘Seiko Classic Style’, and the 44GS was the first watch designed accordingly, and the Grand Seiko watch, which was stable, unique, simple and brilliant, was born.

The angular hands and hour markers are the hallmarks of the Grand Seiko collection.
Unique SEIKO aesthetic art
 ‘SEIKO Classic Style’ is not only a typical Japanese style, but also SEIKO’s unique style. Its quiet nature reflects the implicit and restrained aesthetics most admired by Japanese culture. And this kind of high-level sense of serenity comes from the unremitting insistence on every basic watchmaking detail: precision, durability and legibility. These concepts combine to form the aesthetic core of Grand Seiko watches. This series of watches is radiant, but there is no lack of subtle elegance. The benchmark of ‘Seiko classic style’ comes from the aesthetic awareness of ‘light’. Japanese tradition cherishes the subtle gradation of infinite chromaticity between light and darkness. This is why, for example, Japanese-style folding screens and sliding doors (paper screens) seem to consist of simple lines and planes. In fact, with different locations and times, light and shadow tones are intertwined with each other. The glamorous luster of each Grand Seiko watch also comes from this unique Japanese aesthetic perspective, so although it looks simple, it uses a very unique ‘grinding method’ without any skew to make the watch refract Every gleam of light shines.

The meticulous polishing technology and craftsmanship give Grand Seiko’s case a clear outline and a smooth and perfect surface.
44GS Limited Edition Collector’s Edition
 The new 44GS Limited Collector’s Edition replica watch is as accurate and reliable as its prototype. It is equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement and the same size ‘Lion’ badge is engraved on the case back. Made of stainless steel, the dial, hands and scale are exactly the same as the prototype.
 There are four watches in this series, all equipped with the 9S64 mechanical movement first introduced in 2011. The movement’s oscillating wheel rotates at 8 revolutions per second (28,800 revolutions per hour), has an accuracy of -3 to +5 seconds per day, has an energy storage of up to 72 hours, and is set with 24 gems. Three of these watches are made of 18K gold (white, yellow and rose gold), and the other is stainless steel. The case diameter is 37.9 mm, and the inner layer of the sapphire crystal is coated with SEIKO’s unique ultra-clear coating.
 Relying on the high precision of SEIKO’s latest machinery and polishing technology, owning and appreciating the new 44GS series watch is a personal experience of the quiet and perfect traditional craftsmanship recreated in the new era. The Grand Seiko classic was reborn.

 SBGW043 SBGW044 SBGW046
The new Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition is available in 18K gold in 3 different colors.
Specification: SBGW043, 044, 046, 047G
● 9S64 movement
 Winding system: manual winding
 Rotation speed of swing wheel: 28,800 rpm (8 rpm)
 Power reserve: more than 72 hours of energy storage (under full chain state)
 Number of gems: 24 stones
 Static day difference: -3 to +5 seconds
● case
 Diameter: 37.9 mm, thickness: 11.5 mm
 18K White Gold (SBGW043), 18K Yellow Gold (SBGW044), 18K Rose Gold (SBGW046), Stainless Steel (SBGW047G)
 Water resistance: 3 bar, anti-magnetic function: 4800 A / m
● strap
 Alligator leather strap, 18K white gold buckle (SBGW043), 18K yellow gold buckle (SBGW044)
 18K Rose Gold Buckle (SBGW046), Stainless Steel Buckle (SBGW047G)
● Table mirror
 Sapphire crystal (inner ultra-clear coating)

* Static day difference: before the movement is placed in the case, the day in six positions is measured in a manually fixed environment for up to 12 days in a strictly fixed process.
 Poor average. During daily use, due to changes in wearing conditions, the time difference will be different.

 Limited edition of 700 pieces worldwide, suggested retail price in China: RMB 44,000, stainless steel (SBGW047G)
 Limited edition of 70 pieces each, suggested retail price:
 20,000 Euros (approximately RMB 162,000), 18K Platinum (SBGW043)
 19,000 Euros (approximately RMB 154,000), 18K Gold (SBGW044)
 19,000 Euros (approximately RMB 154,000) in 18K rose gold (SBGW046)
 Listed in June 2013