Month: December 2015

End Of The Universe Tasting The Omega Speedmaster ‘dark Side Of The Moon’ Watch

Mankind has a long history of exploring the universe. Since ancient times, mankind has always yearned for the round moon in the night sky. The adventures of Apollo 8 astronauts and their brilliant achievements have inspired the creative inspiration of the Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” watch, while the ever-changing and repetitive mysterious night view of the earth has inspired Speedmaster “The Moon Birth of the ‘Dark Side’ watch series. Does the universe have an end? If so, how will it appear on the watch? (Model: 311.

 Omega Speedmaster series ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ has a total of 18 watches for you to choose from, and this black gold model is one of the watches with mystery and publicity. The 44.25 mm model features an overall frosted black ceramic case with a bezel made of Sedna® 18K gold, echoing the hands and graduations also made of Sedna® 18K gold. The logo on the matte gray dial is laser ablated.

 Symmetrical pair of secondary plate design with gold-colored indexes and hands, the outer edge of the bezel also uses gold plating. Echoes with the whole, more harmonious. This watch is equipped with chronograph and date display functions, which also provides the wearer with real practical functions, with both value and strength.

 Hour display at 3 o’clock, which can be adjusted through the crown. Set the time zone and adjust the date: Pull the crown out to position 2 and turn it forward or backward. The hour hand will move forward or backward in units of 1 hour. The date will change automatically after 12 o’clock at night . Then push the crown back to position 1.

60-minute timer dial real shot

Smooth lines between lugs and bezels

 Ceramic materials are increasingly used in watchmaking, which is related to the reason that the material itself is stronger, skin-friendly, and more suitable for making watches. However, the production process of ceramics is more complicated, and it requires considerable patience and investment in research and development. The ceramic material used in this ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ better meets the texture and theme of the ‘Moon’, and the case polished by a special process also exudes a unique texture.

Crown and timing button details

 Strap and buckle details

 The black gold model comes with a black leather strap with a black matte ceramic folding clasp. Of course, you can also choose different straps to give yourself more possibilities of wearing.

Movement real shot

Real details of the movement (number has been processed)

 This watch is equipped with an Omega 9300 coaxial movement and has a power reserve of at least 60 hours. Self-winding coaxial chronograph movement, equipped with a longitudinal wheel timing device, equipped with a cardless balance spring with silicon hairspring and two barrels arranged in succession, with a two-way automatic winding system. The movement’s rhodium-plated surface is decorated with a unique Arabic-inspired Geneva wave.

Summary: Where will the end of the universe be? Does the universe really have an end? I don’t know these, but this ‘dark side of the moon’ uniquely painted by Omega once again reproduces the charm of the universe and people’s yearning for the universe on the watch. This unique ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is priced at 110,900 yuan in China. Interested friends may wish to visit the store or directly call the official Omega phone for more details.