Month: January 2016

Gp Girard Perregaux Presents 2014 Mother’s Day Watches

Masterpieces of ten years, beautiful and graceful

Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye 10th Anniversary Edition
  The new Cat’s Eye model is a masterpiece that witnesses the 10th anniversary of the series. The dial design is particularly unique and dazzling. The 10th anniversary series is equipped with two designs, inlaid with precious stones. I believe those who love watches will be moved.
  The Cat’s Eye 10th Anniversary Edition dial design is full of dynamics. The gems are scattered like a beam at the 9 o’clock center point. The asymmetrical layout subtly echoes the lines of the oval case. The length and length of the lines are overflowing, and the pear-shaped tip is facing Released outside, set with one or two gems. The hand-polished effect of the gems is especially homey, showing that the craftsmanship has reached the top level.
Peony in full bloom

  GP Girard Perregaux specially planted several peony flowers symbolizing the wealth of Cat’s Eye Bloom stainless steel watches.
   The peony flower is native to China and has been planted thousands of years ago. It is said that peony is the first domestic flower transplanted from the wild by human beings and is closely connected with the history of human civilization. The peony flowers are rich in Thai shape, the petals are abundant, the colors are changeable, and they are of great decorative value. The ancient Greeks believed that peony had healing properties, and medieval European Benedictine monks also planted peony in the monastery garden.
   Today, the beauty of the peony, the king of flowers, is on the Cat’s Eye Bloom watch: the hand-polished beige or off-white mother-of-pearl dial is covered with a fish net background, and then covered with peony lace, gorgeous and delicate; GP Girard Perregaux In particular, a famous crochet technique is used. The outline of the peony line is composed of seven layers of yarn to create a three-dimensional texture. The last two layers of yarn are coated with gold or silver powder to create a shiny effect, which is comparable to three-dimensional painting. See Girard Perregaux’s unique innovative spirit ;.
   The bezel of the bright stainless steel case is set with 64 sparkling round diamonds, and is set with a dense anti-glare crystal glass. From the transparent case back, you can see the structure and steel pendant of GP03300 self-winding movement developed by GP Girard-Perregaux. GP logo texture carving, plywood and bottom plate are polished at a glance; the movement can display hours and minutes, and the power reserve is about 46 hours.
   Grey or almond crocodile leather strap with steel folding buckle for a refined elegance.
Model of craftsmanship

   Girard Perregaux’s classic masterpiece Sanjinqiao Tourbillon is put on a new outfit, with crystal diamonds emphasizing round and pure lines, showing elegance and elegance.
   The Tourbillon Three Gold Bridges, Lady comes in a 38mm rose gold case, which is lightly wrapped around the jade wrist. The case is embedded with a micro-arch crystal glass, and the bezel and dial edge are set together. Over 1.80 carats of diamonds set off the stunning style of the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon; the proportion of the Sanjinqiao plywood lines is just right, and the hand chamfering and mirror polishing are very delicate.

   The mother-of-pearl dial is exquisite in craftsmanship. The natural white and micro-gold mother-of-pearl colors are subtly pleasing to the eye and match the three-gold bridge movement; the alligator strap buckle is set with 18 diamonds and the details are meticulous.
   Captive watch tourbillon consists of 80 parts inlaid in 10 mm diameter space; GP09600 miniature platinum rotor with automatic winding mechanism is installed on the same axis of the barrel; ten different types Process modification, exquisite floral pattern decoration, add elegance and beauty, show the traditional value of exquisite craftsmanship; exquisite craftsmanship of the case back, showing the extraordinary value of the watch.

Yu Shiguang · Easy Calm Night Of The King And The 30th Anniversary Of The Brand Opening Ceremony

In the 1990s, a news webcast ad ‘Tianwang, tell the time accurately for you’ made Tianwang watches a household name. With continuous growth and challenge of self, the brand has gradually been recognized and affirmed by industry experts and elites from all walks of life. 2018 is also the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Tianwang Watch. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the brand opened the “Time-Living · Easy Calm Night of the King of the Gentlemen and the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of the Brand” at the JW Marriott Hotel in Qianhai Overseas Chinese Town on August 9th. While celebrating the brand’s life, it was also at the brand’s 30th At the anniversary ceremony, the Conqueror and two new watch series were released, dedicating the outstanding quality and brilliant achievements created by the brand in the past 30 years. Let’s take a look at it together:

‘Time Promenade’ Event Entrance

   JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Qianhai Overseas Chinese Town is located in the heart of Baoan District, Shenzhen, with beautiful views of Qianhai Bay and the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Baoan District Government, Baoan Library, and Baoan Stadium. The exterior design has a strong modern and marine culture. The facade uses meandering curved lines to highlight the softness of the strait area. The interior is decorated with many oriental elements, demonstrating the charm of a traditional culture, compatible with the fashionable modern style of the facade, and unique. This time, the grand ceremony was held here, strolling through the time corridor made up of the brand’s historical classic models, allowing guests to better understand the pragmatism advocated by Tianwang watches while ‘traversing’ from modern times to modern times. The spirit of innovation also impressed the visitors.

Night of Gentlemen and Gentlemen’s 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner Party

Speech by Mr. Dong Guanming, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Shijibao Group
   Mr. Dong Guanming, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the Chronometer Group, and founder of the Tianwang Watch brand, attended the event and delivered a cable message: ‘In 1988, I invested and established a factory in Hong Kong from the mainland to establish the Tianwang Watch brand. Thirty years have passed. I am very fortunate to have a team of loyal and loyal employees. They are working with me in the same storm, working hard, striving forward, and developing the brand, and I thank them deeply. At the same time, it is also a great honour to receive the strong support of all relevant manufacturers and partners. It is the mutual trust and mutual benefit that we have with you for many years, and we have the retail network of Wangbiao all over the country today, as well as Tmall, Jingdong and Vipshop. Online stores on mainstream e-commerce platforms. Today, we have an advantage in the dual-line market, with total annual sales exceeding RMB 2 billion. So I would like to say that it is the joint efforts of everyone that has created the market foundation of Tianwang Watch today, and it is also very Glad to have been sharing with you all the time … ‘
New Conqueror watches

   The new Conqueror watch series is designed to praise the wisdom and courage of the conquerors. The appearance outline is presented with rough atmosphere and firmness. In addition, the brand is embellished with subtle ingenuity and meticulous ingenuity in the details of the watch, showing the style of the conqueror with rough, meticulous and intelligent, perfect interpretation of the spirit and connotation of the new series.

A new model of the Conqueror by a model
New 霏 series watches

   The new 霏 series integrates a natural agility into the design of the watch, presenting a different look and enjoyment. Especially at 9 o’clock, there is a hollow window, which is decorated with a graceful rose-gold dragonfly. Through the gap of the dragonfly, you can see the appearance of a part of the movement, giving the new product a mechanical look and feel in design.

Models present the new Conqueror series and 霏 series watches
Display of other classic watches:

Summary: In the past 30 years, the growth of Tianwang Watch is obvious to all. Under the situation that foreign brands have severely squeezed the Chinese market, we are trying to find new ways to get out of our own development model. I believe that with the continuous development of China’s economy, along with the increasing purchasing power of the people and the increasing demand for fashion accessories, it also provides a good environment and opportunities for the development of Tianwang Watch. I wish Tianwang Watch to make further achievements in the future development, ‘Control the time and be more calm’ to create a new world of its own!