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The Perfect Design Of The Radar Table Reflects The Deep Beauty Of High-tech Ceramics

[2015 Basel] The Swiss Basel Watch & Clock Fair is about to debut in late March, and continues to challenge itself in high-tech ceramic materials and design. Rado is upholding the brand’s own innovative R & D spirit , Will launch a series of models that make the watch amazing. Looking at the recent years, various watch brands have followed up the application of high-tech ceramics, but only the radar meters can continue to make breakthroughs in advanced ceramic materials and color changes! Take the HyperChrome series of watches that will be launched this year as an example. In the radar table, the first carbonized technology will be used for plasma-treated high-tech ceramics. It has no metallic components at all and has a sparkling metallic luster effect. And fading, so that the ceramics with scientific and technological flavor have a deeper beauty and eternal attitude to time!

    Radar HyperChrome Speed ​​Star Chronograph Automatic Ref.01.650.0118.3.010

   The Swiss radar Hao Xing series has always been known for its dynamic elegance. The new speed chronograph automatic watch has a taste of plasma high-tech ceramics, whether it is sweating on the stadium or the track or attending a formal dinner. As the name of the watch indicates, the ceramic bezel of this watch is engraved with a speed scale. The speedometer is a must-have feature for all sports fans. It can measure speed based on duration or distance based on speed. The speedometer scale is independent of other measurement systems, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Whether in kilometers or miles, this timepiece is always on standby.

Radar table HyperChrome series plasma high-tech ceramic automatic wrist Ref.01.629.0119.3.010
   For watch fans who like simple design, the radar watch presents the three-pin style of plasma high-tech ceramics. The appearance is shiny with a metal-like luster, but it is actually 100% high-tech ceramics. The one-piece design does not contain any metal components. The plasma carbonization process maintains the characteristics of the ceramic itself. The ceramic material is placed in a 900∘C furnace When the temperature is as high as 20,000 , C, the released gas will obtain this magical color after changing the molecular composition of the material. Thanks to the technology that was first applied to this radar, you can now have a timeless metal watch with a long-lasting charm.

Radar HyperChrome Plasma High-Tech Ceramics Real Diamond Limited Watch Ref.01.580.0523.3.010

   For watch lovers who love comfort and bright diamonds, the Radar Hao Xing series presents a new limited edition real diamond automatic watch, highlighting the timeless luster of plasma high-tech ceramics comparable to sparkling diamonds. The Rado Star Hao Xing series has both fashion and dynamic design and is favored by movie and tennis stars. Few watches can be as delicate as this new model. The rose gold bezel set with 56 luxury diamonds surrounds the dial, making reading time a visual treat. This watch is the perfect companion for walking the city, stunning red carpet or watching games at leisure. The one-piece case with automatic movement adds energy to your watch in every move. The cool metal luster plasma high-tech ceramic perfectly complements the rose gold bezel, side decoration and crown color, and the color does not fade with time, just like time eternal. With the ingenious mix of warm and cold tones, this timepiece will enhance your taste.

   The unique characteristics of high-tech ceramics are sensitive to wear and are not easy to wear, which brings excellent comfort to the wearer. The simple and smooth case and the round side decoration are unique to the brand. All the characteristics blend with each other and perfectly fit all kinds of wrists. Fai. The lines are smooth, delicate and low-key, but still exuding elegance and luster. The radar watch Haoxing series is the best timepiece to accompany you on many occasions around the clock. Regardless of whether you are wearing casual clothes or business suits, whether you prefer haute couture or boutique fashion, the Rado Star series watches are your first choice for timepiece taste.
   As a pioneer in the research and development of high-tech ceramic materials for watch altars, the Swiss watch Radar is the world’s first Swiss watch brand to use high-tech ceramics. Since 1957, it has continued to strive for innovation and breakthrough in details, with a minimalist and extraordinary design. Style attracts watch fans. In recent years, radar watches have not only continued to advance in watchmaking technology, but also the combination with fashion trends. This year’s Basel Watch Show will still give a glimpse of how the radar watch perfectly displays the clever application of innovative materials and the Time is eternal!

Above The Money, Worthy Of The Collection Of Sky-priced Art Zhenpin

Among the enthusiasts who collect watches in society, there are always some people who have a special hobby. They have certain economic strength and have certain professional experience. When obsessed with a watch or brand, not only It is practical value, but also includes collection value, ornamental value and appreciation value. Their enthusiasm for watches and their enthusiasm for design cannot be surpassed. No matter how many zeros are behind the number, it is difficult to stop the heart of possessing artistic excellence. Now let the editor take your eyes off.
  Patek Philippe’s new triple complication watch Ref. 5208P

Patek Philippe, super complicated function timing, set three questions, single button timing, window-type instant perpetual calendar and moon phase display in one, automatic machinery, 42 mm, 950 platinum, reference price: 6,000,000 yuan.

  Patek Philippe’s new triple complication watch Ref.5208P is another extraordinary achievement of the Geneva watchmaking company. The watch has three super complex functions of minute repeater, single button chronograph and perpetual calendar. And perfection. The new Ref. 5208P is one of the few watches in existence that uses an automatic movement in the area of ​​advanced complications.

  The three-segment single button at 2 o’clock can execute the three commands of start, stop, and reset in succession. Seconds and fractions of a second are measured with the central chronograph seconds hand, while the cumulative timers at 3 and 9 o’clock can measure time within 60 minutes and 12 hours, respectively. The basic structure of the perpetual calendar device is similar to the Ref. 5207 of 2008, but it must be significantly redesigned to integrate the timing function. Each minute repeater watch of Patek Philippe has to be personally judged by the company’s current president, Terry Stein or honorary chairman, Frisden. They listen carefully to the tone repeatedly before deciding whether the watch can be shipped from the factory or returned for sound optimization.

  All of these components are housed in a PT950 platinum case, which is unusual in itself. It does not use the traditional case design of the lug-connected ring. In contrast, the case consists of three parts (the bottom cover, the ring and the bezel), these three parts are firmly fixed between the two clamps with screws. Only this unique structure can make the perforation of the lugs as decisive and beautiful as the design of the case itself. This structure makes this masterpiece of watch craftsmanship, mechanical aesthetics, delicate processing, high-quality materials and innovative design more glamorous.

  PatrimonyTraditionnelle Heritage Series Carved Tourbillon with 14 Days Power Reserve

Vacheron Constantin 89010 / 000P-9935 is certified by the Seal of Geneva, a heritage series of exquisite hollow-out, manual machinery, 42.00 mm, 950 platinum, reference price: no.
  In the world of watches, the tourbillon is already a high-end technology. Combining hollowing out and the tourbillon is an extremely difficult challenge. Vacheron Constantin’s design is brave to challenge superb watchmaking memory and show the perfect watch art. Engraving craftsmen often engraved the engraving movement along the straight or curved lines of the bridge and the main board. This is a very delicate work. It is necessary to ensure that even if certain materials are removed, the parts still work perfectly and at the same time create a transparent effect. This will expose very small imperfections, so it cannot tolerate the slightest flaw. .

  The dual three-dimensional effect of this watch is inspired by the movement of the 2260SQ movement and Gothic inspiration. The exquisite deconstruction lines of each component enhance the depth effect, and the exquisite and clear effect is breathtaking. The upper part of the movement is equipped with four barrels, two sets of double barrels, which are more ‘dense’ than the lower part. Vacheron Constantin’s 2260SQ movement is a layered structure that eliminates spatial differences and creates a depth effect. The engraving pattern specially designed to enhance the three-dimensional effect reinforces this effect again.

  Carving itself is a purely aesthetic process, but compared to the solid movement, each process of the carving movement is more complicated. Vacheron Constantin has been outstanding in the art of carving, and the 2260SQ movement completely inherits this. A long-established handmade tradition. The unique layered structure creates more space for surface decoration, so the space for manual craftsmanship is greater. Compared with the solid movement, the chamfering and hand decoration time of each 2260SQ movement is increased by 10 hours, and the carving time is increased by 40 hours.
  Lange GrandLange1Lumen

Lange GrandLange1Lumen: The transparent design reveals the mysterious movement and the representative large calendar mechanical structure, limited edition of 200 pieces, reference price: about 517,000 yuan.

  The reason why it is a limited edition is not defined in a vacuum. The first is the platinum material of the case, which shows a low-key luxury. The dial is partially made of translucent crystal glass. You can watch the details of the movement originally hidden in the case, such as the large calendar. The scales of the windows and splints, the carbon black time dial is at 9 o’clock, and the small seconds dial is adjacent to it. The design inspiration of the Lange large calendar display is inspired by the master of Ferdinando Adolf Lange in 1841. A five-minute digital clock manufactured by Gut Case for the Semper Opera in Dresden. The power reserve is displayed at 3 o’clock, and all hands, calendar windows and roman numerals have a luminous surface, which can read the time clearly even in the dark night.

  The Lange Caliber L095.2 movement is visible through the transparent sapphire caseback. The manually wound movement is made by Lange. It is composed of 400 parts. It has 42 gem bearings. It has a 72-hour power reserve and a gooseneck trim. The system has a vibration frequency of 21600 times / hour. There are many difficulties in its manufacturing process. The luminous big calendar is one of them. The distance between the two display surfaces of the digital disk is only 0.15mm. The thickness of the luminous coating may affect the rotation. The impact, while avoiding the need to shine enough light, this reflects the perfect craftsmanship of the watchmaker.

Girard Perregaux Constant Power Escapement

Girard Perregaux constant power escapement watch: Contains Girard Perregaux’s latest breakthrough in technology: constant power escapement technology, reference price: 880,000 yuan.

  This watch marks a great change in the chronograph world. It is a timeless construction and escapement design. Its structure uses cutting-edge materials and cutting-edge technology, especially the 14 micron silicon hairspring, its fineness is only one-seventh of human hair. Not limited by the constant decrease of the power of the traditional mechanical clockwork drum, it outputs stable and constant power to the balance wheel, so that the swing amplitude and accuracy remain highly stable.

  The dial layout emphasizes the structure of the butterfly wing frame of the constant power escapement and the structure of the elastic hairspring. Below the dial is the stage where the constant power escapement appears. The 9 o’clock position on the front of the dial has a linear power reserve display. Seven simple white blocks remind us to pay attention to its unique long power unit; the hour dial moves to 12 o’clock, and there are two clockwork drums on the left and right.

  All escapements revolve around a core ultimate goal, which is accuracy. For a movement, there are too many interlocking factors that affect the performance of accuracy. Girard-Perregaux has developed a combined clockwork system specifically for this watch, including two barrels in parallel, each of which contains two sets of clockwork in series. A total of four springs work together to ensure that 7 days of motivation.

  Jacques de TheBIRDREPEATER (J031033200) watch

18K red gold case, black onyx dial, hand-carved and painted mother-of-pearl dial, hand-carved and painted bird, minute repeater function, limited to 8 pieces. Reference price: 3,800,000 RMB.

 Jacques de Roux minute repeater watch J031033200 presents us a family of five harmonious and beautiful family patterns, the dial pattern design makes the entire watch full of tenderness. A pair of tits stand on the delicate nest, watching the little birds waiting to be fed. The female tit is about to feed the bug in its mouth to its hungry child, while the male tit is waiting for a new life waiting for the shell to emerge. The morning belonging to a family of five is full of happiness and joy. The Jura valley tits have a very delicate workmanship and vivid colors. Their eyes, mouth, and expression are extremely realistic. Even the feathers are colorful, forming a good transition with yellow, white, black, and blue. The nest of the Buddha is made of living branches, and the hue is golden, which symbolizes the beauty of life.

  The background of this picture is the signature Du River Waterfall in the Jura Mountains. The dial details are extremely rich. The background of the bottom layer is made of mother-of-pearl, and the carving and coloring are done by hand. The master watchmaker’s polychrome enamel engraving technique takes several months to complete a work. Very precise places are operated under a high-power microscope. Such superb technology and sophisticated techniques have to be convincing.

  Matching this exquisite appearance is the function of this watch. Jacques de Lo does not have any particularly prominent design in the basic functions of the watch. It is outstanding in that it uses the most sophisticated technology in the fine watchmaking industry. Technology: Minute repeater function. At the 9 o’clock position of the case, there is a time signal control lever. When we pull the lever, we will hear the hour, minute and minute clock sound. At the same time, the egg shell in the bird’s nest will crack, a young bird bursts out of the shell, the young bird waits to be fed, and then the female bird feeds it.

Summary: A watch is not only a timepiece tool, but also an aesthetically crafted masterpiece. It is a superb work of art. Every step is closely connected in the process of making a watch. The role of each part Not to be ignored, this is also a test of the watchmaker’s comprehensive level. In such a fine and compact dial, movement or hands, more detailed design is incorporated, whether it is hollow, enamel or tourbillon, each technological breakthrough is amazing. They continue to pursue the limit, the perfection, and the record. To create history, a good watch will still appreciate over time. This is why those top watches are so expensive, and it is why people continue to yearn for, enthusiastically and even obsessed with high-end watches. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)