Month: July 2016

Lange A.Lange & Söhne Participates In The 2017 Concorso D’ Eleganza Antique Car Show

Lange A. LANGE & SÖHNE will be exhibiting for the sixth time at the ‘concourse d’ élégance’ antique car show from May 26th to 28th. This year, this traditional event is held under the theme of ‘Traveling the World for 80 Days-Historical Footprint Tour’. As in previous years, winners in the ‘Best Cars’ category receive a unique LANGE 1 TIME ZONE ‘COMO EDITION’.

Elegant cars and fine watchmaking pay tribute to the art of travel: LANGE 1 TIME ZONE on wheels, the rare 1952 Pesoso Cupula

On the last weekend of May, the world’s elegant and charming classic cars will gather in Villa d’ Este on Lake Como. The historic cars and motorcycles and the imaginative future concept cars will win the support of the jury and the public in five categories. Lange has been sponsoring this classic three-day event since 2012. This year, the Lange watch factory from Saxony once again produced a highly respected watch, honouring the most attractive car in the competition. At the awards ceremony on May 28, Lange President Wilhelm Schmid will present a specially customized LANGE 1 TIME ZONE ‘Como Edition’ to the winners in the ‘Best Car’ category. This white 18K gold watch features a hand-engraved Concorso crest emblem on the caseback. In urban circles, ‘Como’ stands for Central European Time.

Grand Hotel Este Manor

The theme of this year’s Concorso d’ Eleganza antique car show is closely related to the race and the Lange tradition. The Grand Hotel Villa d’ Este opened in 1873, and in the town of Glashütte, the Lange family mansion and watch factory were also completed at this time. Interestingly, Jules Verne’s adventure novel ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ was also published in the same year.

Lange family building in Glashütte

This book describes a journey around the world in a race against time, a theme that underscores the prevalence of population movements at the time, and new requirements for timing methods have emerged. The Washington International Meridian Conference decided to divide the world into 24 one-hour time zones. As early as 1883, the year before the conference, Lange had assembled two pairs of hands or set a second on the side of the movement. Each dial is made to display pocket watches at different times. They can be said to be the predecessors of LANGE 1 TIME ZONE. In LANGE 1 TIME ZONE, you can quickly and easily set the second time display to any of the 24 time zones using buttons and city circles.

Ricardo Rodriguez Becomes The New Brand Ambassador For Bucherer

Throughout his career, Ricardo Rodríguez has played an important role in the arena with his enthusiasm, skill and precision. These qualities are equally important in the world of watchmaking. . Now, Carl F. Bucherer has further strengthened the cooperative relationship with the Swiss national football player.

 ‘We are very pleased to welcome Ricardo Rodriguez to the Bucherer family as the new brand ambassador. Ricardo Rodriguez is passionate about his country and as a A European football player with an international background, he is at home anywhere in the world. Ricardo Rodriguez has deep roots in Switzerland, possesses extraordinary talent and global appeal, and represents a series of very important for the brand. Important values. ‘
 Ricardo Rodriguez was born in Zurich, has Spanish and Chilean descent, and plays on the field as a left-back. In 2010, he signed the first professional contract with FC Zurich and transferred to Wolfsburg in 2012. Ricardo Rodriguez has been a frequent visitor to the Swiss national football team since 2011. In 2014 he was also named Swiss Player of the Year. Ricardo Rodriguez’s talent quickly caught the attention of top European football clubs, and in 2017 he signed a contract with Serie A giant AC Milan.

 For a long time, Ricardo Rodriguez has always admired Bucherer. Speaking of his new role as brand ambassador, he said: ‘For me, the Bucherer timepiece stands for elegance, flawlessness and precise timing-all made in Switzerland. These attributes connect us And that’s why I’m very excited about the partnership. ‘
 Working with Ricardo Rodriguez, Bucherer has further strengthened his commitment to Swiss football. This independent watch brand based in Lucerne has been a Swiss Football Association partner and the official timekeeper of the Swiss national football team since 2016. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Cartier Launches New Tank Watch In London

In April of this year, Cartier UK branch held a feast to display the new Tank Anglaise watch from Cartier’s iconic Tank series. After the Tank Anglaise tank watch and the Tank Louis Cartier XL ultra-thin tank watch, this is another watch with a unique style of graphics card.
Charlotte Dellal visit new products

   The Cartier waiter, dressed in a dark red uniform, stood at the door of the Orangery Hotel in London to greet all the friends of the famous French jewellery and watchmaker and accompany them through the green, candle-lit West Apse. Inside the Orangery, guests are invited to visit the historic Tank Watch Special Exhibition. Cartier UK’s CEO Arnaud M. Bamberger went to announce Tank Anglaise to welcome applause and cheers from the audience.
Arnaud Bamberger and Bernard Fornas

    Tank Anglaise watch-literally an English tank ‘English Tank’, was unveiled at the ‘2012 Geneva High-level Watch Show (SIHH)’, which is the icing on the cake of the already well-known tank watch series. The Tank series, as the most recognized watch in history, stands out again this year. This watch has a compact design, clear lines, a Roman numeral dial and vertical lugs. The overall design of the strap case fully reflects the unique style of Cartier Tank series watches.
Cartier Tank new watch

   The novelty of this watch is that its crown is hidden in the vertical lugs, and the overall structure is perfectly symmetrical. Looking at the British tank watch from the side, it is like a wheel hidden in the lugs. Tank Anglaise British tank watch includes three sizes of men’s and women’s models, a total of three colors of gold materials to choose from. The large men’s and women’s British tank watches are equipped with Cartier’s self-made 1904 MC movement. The transparent sapphire crystal case can be used to see the exquisite structure of the movement.