Month: August 2016

Aaron Eckhart Wears A Bulgari Octo Watch To Attend The Event

According to Watch House, actor Aaron Eckhart from the United States wore a Bulgari famous Octo wrist while attending the screening event of the movie ‘I, Frankenstein’ table.

 It is understood that ‘I, Frankenstein’ is similar to ‘League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen’. It is also a collection of classic characters who originally lived in different literary works in one story. The difference is that ‘I , Frankenstein’s collection is all monsters. In addition to Frankenstein in the title character Frankenstein, there is also the Hunchback of Notre Dame in The Frankenstein, and the Invisible Man in The Invisible Man. the Invisible Man), ‘Dracula’ in ‘The Vampire’, ‘Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde’ in ‘Doctor Incarnation’, etc.

 The all-new BVLGARI OCTO collection has a new watch. This watch uses a stainless steel bracelet, which is easy to wear and versatile, suitable for any occasion. The unique OCTO series watches are neither round nor square, but they are a perfect blend of the two to create the most recognizable octagonal design. Due to its pure aesthetics and outstanding craftsmanship, the OCTO series watch fully reflects the design concept and core values ​​of BVLGARI.

 OCTO’s unique octagonal shape has ancient roots: For centuries, from the East to the West, the octagonal shape has crossed the boundaries of time and space, expressed a series of powerful and charming symbols, and penetrated the concepts of perfection, balance and harmony. In terms of architecture, the octagonal structure is widely found in major buildings. The most representative buildings include the Castel del Monte in Puglia, Italy, the dome of the Milan Cathedral, the Pantheon, and Caracalla. Baths, and Beijing Tiantan Park. In medieval Europe, alchemists believed that the square and the circle were a perfect imagery, just like the relationship between the earth and the universe.

   This iconic watch is equipped with a remarkable movement that reflects the uniqueness of the watch itself: Calibre BVL193 movement, which powers the hour, minute, second and date display at 3 o’clock. This mechanical movement is automatically wound by a unidirectional balance wheel mounted on a ball bearing to ensure optimal winding, and is equipped with two sets of barrels, providing a 50-hour power reserve. The components of the movement also have superior quality: the bridge is decorated with snails and Geneva ripples, the edges are chamfered and polished, and the main splint is decorated with a circular ring texture. In addition, the elegant black lacquer dial also highlights the overall purity of this watch. The design and manufacture of a new stainless steel bracelet completes the extraordinary charm of the watch. The OCTO collection once again transcended standard practice and established its elite status by creating new contemporary reference norms in the field of men’s watches.