Month: November 2016

Raymond Weil Noemia Series New Watch Interpretation Of The Ultimate Temptation

We sent away the hot summer and we ushered in the fall. The change of the season also affected the trend of the brand’s new products. According to the watch house, we know that the new watch of the Noemia series officially uses itself. A different way to explain the unique temptation and maturity of this woman.

 Since the Noemia series was established in 2009, it has cleverly combined the unique temperament of women with watch design, and each watch has its own unique charm. This also satisfied the special preferences of female friends.

 A tribute to the independent tradition and family characteristics of the Raymond Weil brand-the series name ‘NOEMIA’ is derived from the name of the granddaughter of the founder, Raymond Weil. While retaining traditional values, the brand once again successfully demonstrated the unique image of modern women.

 The design of NOEMIA is based on the brand’s classic Othello series. At the same time, it integrates more modern and simple elements into the watch making, making it able to cope with various occasions. This RaymondWeil ladies’ Noemia collection of fashionable jewellery quartz watches reflects the ever-changing personality of modern women.