Month: February 2017

Li Bingbing’s Shooting Of The Bucherer Advertising Highlights

In March, Bucherer announced that Li Bingbing was his first global brand spokesperson. Li Bingbing played an important role in Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Transformers 4’ and ‘Resident Evil 5’. Whether on the screen or in life, she is extremely enthusiastic, and her courageous attitude has been recognized by the public. Today, Bao Qilai and Li Bingbing’s brand publicity film was officially launched, expanding the Chinese and even the Asian market’s influence on Bu Qilai’s international influence and gorgeous Baroque aesthetics.

   Li Bingbing has become a close friend of the Bucherer brand since October 2015. On March 2, 2016, Bucherer officially announced Li Bingbing as its first global brand spokesperson. In fact, the fate of Li Bingbing and Bao Qilai had already ended in 2003. Li Bingbing was invited by Bao Qilai to participate in brand events in 2003.

   Since Li Bingbing reached a partnership with Bucherer, Li Bingbing’s wrist can be said to be contracted by Bucherer’s various watches. Whether it is a red carpet photo or a daily street shot, you can always see one on her wrist. The Bucherer watch is a competent spokesperson.

  Bao Qilai and Li Bingbing have the same philosophy, that is, do not follow the trend, adhere to their own ideas. The brand concept that does not follow the flow, the persistence of inheritance, the focus on technology, and the insistence on self have made Li Bingbing sincerely respect him and have found that he is very similar to himself. Cooperation stems from the encounter of more than ten years ago, which is a very beautiful and precious fate.