Month: May 2017

Live And Smart Oval Female Watch

Qian Zhongshu said in Tan Yilu’s ‘Speaking the Circle’: ‘It’s not too round if you have a taste of the simple and complete form. In the world of watches, no matter how the movement changes, how the function increases or decreases, watches with round dials are always regarded as orthodox. However, the circle is only ideal, because there is no perfect circle in the universe, as large as the earth we live in, as small as the egg cells that are the origin of life, all seem to be imperfect ovals.
In fact, the decorative appearance of the oval dial is often unexpectedly good. It is this irregular shape that makes her master get rid of the stereotype, a little more lively and smart, just like Qian Lao’s As the famous saying goes, in front of the beloved man, every woman has the skills to return to old age. Take a look at these oval watches we recommend below. Maybe these natural gadgets can make you do more with less.
Enjoying life in the ellipse
七 Seven days a week, five days for work and two days for myself. Watches are also the same. The positive assembly watch in the previous section emphasized simplicity and practicality. The casual watch introduced in this section must highlight its fun and functionality. On rest days, time is actually less important to us, and enjoying life is the number one priority.

Piaget Limelight Collection Magic Hour Watch G0A32096
Do you often get annoyed by the mountain of cloakrooms because of your impulse consumption? In fact, the dress is not necessarily as much as possible. Mrs. Simpson, the wife of the Duke of Windsor, once commented on her husband who loves beauty but does not love mountains and rivers: ‘I have been wondering for a while after we were married. Weathervane, but he has hardly bought a new suit. ‘The key is how to match.
Of course, if an ornament can have multiple appearances, of course, it is more value for money. The rose gold diamond-magic Magic Hour watch rotates and presents three different styles of surfaces. The white radial pattern spreads around like ripples, complementing the broken diamonds in the rose gold outer ring. The concise crown prince pointer and the three styles of the surface are also seamless, without any sense of harmony. The author appreciates the appearance after turning the outer ring side by 45 °. It is dignified and elegant, but also has a little more heroic appearance.

Chopard Happy Sport Oval, oval charm watch 18ct rose gold Ref. 275350-5001
At first glance at this watch, it seems that the rules are quite appropriate. The simple parts are brown shiny crocodile leather strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle. The mature parts are warm body color and the surface of the mother-of-pearl surface. The smart parts only need to look at the Roman numerals only at 3, 6, 9, 12 and the rest. All are cylindrical time scales, and the design of the lugs makes people even feel the toughness necessary for women in the workplace. Simplicity, maturity, ability and toughness make this Happy Sport the perfect choice for daily white-collar women.
But with only the above characteristics, how is it different from a man? Therefore, Chopard’s unique active diamond, the traditional diamond fixed on the surface, is placed on a mezzanine on the dial, and can be moved at will. The finishing touch of the seven active diamonds instantly makes this watch’s practicality and women’s naughty and harmonious The fusion, the limitation of the picture does not reflect its agility. Only when she is actually wearing it on your wrist and watching the diamonds move freely on the hands that move step by step, can she realize the fun of this watch.

Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye Watch GP03300-0044
推出 Since its launch in 2004, the Cat’s Eye series has followed the route of delicate curves and precious mechanical devices. The new watch follows the sensual curve and oval shape of the Cat’s Eye series. The gold case is a delicately decorated white mother-of-pearl dial with subtle bright reflections. The date illuminated by the halo is clearly displayed in the window at 3 o’clock. The small, seconds hand is at 9 o’clock, and the radial light pattern is beautifully painted on the dial.
The digital hour markers are carved with gold threads and fixed on the dial after manual polishing. Girard Perregaux continues its long tradition by equipping this watch with a GP3300 mechanical movement known for its reliability, and through the sapphire crystal case back, you can appreciate the delicate features of the movement. Such a concise little three-pin is perfect for formal wear.
The elaborate life of the ellipse
According to Song Meiling’s secretary, she used special paint thrushes seven days a week, and made cheongsam every month. Like the Queen of England, her weight has remained constant for decades. Exquisiteness, not only on special days, but also in every bit of life.

CENTURY KARISMA watch 318.2.F.A12.76.CHK
This KARISMA watch means “God-giving power” in Swedish, which reminds of the roundness and precision, the matte and transparent, the purity of the northern Scandinavian region and the boundless imagination of oriental style. Set of sharp contrasts to bit quality. CENTURY turned this timeless poem into a veritable technical innovation, from the case to the black or white dial cut from natural mother-of-pearl discs.
Each master’s exquisite craftsmanship ingeniously adds the finishing touch to the charm of KARISMA watches in the PRECIOUS ELEGANCE superb luxury collection. On the dial, the numbers at 3 and 9 o’clock are particularly enlarged, which explains how the KARISMA watch sublimates the charm of time in every moment.

Bao Baojue brilliant century watch BM 34010T
表 The design of this watch is derived from the diamond crown worn by the Emperor Alexandra of Russia. The oval case is reminiscent of the world-famous Faberge Easter Egg. Retro Roman numeral hour markers that extend with the shape of the case, and are rarely set with two black spinels each of 1.89 carats as 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, highlighting the classic and mysterious Russian style.
The crown, the source of this watch design, was presented by Anastasia, the youngest daughter of the queen. The mother and daughter are deeply emotional and talk about everything. The intimate daughter expressed her respect for her mother with a diamond crown. It will be Mother’s Day soon. Would you like to give a gift to your mother in return for her care for you?

Longines Magnificent Collection Symphonette Women’s Watch L2.
This magnificent Symphonette replica small three-pin women’s watch is inspired by the Art Déco style. It features a mother-of-pearl surface, Arabic numerals with black hands running along the inner orbit minute track, and a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock position of the watch. Burgundy leather straps and Mayan-style diamond lugs add a lot to this watch. In recent years, Longines Women’s Watch has successfully shaped its elegant and iconic style in China through an endorsement team headed by Lin Zhiling, which has made many men impressed. The small size is also more suitable for Asian girls.
优雅 The elegant life of the ellipse
Countless romances start at the dinner party, and for women, the dinner party is not only the catwalk, but also the arena. All elegance, dignity, and wisdom are exerted on this occasion. How to keep yourself from being sharp, but different, maybe these elliptical watches can let you find some clues.

宝 玑 Queen of Naples 8918 rose gold watch
怎 How can an article with an ellipse as the protagonist be without Naples of Breguet. The Naples Queen watch is named after Napoleon’s sister Caroline Murat. Carolina-Mura bought 34 Breguet watches during her lifetime, her love for Breguet is evident. The soft goose egg design of Naples, the crown at 4 o’clock, the characteristic lugs, the pear-shaped diamond at 0.09 carat, not to mention the Breguet needle, all of which are full of Breguet characteristics.
The Arabic numerals are redesigned according to the shape of the dial. If you observe carefully, the numbers 4, 5, 7, and 8 are opposite to the other numbers, which is full of fun. One watch is double-sided, the inner ring is silver plated with Breguet’s famous hand engraving and natural fritillary on the outside. In addition, this watch uses the Breguet Calibre 537/1 self-winding movement instead of the quartz movement commonly used in women’s watches, which also demonstrates Breguet’s profound heritage and demanding standards as a watchmaker with a long history. repair.

Cartier Delly Watch D LICES DE CARTIER
As ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor’, Cartier’s dictionary can never find the word mediocrity. If other oval watches are regarded as special shapes in watches, this is even more special shape. This D LICES DE CARTIER oval watch is decorated with a guilloché pattern. Two diamond chains intersect at the dial. The traditional oval watch is generally the apex of the long oval axis at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, but this watch is At 2 and 8 o’clock, the Roman numeral time scales seem to be scattered by centrifugal force.
The Cartier blue balloon crown has long been known to women and children. This watch even put the crown at 2 o’clock and gave it a conch-like shape. Cartier also set diamonds on the top and bottom of the crown. As for diamonds, they are so dazzling that they are silent.

Talk to Me, Harry Winston limited edition watch 811 / LQWL.BD1 / D02-02
手表 The name of this watch is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s lyrics in the movie ‘Gentlemen PreferBlondes’: ‘Talk to me Harry Winston, talk to me’. Diamond is a woman’s best friend, and this is true. But compared with today’s bigger and better diamonds, blind pursuit of 4C, how to use diamonds to embellish the wearer’s elegance is really a science.
In this regard, Harry Winston is undoubtedly an expert as a top diamond brand. A blue-glazed lacquered sun-set dial with 72 diamonds (0.31 carats) and a platinum case set with a total of 290 diamonds (3.3 carats) on the outer ring are connected to the wrist by a quiet night dark blue satin strap. The blue dial, crystal clear bezel, dark blue satin strap, and the wearer’s ice muscle jade bone will undoubtedly make you the focus of everyone at the dinner.