Month: September 2017

Elegant And Charming Bowman Classic R Grande Watch Tasting

Just as some lovers are destined to be together, Bowman thinks that some watches are also a natural pair. The new Classic R Grande series offers two sizes and a wide range of designs. When he or she finds a beloved watch, the soul mate in his life can start looking for the most suitable couple watch. Although there are many options, Baumann believes that he has a good understanding of common points for couple watches. Of course, it is possible to be tempted to love two watches at the same time.

┬áThe Classic R Grande Gent men’s collection consists of 19 watches with a case diameter of 41 mm. Each watch exudes a unique personality and has the usual elegance of the collection. Some models come with a two-tone metal bracelet or in stylish shades such as chocolate brown, navy blue or gold bronze. Other models tend to stay low-key, displaying Swiss-made creeds with long Roman numerals and monochromatic metal cases and connectors.

Summary: Baselworld 2016 presents us with a beautiful and unique visual feast, during which the reporting group in front of the Watch House will bring us exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event: