Month: December 2017

Creative Interpretation Of The Delicate Texture Of Cheetah 2017sihh Cartier Launched A New Cheetah Decoration Watch

What kind of craftsmanship can Cartier’s artisans use to create this watch that is as shiny as enamel and as exquisite as micro-painting? This Ronde Louis Cartier watch boldly uses the new flame gold technology added by the Cartier master craftsmanship family to open up a whole new field of watchmaking.

RONDE LOUIS CARTIER Flame gold craft cheetah decoration watch, oversized model


Cartier 430 MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement
Superb charming art of fire
   The flame gold process is inspired by the blue-steel pointer process that changes the color of the metal surface by heating, and requires precise control during operation. Various colors emerge one by one with temperature changes, blue corresponds to the highest temperature, and beige corresponds to the lowest temperature. The craftsman first carved or ‘painted’ the subtle cheetah fur pattern on the 18K gold dial, then heated the gold dial with flames, and the first color emerged. This process needs to be repeated continuously until a rich and complete color effect is obtained. This process not only requires delicate and precise methods, but also cannot be judged with confidence. Each color continuously changes during the heating process, and if it is not careful, it may be completely abandoned.

Deep and charming color charm
   Therefore, the master of craftsmanship must always remain fully focused and meticulous. However, the final result is amazing: the overall color tone is deep and rich, showing delicate changes from beige to brown, from leopard ears to leopard nose, every detail is lifelike! The color of the cheetah’s fur complements the apple-shaped rhodium-plated steel hands. Cartier paved with trapezoid-cut diamonds on the bezel, radiating superb master craftsmanship.

   After the metal beads, enamel beads and gold and silver fine craftsmanship, the Cartier Master Craftsmanship series adds flame gold craftsmanship. Cartier Master Crafts Workshop draws inspiration from watches by drawing on crafts from other fields.
Cheetah High Jewellery Watch, Timeless Interpretation of Cartier’s Classic Logo
   Cartier’s cheetahs are sometimes naughty, sometimes noble, sometimes sly, sometimes wild, and always have a rich and varied appearance.
PANTHÈRE ROYALE cheetah decorative watch


Quartz Movement
   On this Panthère Royale cheetah decorative watch, a cheetah plate hangs on a dial decorated with brilliant-cut round diamonds, showing nobility. The bumpy cheetah image is like a three-dimensional micro-carved work, reminiscent of Cartier’s sapphire brooch customized for the Duchess of Windsor in 1949, which was one of the earliest Cartier works that used the cheetah image.

   This watch is a true jewellery, with gorgeous and complex shapes and delicate decoration. From the bezel to the ring pattern, the watch is set with brilliant diamonds, presenting a deep and delicate visual beauty. The fur of the leopard body is embellished with black lacquer spots, which is lifelike. Cartier Cheetah faithfully guards precious time.
Cheetah complication watch, witness the magnificence of fine watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship
   As the iconic animal image in Cartier’s jewelry world, Cheetah interpreted a new complication watch with a fun gesture.
PANTHÈRE JOUEUSE cheetah decoration watch

Cartier 9918 MC workshop refined automatic mechanical movement
   Cartier creates new complex functions and interprets wonderful dynamics … Cheetah seems to jump out from the depth of the dial, showing the naive look of chasing balls and playing. The movement merges with the leopard body, presenting a lively and dynamic dial landscape. Leopard heads and claws show minutes, and balls show hours.

   Cartier cleverly uses diamonds, black lacquer and emeralds to combine the new movement with the image of a cheetah with superb jewelry craftsmanship. The superb jewellery craftsmanship made Cartier present a lifelike three-dimensional cheetah image. The cheetah is transformed into a timepiece. With the hidden mechanism, it displays a lively attitude on the dial.
   For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Jacques Dero New Year’s Watch

Choosing a wrist watch is not only a simple consumption, but also a cultural influence and a historical influence. The watch carries the history of passing, and also hopes for the beautiful unknown. Jaquet Droz’s avant-garde and innovative spirit redefines classics and elegance, and chooses time gifts to bring the most beautiful expectations for the hopeful New Year.

Grande Seconde Quantime

The large seconds hand with date display is a classic watch that Jacques de Loire has performed with avant-garde innovation. This year, Jacques de Ronaldo has given its iconic models a modern and refined look with new time-mark design and novel color applications.

The pleasing blue or chocolate dial and the Geneva stripe decoration complement each other. The delicately carved chic stripes flow with the light and shadow, perfectly embodying the mystery of light and shadow in the square inch, transforming into a dazzling state. Another glory blooms.

The evolution of the large seconds hand with the date shows that Jacques Dro has re-interpreted the legendary works of the brand and achieved the brand’s extraordinary courage, which is undoubtedly the best choice for the festival.

 Elegant 8, a curvaceous new jewellery for the women who appreciate and appreciate time. 8 symbolizes infinity and perfection, and is Jacques Dro’s lucky number. This brand’s eternal source of inspiration now appears for the first time on the case and buckle of a gorgeous women’s watch. The design on the side of the watch is a combination of amusement and jewellery, which is enough for all women.

钻 A diamond band on the bezel stretches around, highlighting the exquisite curve of the watch, showing the beauty of simplicity. The extended effect of the crown makes the case more round and full, while the curved sapphire crystal, dial and hands further show the three-dimensional effect of this timepiece. The dial is engraved with a playful scene of birds flying freely in the forest, and the vitality of nature springs up instantly. Every nuance in the lively scene fully explains Jacques Dro’s good wishes and hope for the new year.

The final beauty: the top of the watch is inlaid with brown round pearls, making the watch more elegant and luxurious. This setting is matched with the selected dial, which can be rotated by the wearer at the touch of a touch. The charm is irresistible, making it easy to show the elegant charm of the wrist.

Charity Is The Ultimate Expression Of Luxury

The biannual ‘Only Watch’ charity auction in Monaco has always been a major event in the Swiss watch industry. Many well-known watch brands have launched unique exclusive auction watch models together. At this charity auction, Ocean Watch will launch a professional waterproof watch ‘Oceanographic 4000’ made of high-tech carbon fiber materials. This model is mainly red and white in Monaco flag, and it is equipped with Hublot full carbon fiber watch. The full black background of the shell, professional and stylish high-profile proclaimed ‘charity is the ultimate expression of luxury.’

Hublot Only Watch technical data
Model: 731.QX.1130.GR.OWM11
Movement: HUB1401 automatic winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, 23 stones
Function: junior needle
Case: 48mm King Power matte carbon fiber case and bezel
Water resistance: 400ATM or 4000 meters
Face plate: matte black face plate, red hour markers and hands filled with white long-lasting luminous paint SuperLuminova ™
Strap: Adjustable black rubber strap with red alligator leather
Buckle: Black PVD titanium ardillon vintage folding buckle
Limited: 1

 Hublot “Oceanographic 4000” adopts the masculine, rough and bold King Power series case. The newly developed full carbon fiber black material pattern highlights the sense of technology. The test proves that it can withstand 400 atmospheric pressure at a depth of about 4000 meters. With professional diving strength, it symbolizes the possibility of challenging the limit, and changes the traditional “rotatable bezel” located above the case. It is placed on the outer ring of the faceplate, which is more effective and safe to avoid mistakes during diving The risk of being touched is further enhanced by a faucet lock on the upper right crown; carbon fiber material adds a sophisticated and stylish feel to the rugged case, and the large faucet lock and professional luminous paint on the dial emphasize the Hublot professional Extremely high level of tabulation.

 The “Oceanographic 4000” has been in development for 18 months, and it is the first new series of wristwatches published by Hublot. It not only shows outstanding technical achievements, but also highlights Hublot’s “Only Watch” auction. The company’s spirit of value and enthusiasm for public welfare; the main color system of the red and white faces uses the colors of the Moroccan flag, and is named after the partner of the Musée Océanographique de Monaco, which is not only in line with the founding of Morocco Spirit is also the venue and birthplace of Only Watch.

 Hublot has a deep root in Morocco. It not only continuously sponsors the ‘Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy’ (DMD, the symptom is continuous muscle atrophy). The fundraising ‘Only Watch’ charity auction has also launched several generations of The Yacht Club of Morocco watch and even released the ‘Tuiga’ centenary watch in 2009. Hublot President Sean-Claud Biver once said, ‘Luxury is the ultimate sharing.’ Hublot sponsors the global charity deeds and adds another one to Monaco. !!

Cai Xukun Was Awarded The Title Of ‘china-tooth Friendship Ambassador’, And The Baume & Mercier Watch Witnessed The Glory Moment

On January 09, 2019, Cai Xukun, a new-generation super-popular idol, was awarded the title of ‘China-Tooth Friendly Ambassador’ and ‘China-Tooth Outstanding Young Leader’ at the Jamaican Embassy. On the day of the event, he wore a blue stitching suit, a black shirt inside, and a Baume & Mercier watch 10333. His eyes were on his wrists to witness the glory moment!

Cai Xukun was awarded the title of ‘China-Tooth Friendly Ambassador’ and ‘China-Tooth Outstanding Young Leader’ at the Jamaican Embassy

Cai Xukun was awarded the title of ‘China-Tooth Friendly Ambassador’ and ‘China-Tooth Outstanding Young Leader’ at the Jamaican Embassy

Baume & Mercier Cresmer Series 10333

    The Baume & Mercier Chrysler watch 10333 is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement with a stainless steel case diameter of 42 mm. The silvery milky dial and the blue stainless steel hands complement each other; the checkered pattern and the Roman numeral hour markers delicately embellish the dial. Reveals the beauty of low-key simplicity.

    Cai Xukun coincides with the values ​​of contemporary celebrities. In addition to doing his job in music, he has been actively engaged in public welfare, delivering positive energy to the public, and becoming a model for young people to learn.

Vienna Charming Style, German Extreme Spirit And Saxony Watchmaking Excellence Glashütte Original Opens A New Store In The Center Of Vienna

October 20, 2016, Cole Market, Vienna — Tonight, the first store of Glashütte Original celebrates its official opening in Austria. The German watchmaker also took the opportunity to launch a new model of its Senator Excellence watch, paying tribute to ‘excellent watchmaking’ and ‘superb art.’
   After visiting the store, the brand invited guests to a celebration venue on Michaelerplatz dedicated to the event. The highlight of this cultural night is a live performance by the Gustav Mahler Orchestra under the guidance of Alexei Kornienko, taking the audience on an intoxicating musical journey . As a result, Saxony’s watchmaking art and the charming charm of Vienna are perfect, and they compose a harmonious movement.

Gathering moments to appreciate superb and excellent watchmaking
   Numerous media representatives, brand friends and business partners gathered in Vienna to celebrate the opening of the Glashütte Original-this evening, the finest German watchmaking art is fully exhibited. At the scene, an experienced watchmaker and dial experts from the brand’s own dial factory in Pforzheim showed guests their exquisite craftsmanship.

Slightly buckle, go to a harmonious music journey
   Music and watchmaking-the two arts are inextricably linked. As a partner of the Dresden Music Festival for many years, Glashütte Original naturally chose music to end this evening.
   With Frauenkirche, Zwinger Palace or Semper Opera House and the skyline of Vienna, guests are completely immersed in Alexei Kornyenko and In the music of the Gustav Mahler Orchestra. In Mozart’s Divertimento D-Dur, Johann Strauss II’s Tik-Tak-Polka, Edward Strauss Accompanied by tracks such as Polka Bahn frei by E. Strauss and others, the audience embarked on a fascinating musical journey, during which the value of this Saxony watch factory Harmonious blend with the classical music heritage of Vienna. Finally, the ‘Saxony and Austria Night’ ended in an emotionally rich piece by P. Singer.

 Official new store debuts in the Austrian capital
   With the opening of a new store in Kohlmarkt (Address: Kohlmarkt 4), the watchmaking art of the German state of Saxony is officially settled in Austria. With 70 square meters of sales space, the store is located in one of the most exclusive shopping districts of Vienna, next to many landmarks.
   Modern and modern interiors, with elegant conveniences, sincerely welcome people into the world of Glashütte Original. An interactive ‘Wonder Wall’ uses an oversized magnifying glass to allow people to fully appreciate the internal operation mechanism and superb decoration of complex timepieces. There is a waiting area behind the store, which provides multimedia facilities, and visitors can communicate with each other or explore further in this spacious space. The elegant presentation of the current collection, combined with the unique ceiling decoration, showcases the design of the brand’s new self-calibration Calibre 37-viewers can have a comprehensive brand experience.

 New members of the ‘Excellent’ timepiece: large calendar and moon phase models
   Prior to the opening event of the party, the brand presented two new watches to the live media. The newly launched Senator Excellence Panorama Date and Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase members not only possess the tried and tested high quality of MPs’“ Excellent ”watches, but also in accuracy and running time. In terms of stability, stability and aesthetics, it has reached new heights and set new benchmarks.
   Both watches are made of elegant red gold or stainless steel with a case diameter of 40 mm; Glashütte Original Calibre 36 and the brand’s two unique features co-cast boutiques. The new movement combines grand design, flawless aesthetics, and rugged innovations designed for everyday use, such as over 100 hours of operation with extreme precision and extraordinary stability. A 24 day test is the guarantee of the above excellent quality; every Senator Excellence watch is tested by this test, and the test results will be provided to the owner of each watch in the form of a certificate.