Month: January 2018

Patek Phillppe Breeding Talent Chinese Watchmaker Program

PATEK PHILLPPE Talent Center was officially unveiled in Shanghai. This is the first watchmaker training institution set up by Patek Philippe outside the Geneva Watchmaking Workshop to cultivate local watchmaking that meets Patek Philippe standards for the Chinese market. To provide the best customer service for Chinese customers. Eight students in the first phase have completed two phases of the first academic year. In September 2014, the second phase of the Talent Center opened smoothly as planned.

The second phase of Patek Philippe’s Shanghai Talent Center officially opened, confirming Patek Philippe’s commitment and continuous investment in customer service

Patek Philippe Talent Center Overview
In 2005, Patek Philippe officially entered the Chinese market, and opened two exclusive stores in Shanghai and Beijing, which were upgraded to Patek Philippe Residences in 2012 and 2014, respectively. In the past nine years, while adhering to the strategy of continuous and steady development, we have also attached great importance to the quality of service to Chinese customers. We have set up a customer service center in Shanghai and Beijing, introduced advanced maintenance equipment, recruited and trained watchmakers, and improved the Chinese market Customer service standards.
According to statistics from Patek Philippe’s customer service department, from 2009 to 2013, the demand for comprehensive maintenance services received by Shanghai Customer Service Center and Beijing Customer Service Center both increased by nearly 50%. The strong demand for customer service, the increasing enthusiasm of Chinese customers for watch purchase, and the severe challenges of recruiting watchmakers in China have contributed to the birth of Patek Philippe Shanghai Talent Center. In 2013, after nearly one month of strict recruitment process, eight students, including four male students and four female students passed the final test and joined the talent training program. The two-year course is divided into four stages. During the entire training program, students will complete a total of 3,500 hours of courses, including watchmaking theory, practical practice and English. Participants who complete the entire training program will receive the qualification equivalent to Patek Philippe’s second watchmaker. They can work directly in the customer service center to repair and maintain watches equipped with basic mechanical movements, automatic movements and quartz movements.

Shanghai Patek Philippe Talent Center This is Patek Philippe’s first watchmaker training facility outside the Geneva watchmaking workshop

At present, eight students in the first phase have completed two phases of the first academic year. During this period, their main learning content was watchmaking theory, micro-mechanical operations, and English. Among them, micro-mechanical operation requires students to make watchmaking tools and some movement parts independently. Students must start with metal raw materials such as copper or steel, use equipment and tools, and cut, grind, lathe, heat treat, and polish to produce tools or parts that meet the requirements of the drawing. The assessment of the first two stages also takes this as the content, and requires that the size error of the tools or parts produced by the students is within 0.05 mm. According to Mr. Gijs Terhorst, a technical trainer at the Talent Center, the students’ learning generally meets our expectations. ‘It is most important to see the progress of the students at each stage.’ At present, only one student is in micromechanical operation. It lacks the technical requirements of Patek Philippe watchmakers. However, this student has performed excellently in watchmaking theory and English courses, and will remain in Patek Philippe’s customer service department in the future to undertake other aspects of work. According to the plan, starting from September, the first trainees will move out of the current training room and have their own workbenches in the maintenance room of the customer service center. In the second year’s training program, they will practice operations on simple movements (such as ETA movements). ‘We are very satisfied with the current training results and are very confident in the next plans.’
Patek Philippe Talent Center Phase 2 Progress
Since the establishment of the Talent Center, Patek Philippe has planned a long-term development plan. Recruitment of the second phase of the trainees officially began in February of this year and lasted two months. Firstly, through the recruitment of local talent resources companies to publish recruitment information in major cities, and went to three universities in Beijing, Suzhou and Tianjin for campus recruitment, and received more than 750 resumes. Different from the first phase of recruitment, in the first round of interviews, tests to test the dexterity and stability of the students’ hands were added. After preliminary screening, a total of 34 people entered the written and operational examination stages. Through the final interview, the students of the second period were identified. As in the first period, the male to female ratio is 1: 1.

 Patek Philippe watchmakers carefully teach students

The technical trainer for the second trainee was Mr. David Llamas. From 2005 to 2008, he completed the study of watchmaking theory and basics at the Patek Philippe Geneva workshop, and later joined the development team of Caliber 28-520 automatic movement and Caliber 29-535 chronograph movement. Currently, he is a member of Patek Philippe’s advanced watchmaking department One member is mainly responsible for the production of two-second chronograph and perpetual calendar watches. He is also the winner of the 2012 Patek Philippe School Time Competition.
Patek Philippe’s commitment to customer service
 ‘As a family watchmaking company, we firmly believe that the technical requirements for maintaining, repairing and repairing Patek Philippe timepieces are equivalent to making a brand new timepiece. Therefore, we always insist that this work is only done by watchmaking professionals trained and authorized by Patek Philippe. ‘As Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe, said, this principle, which began in 1839, is a responsibility, which shows Patek Philippe’s respect for original craftsmanship, tradition and technology. To this day, the overall philosophy that values ​​care and maintenance has remained the same-each timepiece is as precious to Patek Philippe as it is to each watch owner. This commitment is reflected in the non-profit international customer service network.

Patek Philippe’s professional and dedicated technical trainers share watchmaking skills and expertise on the spot

At present, Patek Philippe’s global customer service network has a total of 57 authorized customer service centers. These certified service centers can meet and maintain the strictest quality standards. Customer service is one of the basic tasks of Patek Philippe. Its work includes providing customers with personalized services to meet different needs, while insisting on providing the highest standard of support services-as a family-run watchmaking company that began in 1839, this is Patek Philippe’s unchanged promise. Patek Philippe Seal, Authorized Customer Service Center and Patek Philippe Talent Center, relying on long-standing process technology, long-standing professional knowledge, and talents trained in accordance with Patek Philippe’s highest standards and brand value, will definitely become the three driving factors that drive the brand forward. The quality of each Patek Philippe timepiece is timeless and passed down from generation to generation.

Patek Philippe Shanghai Talent Center is educating talents and looks forward to training professional watchmakers in Asia

Love You, The Best Thing I Have Ever Done. Zenith Zenith 520 Sincerely Selected

Vast sea of ​​people
I only see you
Want to dance with you under the brilliant galaxy
Swim in the vast ocean
This adventure of life
It’s wonderful to go with you

   Have a soft spot for you
   Enduring love can stand the test of time. Zenith PILOT TYPE 20 Special Edition watch is specially designed for her bold personality. The simple and elegant lugs and frosted leather rubber-lined strap are distinctive and classic. Equipped with the Elite 679 self-winding movement produced by Zenith, which is reliable and accurate.

PILOT TYPE 20 Special Edition Bronze Watch-Green, diameter: 40mm;
Model: 29.1940.679.21.C800, retail price: 42,900

PILOT TYPE 20 Special Edition Bronze Watch-Blue, Diameter: 40mm;
Model: 29.1940.679.57.C808, retail price: 42,900

   The 40mm stainless steel dial is specially made of natural old finishes and is plated with a unique bronze color, just like her long-lasting and long-lasting love. The years are long, but the original intention of the companion is unchanged.

   Sharing the wind and rain, moving side by side
   Love is not attachment and entanglement, it is evenly matched and achieved each other. Love his tender and affectionate eyes, and love his free and fearless soul. Zenith PILOT TYPE 20 special edition chronograph, 45 mm dial rough and tough, just like his broad and strong arms. The dial is equipped with large Arabic numerals, and the central three hands are covered with super luminous material, which makes the reading clear and accurate.

   The unique time zone of this watch is exactly the same as the on-board instrument panel. The small seconds at 9 o’clock and the 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock are perfectly symmetrical, paying tribute to the vast sky, as he insists on moving forward. Equipped with the excellent EL Primero movement, the timing accuracy is up to one tenth of a second, and the wonderful moments accompanying her are accurately recorded. Walking through the trivial time of chai oil and salt together, also realize the heroic dream of exploring the world together. Fortunate to be with each other.

PILOT TYPE 20 Special Edition Bronze Chronograph-Green, Diameter: 45mm;
Model: 29.2430.4069.21.C800, retail price: 56,200

PILOT TYPE 20 Special Edition Bronze Chronograph-Blue, Diameter: 45mm; Model: 29.2430.4069 / 57.C808 Retail Price: 56,200

Miss Dior Art Exhibition Experience The Charm Of Dior With Ma Yanli

On November 12, 2013, the opening ceremony of ‘Miss Dior Dior’ exhibition was held at the Curve Gallery of the Grand Palace in Paris. The temperament queen Ma Yanli came to the scene to unveil the dreamy and magnificent mystery of the Dior world together. The garden perfectly interprets Miss Dior’s extraordinary delicate essence.

 Miss Dior Art Show at Grand Palace

Miss Dior Art Exhibition

From early morning to sunset, I can continuously smell the sweet fragrance of Miss Dior. If you are not in the Grand Palace of Paris, I am afraid that you cannot fully enjoy the beauty that Dior brings to the world. Aromatic charm, so captivating, Miss Dior extolls a period of elegant history, how many people’s hearts melt under the sun, of course, including the temperament queen Ma Yanli.

From rowing athletes to supermodels to today’s famous fashion designers, Ma Yanli completed her career triple jump in just ten years. Since the establishment of the studio named DDMary MA in 1999, he has held three fashion conferences of his own. The surprise and transformation have been deeply imprinted in everyone’s minds.

This time, she was the only invited guest in China to attend the opening of the exhibition, and she was in close contact with Miss Dior’s exquisite style in the hometown of Dior. In the infinite expectation and inner collision, Ma Yanli and Dior’s first perfect encounter with art, forever Keep in mind. The simplicity and modernity of Dior’s bold tailoring make her look so charming. Exquisite makeup, that touch of Rouge Dior red lips, is the ultimate expression of Chinese women’s elegance and confidence.

马 Under the leadership of Ma Yanli, we experienced a mysterious world exclusively for Dior. The gray and white exudes an artistic atmosphere. Miss Dior perfume has undoubtedly become her favorite scent, unique fragrance, graceful perfume bottle lines, and its legendary journey, which has brought inexhaustible sources of inspiration to artists. Can she feel the message Miss Miss Dior sends to you through her?

In 1947, Miss Dior was destined to become a legend as soon as New Look came out. It is the first fragrance created by Mr. Dior. It bears Dior’s exclusive symbolic meaning and legendary color. This time, it became the protagonist of the grand exhibition and fully performed the initial fragrance of Dior’s fashion kingdom at the beginning.

Elegant, modern, confident and independent. This is the soul of Miss Dior. In this exhibition, Dior invited 15 female artists from all over the world to create works with the hope of drawing more artistic inspiration from these young women who perfectly interpret ‘Miss Dior’ . At this time, Miss Dior turned into a free theme, giving artists ample creative space, and the perfume legend can last forever.

In addition to the newly created artworks, this exhibition also displays some precious Dior fashion works, describing Mr. Dior’s artistic influence and his passionate praise for the beauty of women and flowers. He is a gifted artistic genius. As early as 1947, he used the first fashion show to subvert the traditional definition of elegance. The depth of the soul continues to this day, and people continue to interpret and explore.

In this blend of colors, passion and excitement are constantly being staged in this 600-square-meter space. The extraordinary tension of life has caused countless visitors to peek into the mystery. Through the theme, it is like a timeline from far to near to tell the whole story. Leave us dreamy romantic memories.

Each piece of artwork is inspired by a certain element of Miss Dior. From the most famous bow decoration, roses, houndstooth patterns, it has created the confidence and beauty of countless women. This is Miss Miss Extraordinary charm. Here, we experience completely different surprises and emotions. Feeling that kind of suffocating beauty between the separation of Miss Dior’s artistic vision and the luxury of the Grand Palais in Paris.