Month: December 2018

Radar Launches New True Series Liu Ruoying Special Limited Edition Watch

To celebrate the global cooperation with the talented brand ambassador Ms. Liu Ruoying, RADO has specially released the RADO True Real Series Liu Ruoying special numbered limited edition watch.

The real series of watches created by RADO has an attractive charm at first sight, thus becoming the best interpretation of the cooperation between Rado and Liu Ruoying. A masterpiece that combines many design highlights in appearance, this watch has a dynamic round dial, curved sapphire crystal and a strap with an arc-shaped buckle. These elements blend into an unparalleled sense of pleasure. Swiss Rado True Liu Liuying special numbered limited edition watch is entirely made of high-tech ceramics, and specially selected Miss Liu Ruoying’s favorite white. The dial is contrasted with red, which reflects Miss Liu Ruoying’s determined, aggressive and uncompromising breakthrough attitude. It is also the perfect interpretation of RADO Unlimited Spirit.

ADORADO Swiss Radar Real Series Liu Ruoying Special Number Limited Edition watch directly uses the luminous material on the dial to give vitality and life to the scales and hands. At the same time, through the specially equipped 3 chronograph laps, and the date window design at the 4 o’clock position, it shows the personality while accurately timing. As the embodiment of extreme detail, the round buttons also echo the integrity of this watch. The entire watch is comfortable to wear, attractive and beautiful.

The RADO True Series Liu Ruoying special numbered limited edition watch, each watch is engraved with a unique number on the back of the case. In addition, each numbered watch will be accompanied by a special certificate signed by Ms. Liu Ruoying, the global brand spokesperson for Swiss Rado.