Month: August 2019

The Breitling Athletic Flying Team Tops The List And Asks For The First Time Red Bull Aerobatic Flying World Championship In East Asia

In the extreme heat of Putrajaya, Malaysia, the world’s fastest mechanical sports tour, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship (Red Bull Air Race World Championship), staged its first duel in East Asia. In the end, Nigel Lamb, Britain’s top pilot from the Breitling aerobatic team, defeated all the enemies and won the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship title. It was also the first Red Bull World Championship title in his career; the pilot François, who is fully supported by Breitling Le Vot has also won all three Challenger Trophy produced so far this season. Breitling, Switzerland’s top independent watch brand with wings spread and wings, won the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship for the first time, ranking first.

The Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship is a pure flying sport competition presented by the world’s top pilots. It perfectly combines speed, precision, courage and superb flying technology. It is the fastest mechanical sports competition in the world. The event is divided into two levels, the Masters Class and Challenger Class; the fastest, lightest, and most agile special-purpose machine is used; the wide water surface is filled with inflatable gas piles with a height of only 25 meters The obstacle course is formed; during the race, the pilot races around the piles at ultra-low altitude, and the flight speed can rise to 370 kilometers per hour, and the overload at sharp turns can reach 10G. As a race partner and official designated timekeeper, Breitling will witness the challenges of the flying elite with a precision of one hundredth of a second, and will send a superb Breitling Racing Team to participate in the battle. The first round of the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship in the 2014 season will be ignited in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. A total of eight rounds will be played to visit seven countries on three continents. The annual final battle will come to Chengdu, China for the first time. Highly anticipated.

As a senior aerobatic pilot with more than 30 years of aerobatic experience, capable of driving more than 80 aircraft types, and flying time of more than 9,600 hours, Nigel Lamb, now 58, joined the aerobatic career after retiring from the Air Force. The 1,787 air shows held in 32 countries are still the holders of the legendary record of eight consecutive championships in the aerobatic competition in the UK, and are regarded as the best pilots in the UK by industry insiders. Prior to this, Nigel Lamb had five years of aerobatic flight performance experience in Malaysia and was one of the most popular local top aerobatic pilots. Therefore, this time he re-entered Malaysia and attracted many fans to come to Putrajaya to watch the battle. And Nigel Lamb lived up to expectations, and gave back to every audience with a thrilling and exuberant gorgeous flight. In a hot and humid environment with a temperature of more than 30 degrees, Nigel Lamb piloted a Breitling MXS-R single-seat aircraft. With a calm flight performance, he was in the final round of four people in the final round of competition, with excellent high speed and low altitude Flight performance, surrendered the best result of the day at 1: 15.23, and finally won the championship.

‘I never thought I would have a chance to be on the Red Bull aerobatics championship podium. This is a great moment. The ups and downs of the past 7 years have finally paid off!’ 43 Red Bulls in the past 7 years Nigel Lamb, who finished second in the aerobatics competition six times, said excitedly, ‘Aerobatics has taught me a lot, especially how to find a balance between letting go of risks and avoiding risks. Thank you for your support, this is the result of teamwork. .Thank you Breitling Watch and the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship Organizing Committee. This is an incredible and exciting competition. ‘

As a top-level racing sport, the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship has extremely high requirements for the precise control of time. The success of the defeated king is often determined by the tiny one hundredth of a second. Breitling is an expert in the field of precision timing and the world-renowned ‘Official Official Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’, which is undoubtedly the best partner for this event. Since its birth in 1884, Breitling has been dedicated to creating sophisticated and complex aviation timepieces with its unique courage and innovation. These ‘professional wristwatches’ created by Breitling have been providing accurate timekeeping for heroic aviation pioneers more than a century ago, and have witnessed every milestone of human conquest of the sky. Breitling’s blood-related origins make it actively participate in many aviation events around the world, allowing more people to experience the speed and passion of flying and challenges!