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Introduction To The Bucherer Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Stopwatch

Bucherer created a new Mandello ChronoPerpetual perpetual chronograph stopwatch for all watch fans who love this traditional classic watchmaking art. The perpetual calendar movement can jump correctly by itself, even counting leap years. The complex performance of the perpetual calendar movement is known as the ‘super complex’ movement. In addition to the calendar, weekday window, month and leap year window, and moon phase display, this Breguet movement also incorporates the flyback-type precision timing performance for the first time, with a precise speed measurement to the leap second of eighth, making the practical performance more comprehensive. The movement from the Vaucher watch factory, combined with the unique modern design of the Lucerne watch brand, has laid a unique foundation for this watch.
 Although the Mandello ChronoPerpetual perpetual calendar chronograph is equipped with many features and displays, Bucherer does its best to ensure that the dial is legible. The performance pointer has a clear layout and beautifully integrates with the embedded calendar display. The fine black lines clearly distinguish the different display windows, while the slim central pointer is used to display the stop-second time. The elegant black chronograph hands, the classic central silver-plated matte surface, and the frosted surface of the timer and minute circle, all intoxicate. In addition, the moon phase display features a carbon gray tone with silver-plated moon phase discs, giving the design a more modern look. The case back is equipped with an integrated sapphire crystal, and the mechanical sapphire bearing and 22K rose gold pendulum pendulum can be seen in detail.

Mandlow ChronoPerpetual Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Stopwatch, 18K Rose Gold Case, 42.5mm Diameter, 14.3mm Thickness, CFB1904 Automatic Refining Movement, 30mm Diameter, 7.6mm Thickness, 49 Stones, Power Reserve 50 Hours, Timekeeping, Flyback , Perpetual calendar, date display, day of the week, month, leap year and moon phase display, double-sided anti-refractive sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal case back, water-resistant to 30 meters, hand-stitched Louisiana alligator leather strap, 18K rose gold pin type Buckle, limited edition of 100, priced at 1,245,000 yuan.
The Mandlow ChronoPerpetual Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Stopwatch was launched in a limited edition with a limited edition of 100 rose gold models. It was first introduced in Taiwan and worn and displayed by Yilin supermodel Wang Yinping. The watch and the sexy goddess contrast each other, highlighting its noble and unique. It is bound to brighten the eyes of all watch connoisseurs who understand the crystallization of traditional watchmaking techniques

Huang Xiaoming Helps The Tissot Haozhi Series Watch Dazzling Sheep City

Today, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot, founded in 1853, carries more than innovative cultural ideas, and held the ‘Innovation More Than 160’ to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Tissot’s birthday in Yangcheng Guangzhou. The revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement of the Tissot luxury collection watch, dazzling sheep city. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Guangzhou Guangbai Department Store Tianhe

 Today, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot, founded in 1853, carried more than just a cultural concept of innovation. In Yangcheng Guangzhou, it held the celebration of the 160th Anniversary of Tissot’s 160th birthday celebration and took the lead in using revolutionary mechanical power 80 machines. The core Tissot luxury series watch is dazzling in Yangcheng. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Mr. Wen Chaoyi, General Manager of Guangzhou Guangbai Department Store Tianhe Zhongyi Store, Mr. Xu Yongcheng, General Manager of Guangzhou Minghua Trading Co., Ltd., and Mr. Huang Xiaoming, the global ambassador of Tissot, attended the event with guests Together, the media and consumers witnessed one after another in Tissot’s 160-year history of innovation. In 1853, Tissot’s extraordinary watchmaking legend began in the ancient Swiss watch town of Lloyd. In the 160-year history of development, Tissot has been committed to the innovation of traditional timepieces. This innovative spirit has enabled Tissot to continuously write history and develop into today A world-renowned watchmaking brand. The newly released Tissot Haozhi series mechanical watches are the first to use the revolutionary ‘mechanical power 80 movement’, with a mechanical power reserve of up to 80 hours. While refreshing the history of the world watch, it is also a hobby for all watches and clocks. The author brings more precise and dynamic watch works, giving a new definition of time. At the event site, 160-year-old Tissot classics and limited edition treasures were gorgeously displayed along the Tissot time axis, recreating Tissot’s extraordinary journey of innovation across the century.

Breakthrough in innovation

 On August 28, 2013, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot landed in Guangzhou. With a masterpiece equipped with the revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement-Tissot Haozhi series automatic mechanical watches, launched the long scroll of the brand’s 160 years of innovation and heritage, so that Millennium Sheep City is fascinated by the charm of watch legends. Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Tissot’s global image ambassador, appeared handsomely in Guangzhou Guangbai Zhongyi Department Store, together with Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Mr. Wen Chaoyi, General Manager of Guangzhou Guangbai Department Store Tianhe Zhongyi Store, and Xu Yongcheng, General Manager of Guangzhou Minghua Trading Co., Ltd. Together, to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Tissot, the grand opening of Tissot’s Hao Zhi series of automatic mechanical watches.

 Tissot Global Image Ambassador Huang Xiaoming handsomely presented at the 160th anniversary of Tissot’s birthday in Guangzhou

 At the event, a beautiful piece of music combined with the moving ‘Dance of Time’ kicked off the event. Using body language that explores time and power, the dancer goes back in time, telling the extraordinary legend of Tissot’s 160-year history of continuous breakthrough and innovation in the field of traditional timepieces. Following the lingering sounds of the dance music, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, took the stage to deliver a sincere blessing and greetings to the on-site consumers during the summer season when the lotus flowers are so red, and shared Tissot’s 160 years of innovation. Legends and the joy of the brand celebrating its 160th birthday. The model wearing an antique Tissot watch followed the melody of time to show everyone several legendary watches in the history of Tissot development. The film that records the history of the legendary innovation and development of Tissot’s 160th anniversary is played in the center of the stage. As time goes back to the past, each time has witnessed an important moment in the history of Tissot and the world’s clocks. Each legendary moment and each superb clock are impressive. Admiration and admiration. Subsequently, the appearance of Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Tissot’s global image ambassador, pushed the whole event to a climax. The handsome manner and elegant talk triggered a new round of boom in Yangcheng in the late summer. ‘Tissot is a traditional Swiss watchmaking brand with a 160-year history. Constant innovation and self-breakthrough are the winning magic that it can always win the respect and love of consumers. It is also the place where it impresses and attracts me. In this cooperation, I deeply understand the brand’s determination and spirit to bring the most perfect timepieces to consumers. This also infected me to continuously break through myself and move forward. I hope that our cooperation can bring this The positive energy is passed on to more people. ‘Huang Xiaoming’s words pointed out the secret of Tissot’s 160-year-old growth, and also revealed the charm of Tissot’s brand that consumers love.

 Mr. Wen Chaoyi, General Manager of Tianyi Zhongyi Store of Guangzhou Guangbai Department Store, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Huang Xiaoming, Tissot Global Image Ambassador, and Mr. Xu Yongcheng, General Manager of Guangzhou Minghua Trading Co., Ltd., unveiled the Tissot Haojie series of watches.

 Subsequently, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Mr. Wen Chaoyi, General Manager of Guangzhou Guangbai Department Store Tianhe Zhongyi Store, and Mr. Xu Yongcheng, General Manager of Guangzhou Minghua Trading Co., Ltd., together with Huang Xiaoming, will represent Tissot’s 160-year number ‘1 ‘6,0, th’ inserted into the starting device, unveiling the veil of the Tissot Hao Zhi series watches, and also officially opened the ‘Innovation More than 160’ gift to Tissot’s 160th birthday Guangzhou Station curtain. Tissot Hao Zhi series watches, this latest masterpiece from Tissot’s exploration and breakthrough of power, through the improvement of the structure of traditional mechanical watches, has increased the power reserve capacity of the watch movement, has an amazing 80-hour power reserve. It is not only a profound interpretation of Tissot’s innovative spirit, but also the best gift to Tissot’s 160th anniversary. As Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China said, ‘Since 160 years, Tissot has continuously innovated and made breakthroughs to provide the most perfect timepieces. From material innovation to technological innovation, from early wood, plastic, and rock Applied to the development of the first touch-screen watch at the end of the last century, Tissot has always been ahead of time. Today, at the important moment of the 160th anniversary of the brand, Tissot has once again mastered a breakthrough new timepiece from the Swiss watchmaking industry. Consumers show their determination to innovate. ‘

 Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, presents Tissot luxury series watches to Huang Xiaoming

More than innovation

 Huang Xiaoming presented Tissot’s ‘Innovation More than 160’ Tissot birthday photo frame to Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, and sent her birthday greetings

 In 1853, Tissot’s extraordinary watchmaking legend began in the ancient Swiss watch town of Lilock. Tissot’s innovative spirit as an explorer has been revealed since its birth-in the same year that the company was founded, Tissot began to produce dual time zone pocket watches. In the 160 years of development, Tissot has been committed to traditional timepieces. Innovation, write the legend with the spirit of innovation, and develop into a well-known watch brand that sells worldwide. Tissot draws coordinates with precise timing and excellent design, and uses innovation and persistence as a boat to pass the progress of time to every corner of the world. While continuously exploring new markets and actively participating in many world-class arenas, Tissot adheres to the brand’s consistent values, making it a leader in the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry, and writing together with all brand ambassadors, customers and employees An even older legend of extraordinary watchmaking.

 Group photo of Ms. Wang Ying, Huang Xiaoming, Vice President of Tissot China

 Today, ‘Innovation Beyond 160’ presents Tissot’s 160th anniversary celebration ceremony in Guangzhou. It also traces the brand’s persistent and innovative time track with an ingenious exhibition, precious antique watches from the Tissot Swiss Museum, and the latest innovations representing Tissot. The masterpieces of his timepiece were fully unveiled, under the elegant lights flashing the perfect fusion of classic and modern. It is worth mentioning that the Tissot necklace watch and the Tissot Voyager watch launched in 1878 and 1953 respectively. The Tissot 1878 necklace watch linked the glory days of Tissot in cold Siberia more than a hundred years ago. As early as the beginning of the Tissot brand, the son of the founder of the discerning Tissot brand, Charlie Amir Tissot, already accepted Russia. For the important market of Tissot watches, this necklace watch that can be opened on both sides is the only magic weapon of Tissot’s stable presence in Russia; unlike the 1878 paragraph chain watch, which has a deep historical depth, on the occasion of the centennial birthday in 1953, The launch of the Tissot Voyager series shows us the extraordinary style of the Tissot brand across the globe from a horizontal perspective-24 time zone displays. It perfectly interprets the travel spirit with a timeless classic appearance and outstanding functions. This kind of global attitude and global spirit is still favored by modern business people today.

 Tissot Global Ambassador Huang Xiaoming in Guangzhou Tianyi Zhongyi Tissot Store

Elegant and elegant show

 Courage to innovate is the essence of Tissot’s brand. This time, Tissot pays tribute to the breakthrough watchmaking technology, and uses the revolutionary ‘mechanical power 80 movement’ to provide more permanent power for precise time. At the same time, the design of the Tissot Haozhi series mechanical watch once again perfectly interprets Tissot’s watchmaking philosophy of ‘outside the golden jade, among the quality’. The minimalist dial and the case are surrounded by three-dimensional small squares. The beautiful and elegant grid design highlights Tissot’s intentions and taste in the details. This watch uses the divergent water ripple pattern on the automatic hammer for the first time. It exudes elegant charm and unique design sense, which makes people irresistible. This series of watches has a certification model of the Swiss official chronometer certification organization (controleofficial Suisse des chronometers, referred to as C.O.S.C.). Precise timekeeping and extraordinary watch design are exactly the manifestation of Tissot’s ‘excellent core and perfect shape’.

 Tissot Ho Chi Series Mechanical Watch Observatory Certified

 For the new masterpiece of the Tissot Haozhi series mechanical watch, Huang Xiaoming, Tissot’s global image ambassador, is in love with it: ‘Like many excellent products of Tissot, this watch is a perfect combination of Tissot tradition and innovation. It uses a breakthrough The 80-hour power reserve, while taking into account high performance, is very fashionable in design, giving me a new understanding of the watch and inspiring my work and life with the constant power of the wrist tool. ‘

Tissot – ‘Time, You Control’

 For Tissot, ‘time, you control’ is more than just a slogan. It conveys the DNA of the Tissot brand-Tissot has always strived to perfectly integrate cutting-edge technology and fashion design in watchmaking, hoping to bring more value and touch to customers. Since 1853, Tissot has been innovating based on tradition, and today it has grown into the number one Swiss traditional watchmaking brand in the world. Over the past 160 years, Tissot has evolved from a watch factory headquartered in the small town of Lillac in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, into a global brand with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. Tissot’s leading position benefits from its unparalleled ability to innovate. It spares no effort in the pursuit of the use of special materials, the development of advanced functions and the design of details. Tissot has launched more and more high-quality watches, but the price-performance ratio is more attractive than any other Swiss watch brand, which also reflects its commitment to ‘entry luxury’. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor. It also serves as the MotoGP ™, Superbike, FIBA, AFL, RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship As well as official designated timings for the World Cycling, Fencing and Hockey Championships. In terms of market promotion and product design, Tissot has consistently written its brand philosophy: ‘Innovation originates from tradition’.

Retaining You From The Stars Four Beautiful Watches Recommended

In the quiet night sky, dotted with countless twinkling stars, a meteor trailing blue phosphorescent light like a long tail, draw a long arc in the night sky … This picture should be How quiet and beautiful, the mysterious sky always makes people look up at the starry sky, produce imaginative pictures, and the idea of ​​Tianma starry sky. Perhaps there are many astronomy enthusiasts, who also want to experience the ‘interstellar crossing’ pleasure. Regardless, since ancient times, people have never stopped exploring space, the galaxy, and unknown spaces. The beautiful fluorescent lights and colorful nightlife in the city illuminate the back of the night sky, making it rarely seen by people in the city. The stars, the Milky Way, and even the bright moonlight. The watch subtly draws inspiration from the starry sky, and moves the beautiful night sky above the dial, which is extremely desirable. The following watches will follow the editor to enjoy it.

  Jacques de Petite HeureMinute 35mm series J005000170 watch

Comment on the watch: Jacques Dro PetiteHeureMinute 35mm series watch, with a 35mm case made of stainless steel, incorporating a beautiful starry sky map into it. The noble and elegant mother-of-pearl is carefully carved and cut into a unique disc with brilliant light; the dark blue mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with stripes of sunlight rays. As the wrist shakes, the light and shadow change, showing royal blue, sea blue, Cobalt or indigo shades. Legend has it that the seven-pointed star is a symbol of mystery and powerful magic. Eight seven-pointed stars are scattered on the dial rays, which outline a magnificent and deep night sky. This watch pays homage to today’s feminine charm with stainless steel and mother-of-pearl. The eccentric hour and minute display is located in the upper part of the dial. For the first time, Jacques de Ronaldo chooses all stainless steel for women’s models. The dark blue mother-of-pearl and the star-studded diamonds complement each other.

  This homage to today’s women combines the finest contemporary watchmaking craftsmanship: a built-in Jacques de Roche 2653 mechanical movement with a 68-hour power reserve and a bezel set with 160 diamonds. The glory of the sun and the mystery of the night are perfectly integrated here, telling the myth of time, it is indeed the best wrist companion for women. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it for those who love watches.

Basic Information
Number: J005000170
Brand: Jacques Dro
Series: EleganceParis
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: 143,000 yuan
For more watch details, please click: Jaeger-LeCoultre Jewellery and Complications Watch Series Q3483590

Table review: This Jaeger-LeCoultre date watch showcases the beauty of timepieces with the beauty of the stars. The 41mm 18K white gold case accommodates the beauty of the mysterious night sky. The watch shines like a starry sky, with dazzling diamonds extending from the case to the crown and bezel, and finally placed on the corolla composed of digital hour markers; the dial’s affection reveals the beauty of rare craftsmanship without affecting the clarity of time and performance display. The slender and graceful digital hour markers have become one of the series’ signs. Its pure contemporary style and the rounded crescent moon carved curve harmoniously reflect the ancient tradition of hand-carved patterns covered with transparent blue paint. In order to show the astronomical theme vividly, the dial also has a constellation calendar, and the month indication corresponds to the constellation throughout the year. The annual calendar is used to adjust the display system and time measurement. A beautiful diamond is set upside down on the second crown. Just rotate it gently, and you are happy to rotate the starry sky to personalize the constellation.

  The watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 809 self-winding mechanical movement that rotates the starry sky at a speed of 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 04 seconds. It is subtle and difficult to detect. A movement with a total of 230 parts, carefully decorated with the traditional craftsmanship of fine watchmaking, and the transparent sapphire glass is anti-glare. At any time, you can see the hidden operation of the precision movement. The balance wheel swings 28,800 times per hour. As you watch your attention, the dial flies over a shooting star, why not make a wish to meet your destiny and go to the vast starry sky. From the high price of the watch, you can also imagine how many superb craftsmanship are integrated into it, and how many index masters’ whimsy are gathered.

Basic Information
Item: Q3483590
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Series: Dating Series |
Movement type: automatic machinery
Price: 434,000 yuan
For more watch details, please click: Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Complication Watch ™ Series MidnightPlanétariumPoeticComplication Watch

Watch reviews: Van Cleef & Arpels is a genius designer who always combines imaginative ideas with watches and jewelry. MidnightPlantarium poetic function watch , Forever wear the lucky moment of the wearer in the universe sky, and leave a charming mark in the gorgeous orbit of the planet. The case diameter is 44 mm, which is large enough to provide a stage for the movement of the starry sky. The material is 18K rose gold, which perfectly shows the operation of the solar system on the dial. It can simultaneously display the time value and five rotating planets-water, gold, (ground), fire, earth, wood. The Midnight Planétarium dial consists of 7 different tracks, and the surface is a bright blue sky pattern. Meteors are the creative themes of VanCleef & Arpels. Bright meteors circulate around the bezel marked 24 hours. Observe the flickering meteors to grasp the elapsed time. . The date, month and year can be set with two buttons and displayed through two display windows on the dial.

  It is worth mentioning that one of the biggest highlights of the watch is the power system of the watch, which is an automatic winding movement co-developed by Van Cleef & Arpels and the famous independent watchmaker ChristiaanvanderKlaauw. This magnificent horoscope legend spread to the bottom cover of the watch, revealing the balance wheel engraved with the image of the star palace. There are 396 parts in the entire movement. After precise combination, each planet rotates at its true speed: Saturn takes about 29 years to circle the dial; Jupiter takes 12 years; Mars 687 days; Earth 365 days; Venus 224 Days; Mercury is 88 days. As the main hour marker of a watch is placed on the outer meteor.

Basic Information
Number: MidnightPlanétariumPoeticComplication
Brand: Van Cleef & Arpels
Series: Poetic Complication Watch ™
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
For more watch details, please click: Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Complications Watch ™ Series VCARN5HI00

Review of the model: The 41mm white gold case provides enough space for the unique mood of the dial. The hour and minute hands show the movement of time, and the simple Roman numerals show the time scale. With the MidnightinParis watch, Van Cleef & Arpels collectors can see the exact location of the stars in the night sky of Paris, no matter where they are. The wearer of this watch not only found the door to the universe, but also possessed the magic of the Star City. The stars glitter on the dark blue aventurine glass dial, which makes people have infinite imagination, eager to explore the secret behind that starry sky. The black crocodile leather strap with pin buckle is comfortable to wear and fits the wrist most appropriately, showing noble temperament.

  The design and decoration of Van Cleef & Arpels’ new watch is breathtaking, which shows the spirit of innovation, freedom of creativity and courage to try from the founder of the brand. The movement ensures that the beauty of the Paris night sky can be seen in 365 days in an imperceptible way of operation. The crown on the side is very small and concealed on the side of the watch. The beautiful dial tells the romantic story, giving the most beautiful fairy tale to the wrist.

Basic Information
Number: VCARN5HI00
Brand: Van Cleef & Arpels
Series: Poetic Complication Watch ™
Movement type: automatic machinery
For more watch details, please click: vancleefarpels / 25119 /

Summary: There are many good things around, but only those short-lived and rare ones can attract people’s attention and cherish, just like the fleeting meteors, they are always so empty, elusive, but full of this Look forward to it, and send my best wishes. In order to retain the mysterious charm, the watch designers display the mysterious starry sky map on the dial, and show you the most beautiful pattern of the sky on the wrist. Blending the starry night sky onto the dial is definitely a task of craftsmanship and technology. Not only must it show a dreamy effect, but also ensure accurate timekeeping. Some also need to add various additional functions. Such a starry wrist Watches are definitely a masterpiece, worth collecting and owning. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Top Watch Museums In China And Switzerland

If clock books can enrich the theoretical knowledge of antique clock collectors, then the physical display in the clock museum is a good opportunity for collectors to appreciate antique clocks up close. Famous watch museums include both large national museums and famous personal collections.

   The Beijing Palace Museum is one of the few comprehensive royal museums in the world, and among them, the Clock Museum houses some exquisite clocks and watches exhibited by the Qing Dynasty royal family. The more than 1,000 watches and clocks existing in the Beijing Palace Museum are mainly the products of the 18th to early 20th century, and this period is the golden period in the history of the development of watches and clocks. Many different characteristics of clocks made specifically for China. The appearance of the bells is mostly architectural styles such as pavilions, platforms, buildings, pavilions, and towers, or decorated with animal styles; the materials selected are gold-plated bronze, gold-plated enamel, and precious diamonds and agate Wait. In addition to the gorgeous and unique design, the interior of many clocks makes full use of mechanical linkage mechanisms and devices to form dynamic things such as ‘water law’, ‘turn flowers’, ‘running people’, and ‘beasts.’ It can be said that each clock is not only a practical timing tool, but also a mechanical device with a high level of craftsmanship and pleasing viewing. In addition, many of the watches collected in the Forbidden City also have decorative appearances and sophisticated mechanical movements. It can be seen that the watches and clocks collected by the Forbidden City have extremely important technical, aesthetic and cultural values, and are indeed a huge treasure house in the world of watch and clock collection. In addition, the British Museum, the Louvre Museum and other large museums also have collections of watch themes.

   The Patek Philippe Watch Museum, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is a museum built by Patek Philippe’s current president, Mr. Philippe Stern, based on decades of accumulation. Today it has become the world’s largest private watch museum. About 2,000 watches and clocks are displayed in this museum, and there are more than 400 traditional tools and equipment used by watchmakers. The Patek Philippe Museum gathers various types of clocks and watches (including table clocks, pocket watches, watches, etc.), enamel paintings, and more than 4,000 books and literature since the 16th century. The museum building has four floors, and each floor has a display area for different themed collections: the first floor is a display area for repair workshops, clock making tools, etc .; the second floor is a display area for watches and clocks made by Patek Philippe; the third floor is 16-19th century Europe Antique clocks, enamel paintings and automatic puppets; the fourth floor is the library and Patek Philippe’s historical archives display area.
   Of course, the Musée International d’horlogerie, located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, is also a place that many watch enthusiasts would like to visit. It displays various timers in a huge exhibition area, including not only the early sundial but also Includes clocks from the 16th-20th century. In addition, the Musée de l’horlogerie et de l’émaillerie in Geneva, the Musée d’Horlogerie in Le Locle, and the Espace horloger de la Vallée de in Le Santille Joux) and others have watch displays on different topics. There are also many watch manufacturers in Switzerland, such as the company museums established by Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Parmigiani, Girard Perregaux, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, etc., which show the classics of various brands.

Maurice Lacroix-calendrier Rétrograde And Double Rétrograde

MauriceLacroix exhibited his new masterpieces, which used the company’s latest movements Calendrier Rétrograde ML 150 and Double Rétrograde ML 151 in these new watches.

Careful brushing, golden time markers and layered silver dials make up the perfect background, highlighting the flyback capabilities of the Calendrier Rétrograde ML 150 and Double Rétrograde ML 151 movements. Exquisite, slender and finely processed gold hands set off these beautiful watches with a modern look, and also show the watchmaker’s most perfect traditional processing art. The special ‘black gold’ surface treatment of the hands is very eye-catching, highlighting the display of the flyback function.

The exquisitely crafted gold case protects the precious movements, which are produced in limited quantities with unique decorations. The frame is carefully decorated, the edges of the frame are machined into bevels and finally gold-plated. Limited production serial numbers are engraved in three-quarters of the frame, further highlighting the unique identity of the owner.
Source: MauriceLacroix

Pursuing Practicality It Is Enough To Choose These Models For Daily Wear

If you are not a senior watch enthusiast and collector, in fact, the choice of watch is very simple. Generally speaking, as long as it can meet the daily wearing needs, you can consider it. Of course, most people still have to consider the price when buying a watch. There are not a few models with daily use performance within 10,000 yuan. Today, editors recommend a few models around 7,000 yuan:
Tissot T-SPORT T086.407.22.051.00

Watch model: T086.407.22.051.00
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch price: ¥ 7,100
Watch details: 2829-based high-quality movement, there is also commemorative significance, so personally think this price is really attractive. As a daily watch, this ultra-thin watch is more suitable for formal wear.
Movado Movado Card Series 0680802

Watch model number: 0680802
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 7,800
Watch details: movado / 34350 /

Watch review: Movado is famous for its iconic museum dial and modern design. This watch is made of stainless steel with a quartz movement inside. However, this watch does not use the famous museum dial, but instead uses the more common dial with hour markers. The black dial features silver hour markers and hands, and a date display window at three o’clock. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel chain strap, which matches the silver case. The watch is also water-resistant to 30 meters.
Summary: The above three watches are very powerful in terms of appearance, performance, and price. If you just want to buy a daily match, choose from these few.