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When There Is No Weight At All, Yin Yin Is A Pity Tissot Pr100 Observatory Certified Quartz Watch Guards Every Frame Of Time

In the long river, picking a ray of golden time, traced back to the end of that time, it is a water-like time that everyone can’t forget. In a turbulent time, like a white horse crossing a gap, instead of lamenting the rush of time, it is better to tighten the tail of every inch of time. Tissot PR100 Observatory certification watch, enjoy the quartz movement Observatory certification award, precision is extraordinary. The low-battery display function reduces the inconvenience caused by the stop of the watch, and the hands move back to full power. The ingenious 6 o’clock position calendar is enlarged to make the date reading more clear. Show a stable and reliable personality in a simple and textured design, and highlight the connotation of the trend in a variety of combinations. The Tissot PR100 Observatory-certified quartz watch will protect every good time for you.
Long-lasting, low-key and quality complement each other

Tissot PR100 Observatory certified quartz men’s watch stitching steel chain

Tissot PR100 Observatory Certified Quartz Men’s Watch Brown Strap
 Time is like an excellent gold digger. Everything that is not enough to match the word ‘quality’ must not last. However, the Tissot PR100 series watch has passed the trial. As early as the 1984 Olympic Games, the Tissot PR100 series, named after ‘Precision’ and ‘Robustness’, lived up to expectations and became the official timer for the German and Swiss teams. Today, Tissot has launched a unique quartz observatory certification model, which is not only a continuation of the consistent high accuracy of the PR100 series, but also a commitment to create a high-quality timepiece. The rich style and wide range of men’s watches have made it the Tissot best-selling watch list for the past decade. The metal stitching bracelet model created by superb polishing and brushing technology has a full design sense; the rose gold and brown leather strap models bring a strong retro style; the dial style is also available in black and white to meet the wearer’s personalization Taste requirements. Its extraordinary texture and rock quality are specially designed for quality men, highlighting male charm.
Elegant and stylish, simplicity and fashion complement each other

Tissot PR100 Observatory Certified Quartz Women’s Diamond
 The Tissot PR100 Observatory-certified quartz female watch abandoned the complicated case style at the beginning of the design, only outlined the outline with simple lines, but emphasized the delicate beauty of women in every detail, like a confident modern woman , Generous and elegant without losing grace, independence and gentleness, people can not help but love at first sight. Stainless steel straps with dials of different colors realize the harmonious collision between traditional classics and fashion. The rose gold bezel-set diamonds use 3 Weseltons at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. Diamond stitching as a scale adds a stronger sense of value to the watch. Under the soft light, the 12 diamonds reflect a charming colorful halo between the wrists, making the wearer show noble charm in the hands and feet.
 The gears of time are turning tirelessly, and people and events that are worthless are hidden in the gloom of life. Tissot is willing to accompany you around with the PR100 Observatory certified watch to protect every inch of your time.
Technical Parameters:
Made in Switzerland
Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL), official Swiss Observatory certification
Sapphire crystal
316L stainless steel case
Water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet)
Strap: 316L stainless steel strap, push-button folding buckle; leather strap, standard buckle
Gold & Rose Gold with PVD coating
Men’s 39mm * 39mm
Women’s 33mm * 33mm
Diamond model: Wesselton, VS / SI grade, 12 pieces Suggested retail price:
Men’s RMB 3,700-4,450
Women’s RMB 3,700-5,050

Longines Pulse Chronograph A Subtle Combination Of Elegance And Function

Longines, a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, pays tribute to its long-standing watchmaking tradition and injects new vitality into the brand’s antique timepieces. The Longines Pulse Chronograph cleverly combines elegance and function, giving the pulsometer scale its outstanding design, making this simple and exquisite one-button chronograph capable of measuring heart rate.

  Inspired by a medical watch from the 1920s, Longines Pulse Chronograph can measure heart rate while displaying time. The prototype of this replica was used as a medical instrument for medical staff at the time, which could quickly and accurately measure the heart rate of patients.

  At that time, medical personnel generally obtained heart rate data by accurately counting the number of pulse beats of a patient in 60 seconds. However, this measurement method is not completely accurate. The advent of pulse chronographs has greatly reduced the error in measuring heart rate, and has provided medical personnel with a fast and accurate measurement method. The results are simple and clear. The heart rate measurement is the pulsometer scale to which the chronograph hand points after 30 pulse beats.

  The Longines Pulse Chronograph inherits its prototype, highlighting its simplicity and elegance. The white lacquered dial is decorated with black lacquered Arabic numerals, subtly reflecting the Breguet blue-steel hands, and the red pulsometer scale is subtly presented on the dial. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm. Longines’ exclusive column wheel movement details are clearly visible through the transparent case back, showing the superb craftsmanship of watchmakers. The brown leather strap gives the watch a more harmonious look.
  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Changing The Bracelet Fashion Watch Jumps Up

Just ask the people around ‘What time is it?’ Presumably more than half of them will pull out their mobile phones. So what else can a watch do? Top watches are status symbols, and fashion watches can be used to match different lines. If you care more about its external beauty, then the most suitable choice in front of you is undoubtedly the fashion watch.

 Jewelry tendency

 First of all, most fashion watches are not expensive, and they won’t let you look like you can see Patek Philippe, Piaget and other famous watches. And it can be understood literally: a watch designed to match fashion. Compared with luxury watches, fashion watches have a strong tendency to jewellery. You can understand it as an accessory, a bracelet or a bracelet.

 Generally speaking, fashion watches don’t pay much attention to the movement, so the functions are relatively simple. Most of them are quartz watches, and more movements are used in Japan. They look quite luxurious, even pearly. Most of them use artificial diamonds, so the price is relatively cheap.

 Entry-level tide table

 In the eyes of luxurious ‘cousins’ and ‘cousins’, most fashion watches will be despised. But in fact, this type of watch is more in line with the appetite of most consumers. The total turnover of fashion watches as accessories must be greater than traditional watchmaking.

 Representative brand: Swatch

 For the crowd: students, young white-collar workers, passionate young people.

 Reference price: from a few hundred yuan

 Place of purchase: Available in major shopping malls in Wuhan

 Design wins

 How to choose a table? If you use it for fashion, don’t spend money on jewelry; if you use it for taste, buy a home-made movement. Since it is a fashion watch, beautiful appearance is the most important.

 ‘Hong Kong Design Gallery’ is a good choice for the sale of family watches. The price is between one and two thousand, which is much lower than that of similar fashion brands. There are quite a few big-name models. light. There are 40 styles of Wuhan counters. Sega Watch has a strong design team, with an annual output of 4 million pieces. They also OEM some of the big names in Switzerland, and a large part of the business is government and corporate clock and watch customization.

 Suitable for the crowd: between the ages of 20-45, people who love fashion but have a restrained and stable style.

 Representative Brand: Family

 Reference price: average price around 1000-2000 yuan

 Place of purchase: Hong Kong Design Gallery, 1 / F, Central Department Store

 Simple and stylish

 For CK, the underwear series has always been more common in China. In fact, CK’s watches are also very good. They are based on the concept of simplicity and fashion, and the price is around 2,000 yuan. Compared with CK, GUESS watches are more fashionable and will be dazzling and colorful. The purchase crowd is mostly young women. The fashion accessory brand AGATHA from France is very decorative, and its watch is more like a piece of jewelry.

 Suitable for the crowd: between 20-30 years old, stylish, young mentality of white-collar workers.

 Representative brands: CK, GUESS, AGATHA

 Reference price: average price around 1000-3000 yuan

 Place of purchase: Wuhan Plaza, World Trade Plaza, Central Department Store

 Luxury brands also love fashion watches

 Luxury brands are paying more and more attention to the watch market. Even if you have not paid special attention to the watch industry, you will find that someone around you bought a GUCCI or Hermès watch. Compared to these brands of leather bags, the price of the watch is already quite close to the people. Many of GUCCI’s famous bamboo watches are only four digits. In addition, I am afraid you can’t think of the price of Hermes double-circle watches is only about 20,000-and this price can not buy an entry-level Omega watch. In addition, Burberry British fashion watches are also unique.

 For the crowd: successful people pursuing taste in life, loyal fans of some luxury brands.

 Representative brands: Hermes, Gucci, LV, Dior, Burberry

 Reference price: ranging from 6000 to tens of thousands of yuan

 Place of purchase: Wuhan International Plaza

 Fashion watches also have fine mechanical watches

 Most of the fashion watches use quartz movements, and they put all their efforts into styling design-originally this is exactly what fashion watches should do, but there are some more connotative fashion watches, such as Chanel’s J12. Mechanical movements, complex functions, ceramic materials, diamonds … Should it be in luxury mechanical watches or in fashion watches? However, the lowest-priced European price of J12 is about RMB 25,000, which is in line with the scope of general fashion watches.

 There are also top luxury in fashion watches, such as France’s Shang Mei, which started as a royal jewellery. Its watch is like a gorgeous jewellery, and the price is between 40,000 and 100,000.

 For the crowd: People who love mechanical watches but are too low-key and can afford higher prices

 Representative brands: Bulgari, Chanel, France Shangmei

 Reference price: starting at 10,000 yuan, most models are worth hundreds of thousands

 Place of purchase: Wuhan International Plaza