Month: April 2021

Three New Breitling Watches Commemorating An Aviation Legend: Curtis P-40 Warhawk Fighter

For nearly a century, Breitling has gained worldwide fame with its historical roots in aviation and pilot watches. The brand recently released two chronograph watches and a simple, low-key three-hand watch, which commemorates the partnership with the classic P-40 fighter fighter manufacturer. This also marks that aviation has always been an important part of the Breitling brand DNA.

  The three new Breitling Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk watches are well-known American aircraft maker Curtiss Wright and its most famous model, the Curtis P-40 Warhawk fighter. A tribute. The P-40 Warhawk fighter was manufactured in large quantities between 1938 and 1944. The brand introduced two chronograph watches, one of which was equipped with Breitling’s own movement, and a striking three-hand model.

  Breitling CEO Georges Ken said: A tribute to Curtiss Wright and his most famous model, the Curtis P-40 Warhawk. The P-40 Warhawk fighter was manufactured in large quantities between 1938 and 1944. The brand introduced two) Warhawk fighters. At the same time Breitling and its aeronautical flight department were building cockpit timers for Royal Air Force and other Air Force aircraft. The partnership between the two parties and these new precision watches reaffirm Breitling’s aviation heritage and its significance to the brand.

  Breitling Pilot 8 B01 Chronograph Curtis Warhawk Special Edition

  The Breitling Pilot 8 B01 Chronograph Curtis Warhaw Special Edition features a distinctive military green matte dial that contrasts with the silver hour and 30-minute cumulative timers and small seconds. The watch is powered by Breitling’s own movement and has an amazing power reserve of about an hour.

  In addition, this eye-catching chronograph is also equipped with a two-way rotating bezel with Arabic numerals and scales and practical red hands. The Arabic numerals on the hour, minute and dial are coated with Super-LumiNova, making it easy to read the time in any lighting condition.

  The watch is certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC). The millimeter stainless steel case with a green military strap is waterproof to an atmospheric pressure (100 meters / 330 feet).

  The eye-catching transparent sapphire case back is printed with the Curtis logo and a P-40 fighter fighter pattern. The shark mouth shape and color design on the pattern are inherited from the pilots of the American Volunteer Group and served in the prestigious flying tiger of the Chinese Air Force Typical painting of fighters in the team.

  Breitling Pilot 8 Chronograph 43 Curtis Warhawk Special Edition

  The Breitling Pilot’s Chronograph Curtis Special Edition is equipped with a distinctive military green matte dial, the same-hour hour and minute counter and small seconds. The black nickel-plated hour and minute hands and the Arabic numerals on the dial are coated with Super-LumiNova, which is legible even in low light conditions.

  The Breitling Pilot’s Chronograph 43 Curtis Special Edition is equipped with Breitling Caliber 13 which is known for its stability and high performance. It has a power reserve of approximately 42 hours.

  The chronograph’s unique caseback is engraved with the Curtis logo and a P-40 Fighting Eagle fighter pattern. The shark mouth nose on the pattern is painted with charm and is inherited by pilots of the Free Volunteer Corps and served in China. The Air Force’s prestigious Flying Tigers’ fighter painting is highly visually striking.

  This timepiece is certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), is water-resistant to atmospheric pressure (100 meters / 330 feet), and comes with a green military strap.

  Breitling Aviator 8 Automatic 41 Curtiss Warhawk

  The Breitling Pilot 8 Automatic Watch Curtis Warhaw Special Edition features a military green matte dial with a green military strap. Its hour, minute and Arabic numerals are coated with Super-LumiNova, ensuring excellent legibility in any lighting conditions. This watch also features a two-way rotating bezel, a unique red hand and a central seconds hand with a red tip.

  A diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated stainless steel case is equipped with a Breitling-type movement, which can provide about an hour of power reserve. Like all Breitling watches, its accuracy has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC).

  The bottom of the watch is engraved with the Curtis logo and a P-40 fighter fighter pattern. The shark mouth nose on the pattern is painted with charm and is memorable.

  For any fan who loves the history of aviation and is keen on simplicity, Breitling Pilot 8 automatic mechanical watch 41 Curtis Warhaw Special Edition with its simple and low-key dial will be their best choice.

  Breitling Pilot 8 Watch Series-A Tribute to Great Aviation Heritage

  In the 1930s and 1940s, while Curtiss Wright produced its legendary fighter jet, Breitling’s ‘Huit Aviation Flight Division’ was also designing cockpit timers for several of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers.

  Three brand new watches Breitling Pilot 8 B01 Chronograph 43 Curtis War Eagle Special Edition, Pilot 8 Chronograph 43 Curtis War Eagle Special Edition and Pilot 8 Automatic Mechanical Watch 41 Curtis War Eagle Special Edition, positive A tribute to the partnership between these two aviation pioneers. Engineers reproduced the design features of Breitling’s early iconic 768 aviation watch, including a rotating bezel and unique triangular hands. As soon as the 768 model was launched, it was sought after by pilots.

  The Breitling Pilot 8 watch series not only reflects the aviation heritage proud of the two great brands, but also its modern and retro style will certainly attract new generations of watch enthusiasts.

American Brand Swiss Quality Brief Review Of Hamilton’s New Watch

Among the watch brands under the Swarth Group, Hamilton is in a unique position. Although the watch is produced in Switzerland, it is indeed an American watch brand and has a close relationship with American culture. Similarly, like several other brands, they do not belong to the ‘Old Europe’ watch area. The most watched here is the German watch brand. It is well known that Hamilton belongs to the Swatch Group, and the price of mechanical watches is between 600 and 2000 euros. This is very important, because a well-known manufacturer’s product offers such a price in the case of soaring objects in recent years. This made watch enthusiasts fall in love with the brand, and at an affordable price, they can buy a well-made watch to satisfy their desires without the need for a mortgage house.

   If I hadn’t browsed the catalog of the new Hamilton watches, I would have thought that it had changed its style and tried to become the ‘darling of the masses’. Maybe this is not necessarily a good thing, but maintaining the style of the brand is more important. In addition, this is the strategic platform that Swarth Group enters, adding to the uniqueness of watches. Movement manufacturer ETA provided Hamilton with certain modifications and standards that set it apart from Tissot, Certina, Longines and Omega. Let’s take a look at these special watches.

Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Lady
    The frame of the watch is not a traditional hand-cut skeleton masterpiece, but the result of numerical control coding. Then the watch is so attractive that you have to look at it a few more times.

Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Gent

   This skeleton movement is derived from the famous 2824 series, and it is newly designated as cal.H-20-S. The female model is 36mm in diameter and the male model is 40mm in diameter.

   Through the sapphire crystal on the back, you can see the asymmetrical dial layout. This is Hamilton’s unique variant of the movement, which is also based on 2824.

   The stainless steel watch is 42 mm long and belongs to the American classic series. The theme of the watch is free spirit. The 42mm model is equipped with cal.H-21 chronograph movement, which greatly increases the power reserve to 60 hours. It is an upgraded version of the famous ETA7750.

   The spirit of freedom in the 2013 edition, the enlarged size of the crown, reminiscent of the old manual winding chronograph, more nostalgic design.

   A sentence on the strap made it the best graduation gift for law school graduates.

   Let us enter the field of sports watches. Khaki Pilot Pioneer chronograph is a classic military pilot watch design, it uses H-31 movement, power reserve of 60 hours, the predecessor of this movement is 7753.

   The case is 41 mm in diameter and comes in black and ivory dials. Apart from the date window, this watch is satisfactory.

   One of my personal favorites is the impressive Khaki Navy Sub chronograph. This 43mm diving chronograph is water-resistant to 300 meters and is equipped with the H-31 movement.

   Unique unidirectional rotating diving bezel with rubber markings on the metal bezel.

   All in all, this watch is very impressive. In my opinion, it is the best watch in this market. The only thing that needs improvement is the date window. I especially like the orange version.

   This year, when the fancy Jazzmaster Face 2 Face was launched, it created a lot of topics. It consists of two independent movements, and the changing disk can be turned over.

   On the right is a chronograph that uses the ETA 2094 chronograph movement, which is based on the ETA2000 movement, which is specially produced for women’s watches.

   On the left is ETA2671, which is also the movement of a women’s watch.
   Of course, this configuration makes the watch huge. The width of the watch is 53mm. It is limited to 888 pieces and is relatively expensive. It is indeed a conversation box, who knows, maybe a good thing at this time, we pay attention to its prominent performance in future movie blockbusters …

Men’s Watch Sets Off A Colorful Era

The era is developing, and people’s demand for color is getting richer. Men’s taste for fashion is also getting higher and higher. Black and white gray watches are no longer able to meet their needs. Various colorful men’s watches have emerged to make men ‘lecherous’ in the end!
Dark blue sea monster
Recommended Watch: Planet Ocean Chrono

 The entire watch is dominated by blue, which strongly sets off its distinguished name of the marine universe; the classic round large dial with toothed outer ring reveals the inherent characteristics of the underwater watch; the combination of silver and blue means water and sky The beauty of connection, the change is presented to the world in kind. This watch combines a variety of functions in one, the dial at 3 o’clock is a 12-hour cumulative chronograph display dial; the date display window at 6 o’clock; the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. The upper button on the right side of the case is responsible for timing start / pause, and the lower button is responsible for zeroing. The middle part is the crown; the left side of the case is a helium exhaust valve. The case and crown made of titanium can effectively prevent the watch from being corroded by seawater and rust; the case diameter of 45.5 mm makes the watch show a generous temperament, just like the beauty of the open sea.
Watch details

 The blue PVD-coated toothed bezel is printed with numbers and scale hour markers, which are eye-catching; the buttons on the left and right sides of the case are evenly arranged, which stands out the full beauty of the watch. The classic round dial uses blue as the background and matches the color of the strap; and the design concept is based on white long hour markers. The hour markers are coated with luminous materials to facilitate viewing the time in the dark; The small dial design at the clock position is evenly symmetrical, which better highlights the classic Omega logo at 12 o’clock. The white arrow-shaped pointer design has a distinctive personality and strong three-dimensional sense. The hour, minute and second hands are coated with luminous materials, making the watch clear in the dark.
Green Sky Seahawk
Recommended watches: Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk Green Auction

 The Sea Hawk series appeared in the history of Girard-Perregaux during the Second World War to name military watches; the series evolved into a series of diving watches in the 1960s and 1970s, and became more unique in the mid-1970s. The rotating bezel, crown bridge and excellent diving depth specifications became one of the classic works of diving watches at the time. When the brand launched the latest generation of Sea Hawk in 2002, it redesigned and strengthened the shape and specifications: the waterproof specifications range from 1,000 meters to 3,000 meters, the crown at 4 o’clock, and the sturdy crown guards on both sides. A series of strong styles.
Watch details

 The Sea Hawk Green Auction watch has a 44mm stainless steel case and is water-resistant to 1,000 meters. It is equipped with an automatic winding movement and has a 46-hour power reserve. The watch has a simple three-pin indicator and a power reserve indicator plate; the green on the dial represents the inherent environmental protection meaning, and the center of the power reserve indicator plate has the word ‘Green Auction’ in red. As for the case back, it is engraved with ‘Piece Unique’ and the pictures of the Sea Eagle series. Christie’s estimates that the auction price will fall around $ 10,000. 44mm stainless steel case, crown at 4 o’clock plus bridge guard, plus water resistance to 1,000 meters, reveals the personality of military watches. The case back is engraved with the words ‘Piece Unique’ and the Seahawk series are unique.
Black purple mysterious clown
Recommended watch: Hublot Big Bang 41mm series watch

 Hublot has ingeniously launched a series of colored watches, which not only won the hearts of women, but also made men unbearable. This Big Bang 41mm series of rainbow columns is really overwhelming. The Hublot Big Bang series color watches have a diameter width of 41mm for both men and women. Although men and women are distinguished on the model, because there is no difference in appearance and parameter functions, they can be worn by men and women. The automatic mechanical movement provides a 42-hour power reserve and is waterproof to 100 meters. Men can always wear it and enjoy the colorful time. This is a grand event of color: the combination of streamering treasures and watchmaking skills, the passion and collision of tradition and innovation, perfectly show Hublot’s watchmaking concept.
Watch details

 The watch is 41 mm in diameter and uses the design of the automatic mechanical movement HUB1112. Power reserve is more than 40 hours, and water resistance reaches 10 standard atmospheric pressure (about 100 meters underwater). The entire watch, including the crown, is fully cut and polished with chamfers to give it a diamond-like quality. The exquisite bezel is set with a total of 2.23 carats of square diamonds, which is dazzling. The screws are made of titanium-coated PVD. The 41mm diameter case is equipped with the automatic mechanical hub HUB1112. The calendar window is located at 3 o’clock, and the black natural rubber strap brings unparalleled comfort to the toughness.
Seven-Colored Rainbow Angel
Recommended watch: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116598 RBOW

 This cosmograph Daytona is made of 18 ct yellow gold and is equipped with an outer ring studded with rainbow-toned gemstones. These gemstones are flashing with colorful colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, just like the beautiful and colorful change in heaven. Rolex carefully selected exquisite and delicate gems, and set them together to give the watch a strange brilliance. The lugs, shoulder pads, and hour markers are also inlaid with precious stones, which together highlight the charming features of this Daytona. The color of the gold crystal chronograph dial is in sharp contrast with the black dial and complements the color of the gemstone. These unique timepieces are made of 18 ct gold alloy by Rolex in its own foundry. The charming reflective effect and magnificent colors fully show the wonderful structure of gold crystals. Jin Jing of each chronograph is unique, each piece is a natural masterpiece of art.
Watch details

 Oyster Case-The excellent waterproof symbol of the Cosmograph Daytona’s 40 mm Oyster case guarantees a water resistance of 100 meters. It is a model of perfect proportion and elegant style. The unique middle case is cast from a solid piece of 18 ct solid gold. The bottom case is screwed tightly by Rolex’s special tools to completely seal the case. The winding crown adopts a patented three-lock waterproof system and is protected by the crown shoulders. Like the timing button, it is firmly screwed on the case. The mirror is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The fully sealed Cosmograph Daytona Oyster case gives the precision movement the best protection.
 Life needs passion, and life full of color makes people feel happy and joyful. You can also create a good mood by wearing bright accessories. We focus on colored watches, whether it is rubber straps or crystal ceramics, even the most conservative leathers have adopted color as the design direction. Men who love watches, also try the colorful feeling.

Jewelry Creation Only For Princess Grace Of Monaco

In 1956, Grace Kelly married HSH Prince Rainier and became the princess of Monaco. To cope with the wedding event, ‘Grace de Monaco’ pink rose Become one of the most conspicuous decorations of the big wedding; the princess had a special love for roses during her lifetime. She once said that ‘Grace de Monaco’ pink roses were the most wonderful wedding gift she received. It is precisely because of Grace’s love that Montblanc inspired the “Grace de Monaco” pink rose to create the Princess Grace collection of high-end jewellery, to witness touching love, and to pay tribute to the elegant princess.
Rose and petals
   Roses are the most moving symbol of women: they are intoxicating, delicate and charming. Montblanc is inspired by the petals that best represent the beauty of the rose, and is incorporated into the design of the Princess Grace Collection of Monaco. In fact, rose petals are the main axis of design for the Princess Princess Grace Collection of Monaco, and the designer has transformed its characteristics into a sensual and feminine creative theme.

   Why is rose petals so appealing? Rose petals are delicate and fragile, as smooth as velvet, but they have the meaning of freedom; because each petal of each flower is different, it means that each woman is an independent individual, each with a unique personality and beauty. ‘The Princess Grace Collection of Monaco’ contains two petal design themes, praising the unique beauty and moving charm of each woman.
Pétales de Rose (rose petals) theme
   The perfect, lovely, and moving rose petals are at the heart of the Pétales de Rose theme. Each petal takes an asymmetrical line, and the smooth gold surface is paved with diamonds, which highlights the unique shape of the petals.

   The diamond petals are inlaid with different levels, different angles, and have a three-dimensional effect. Between the petals, they are more aerodynamic, and bloom with the movement of the wrist. Starting from a petal, the designer conceived a shape surrounded by four or six petals. A single diamond was set in the middle of the petals, like the crystal dew on the surface of the petals. It was luxurious and poetic.
Pétales Entrelacés theme

   As the name suggests, Pétales Entrelacés is composed of intertwined petals, representing lovers’ hearts, and the intimacy of men and women is harmonious. The petals are intricately intertwined, soft and wavy, and full of contours, forming a continuous wreath. Senior craftsmen use ingenious hands to flexibly inlaid petals, shaped like precious lace, and wrapped around the jade wrist like a ribbon, making people feel the eternal value of precious materials.

   The warm pink gold blooms with the movement of the wrist, and the sparkling diamonds bring out the natural charm of the petals. Pink gold and diamonds are a match made in heaven, witnessing the vow of love, eternal.

Portuguese Superb Complex Watch

IWC Portuguese Super Complex Watch
    Following the first collection of ultra-complex functions to create super-complex watches for the first time in 1990, IWC’s new generation of ultra-complex watches that have been sharpened for 20 years
    The 18th-century watchmaker ALBreguet once had a very interesting point: all watches and clocks that do not have a sound mechanism, even if complicated such as perpetual calendar, tourbillon, time equation, can only be called ‘Simple Watch’ Simple table). This theory sounds strange at first glance, but it also makes sense when you think about it: once the clock has a sound, it is another world of gloom and glory, and the flat visual art has since been transformed into a three-dimensional auditory category. Feelings, indeed, are not comparable to those of the ‘Simple Watch’, whose skills are only at the visual level.

Hermès Hangzhou Elegant Open Hermes Handicraft Festival

Hermes, a French hand luggage brand with a history of 176 years, after Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang, today opened the “Festival des Métiers” elegantly again on the shore of the beautiful West Lake, showing its exclusiveness to the Hangzhou public Of eight classic crafts.

 Cao Weiming cuts the ribbon for the ceremony with leather artisans, Miao Chengchao, Emmanuel Lenain, Shen Guojun, and silk scarf printer (from left to right)

 Hermès, a French hand luggage brand with a history of 176 years, after Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang, today opened the “Festival des Métiers” elegantly on the shore of the beautiful West Lake, showing the Hangzhou public eight exclusive classic crafts . Nine outstanding craftsmen vividly interpreted the essence of Hermès ‘century-old brand, telling the unique ingenuity contained in each piece, leading the audience on the scene to understand Hermès’ exquisite and mysterious handicraft palace and the ultimate state of perfection.

 Entering the ‘Hermes Crafts Ceremony’ exhibition area, you will be greeted by elegant and exquisite workbenches, various delicate needlework, delicate wood hammers, colorful silks … all kinds of tools and materials are in the hands of craftsmen Dancing lightly, the rhythm is in chapters, like a passionate symphony full of vitality, which illustrates Hermès’s endless enthusiasm and eternal pursuit of traditional manual skills.

 As the founding source of Hermès, saddle production has a unique and profound meaning in Hermes’ handicrafts. People often stop in front of the stand, listening to the whisper between the producer and the saddle. Since Hermes opened its first saddle and harness workshop in 1837, careful selection of materials and excellent production have been the keys to its world-renowned success. In order for the saddle to have a strong and delicate texture and elegant luster, to realize the natural fit between humans and horses, the craftsmen need to specialize the selected leather before making each part. The cowhide used only for the saddle wings requires tanning for 8 to 10 months in a container filled with oak bark. The famous ‘saddle needle method’ uses beeswax linen, all reinforced stitching is done by hand, giving the saddle an unparalleled firmness, and also a perfect fusion with leather.

 Keep moving forward, and in front of you is Hermes’ unique leather goods production workbench. ‘Beads round jade run’ and ‘saddle stitch method’, the leather goods division with its own superb skills, with the help of specialized tools, live demonstration of Hermes’s unique handmade skills. From raw hides to finely-crafted clinker, a fur product needs to undergo more than 200 complex and sophisticated processing techniques before it can become gorgeous, refined, and layered leather goods. After tanning, dyeing, and finishing the leather, you need to soften, cut, sew, flip, polish, and bead … Every step of the production process requires the mastery of the craftsman, and all the details of each piece of leather are made by a craftsman himself Do it manually. It is in this way that Hermes leather goods will have a one-piece integrity and a unique personality.

 After admiring the perfection of leather goods production, his eyes couldn’t help but be attracted by the on-site craftsman who clung leather on the wooden frame. He was showing Hermès’ exclusive glove making technology. Every winter Hermès designs 25 gloves, and in summer it adds 15 more, each with 8 to 10 colors, but few people know that a pair of classic Hermes gloves need to go through 22 different production processes. After the initial selection and processing of leather, polishing, and manual cutting and stitching in the later period, a pair of elegant, comfortable, and exquisitely crafted Hermès gloves came into being. Some styles can be as long as the shoulders or exposed fingers, and some styles are designed with freshness. Vibrant stripes, delicate wrinkles or gentle and intricate mesh laces, and some are decorated with studs and jewelry. The artisans confid their warm feelings, show unlimited talents through their hands, and convey Hermès’ unremitting pursuit of a better life.

 A workbench similar to Chinese prints attracted a lot of guests ‘curious eyes. Hermès’ exclusive silk scarf plate making process was presented to people in a black and white world. The dedicated scarf stenciler is shaking hands with the stereotyped pen, meticulously making each template for each color in the scarf pattern, ensuring that each element in the pattern is clear, complete and expressive. A Hermès silk scarf starts from the topic selection and passes the design, color matching, plate making, coloring, and hand-rolling processes. It takes more than 24 months before and after. After the pattern is determined, the craftsmen need to use high patience and a lot of time and painstaking efforts to pattern each color in the silk scarf pattern, and transfer every detail in the pattern to transparent paper to ensure that all colors can It is superimposed on a predetermined position correctly to form a predetermined pattern. It takes about 600 hours to make a single scarf.

 After completing the plate making process, on a huge table that is 100 meters long, the silk scarf printing and dyeing division is working to give each Hermès silk scarf a soul of color. 30 to 45 colors are selected from 75,000 colors and accurate. Color the floor to the prepared silk scarf floor. For each color, it takes 1 hour to 1 month to dry before printing and dyeing the second color. After a series of time-consuming and complicated processes, one party’s dazzling and colorful colors were finally released. After going through this journey of color exploration, audiences who have witnessed such superb skills can not stand by indifferently, but they ca n’t wait to pick up a square scarf and feel the spirit flowing at the fingertips.

 Many men linger on the Hermès tie making workbench. Since the advent of Hermes ‘first tie in 1949, the tie has become another symbol of Hermes’ lifestyle. Every Hermès tie is hand-woven from high-quality silk. Customize a Hermès tie with more than a thousand colors to choose from. Different from other ties, Hermes tie will carefully add a loose line, which makes the tie not only soft and fit, but more importantly, even after wearing it for many times, as long as the loose line is adjusted, the tie can be restored again. In a brand new and shabby state, we will continue to accompany our customers with perfect quality and witness their aging years.

 If saddles and leather goods are witnesses to the 100-year history of Hermès, the excellent watch series is a tribute to this century. The craftsmen carefully fiddled with the watch parts in their hands, making people want to peek into the details of this exquisite craftsmanship. Hermès has broken through the traditional watchmaking concept in watchmaking technology and tried to use advanced technology. The Dressage watch series is one of Hermès special watch series. With its outstanding case design and elegant curves, the Dresseage watch is equipped with the H1837 self-winding movement developed exclusively by Hermès. The movement is hand polished. The main splint of the movement is engraved with fish scales. The automatic tourbillon uses a brushing process and is engraved with a hand-polished exclusive Hermès H pattern decoration. The shiny H marks are closely arranged to outline the original shape of the splint. The cleverness of the new Arceau Grande Lune moon phase watch is that it is a full calendar watch with the function of displaying the day and month: a dark blue moon phase dial machine specially designed at 6 o’clock, rhodium-plated astrology, dial numbers The arrangement and swirl pattern make the entire watch show a mysterious and rich astronomical effect, which greatly enhances the wearer’s enjoyment of appreciation. Such a design that combines exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics can not help moving, lamenting the timelessness and eternity.

 The first presentation of the knitting and woven stitching process won a warm response once it was displayed. I saw that the splicer skillfully used the fabrics and needles of the fingers to seamlessly connect the knitted cashmere and twill silk on both sides through classic connection technology, so that the knitted cashmere was firmly locked in the middle of the two twill silks. The seams between these fabrics are extremely smooth and regular. Through this unique technique, Hermès uses more stylish and simple elements to mix and match different fabrics with treated silk, while giving women’s ready-to-wear garments, pullovers, sweaters, skirts and other new shapes. , Further enhance the quality of clothing, enhance the comfort when wearing, has become a time-honored fashion benchmark.

 In order to better convey Hermès’ admiration and insistence on pure handicrafts to the audience, this event specially set up a public open day link, the visit time is from November 8, 2013 to November 12, 2013, 11: 00-19 : 00 (in the atrium of Hangzhou Lakeside Yintai Phase I). At the same time, the film documentary ‘Hearts and Crafts’, which deeply describes the essence of Hermès craftsmanship, will also be screened in the exhibition hall on the third floor of the Hermès Intime boutique during the same period.

 The ‘Hermes Crafts Ceremony’ is like a supreme tour of the highest quality and artistic life. In this mini workshop, Hermès deeply interprets its diligent pursuit of perfection and detail with classic skills, and pays tribute to the persistence and bold innovation of generations of craftsmen. The profound and ingenious craftsmanship and the profound heritage of a century of heritage make Hermes more elegant and charming under the baptism of time.