A Hippie-style Jaeger-lecoultre Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre handed over the answers to 4 new movements this year, which are really satisfactory. Among them, the movement 381 is my favorite. This movement is divided into two parts, with a barrel on each side, like a pair of wings. When a team is working, the clearer the division of labor, the higher the efficiency. These two barrels are like two departments, one for the escapement and one for the additional functions. So far, this movement can reach the peak of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s unprecedented accuracy in travel time, which is a great achievement. Do it! Jaeger-LeCoultre also consolidated its dominant position.
    I haven’t paid special attention to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s moon phases, maybe Aiwu and Wu, for Duomètreà Quantième Lunaire moon phase calendar watch with movement 381, I also studied this time. It turned out that I didn’t know it. It was startling. I did not expect that Jaeger-LeCoultre, which has always adhered to the tradition, has designed a noodle dish with a hippie meaning. No matter how bad your mood is, you can not help feeling happy when you see this watch. Not to mention the biplane movement inside the case, I just want to put it in the pocket just by designing it with the faceplate. Jaeger-LeCoultre must also be very proud of himself. When you look at the moon phase, you all smile and bend your eyes.