A Tribute To The Age Of Elegance Frederique Constant Launches Two New Runabout Gmt Limited Watches

Frederique Constant launches two new Runabout GMT limited edition watches to pay tribute to the elegant 1920s and Riva yachts.

Long-term partnership
   In 2009, Frederique Constant established a partnership with the Riva Historical Society. The Riva Historical Society was co-founded by Piero Maria Gibellini and Carlo Riva. Its sole purpose is to protect the world’s surviving Riva yachts and to help owners best protect their precious property. With the launch of two new Runabout GMT limited edition watches, Frederique Constant pays tribute to the brand’s commitment to maintaining the Riva name and its significance.
From ocean to land
   In the same year, Frederique Constant launched the first Runabout watch, named after the legendary Runabout yacht from the 1920s. Compared with the European elite Runabouts, Riva Runabouts are small, fast and powerful, and can be used by four to eight people. Riva Runabouts is the ideal muse for designing elegant timepieces.

Refined and elegant
   The new Frederique Constant Runabout watch is exquisite and elegant, with hour, minute, second, date and 24-hour GMT display functions. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 44 mm, is polished, has a three-piece structure and a transparent bottom, and is equipped with the FC-350 movement. The first is a silver dial with blue GMT hands and a navy blue leather strap; the second is a dark gray dial with white GMT hands and a light brown leather strap. Both watches are limited to 2,888 pieces and come with luxurious wooden gift boxes and Runabout wooden models.