American Brand Swiss Quality Brief Review Of Hamilton’s New Watch

Among the watch brands under the Swarth Group, Hamilton is in a unique position. Although the watch is produced in Switzerland, it is indeed an American watch brand and has a close relationship with American culture. Similarly, like several other brands, they do not belong to the ‘Old Europe’ watch area. The most watched here is the German watch brand. It is well known that Hamilton belongs to the Swatch Group, and the price of mechanical watches is between 600 and 2000 euros. This is very important, because a well-known manufacturer’s product offers such a price in the case of soaring objects in recent years. This made watch enthusiasts fall in love with the brand, and at an affordable price, they can buy a well-made watch to satisfy their desires without the need for a mortgage house.

   If I hadn’t browsed the catalog of the new Hamilton watches, I would have thought that it had changed its style and tried to become the ‘darling of the masses’. Maybe this is not necessarily a good thing, but maintaining the style of the brand is more important. In addition, this is the strategic platform that Swarth Group enters, adding to the uniqueness of watches. Movement manufacturer ETA provided Hamilton with certain modifications and standards that set it apart from Tissot, Certina, Longines and Omega. Let’s take a look at these special watches.

Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Lady
    The frame of the watch is not a traditional hand-cut skeleton masterpiece, but the result of numerical control coding. Then the watch is so attractive that you have to look at it a few more times.

Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Gent

   This skeleton movement is derived from the famous 2824 series, and it is newly designated as cal.H-20-S. The female model is 36mm in diameter and the male model is 40mm in diameter.

   Through the sapphire crystal on the back, you can see the asymmetrical dial layout. This is Hamilton’s unique variant of the movement, which is also based on 2824.

   The stainless steel watch is 42 mm long and belongs to the American classic series. The theme of the watch is free spirit. The 42mm model is equipped with cal.H-21 chronograph movement, which greatly increases the power reserve to 60 hours. It is an upgraded version of the famous ETA7750.

   The spirit of freedom in the 2013 edition, the enlarged size of the crown, reminiscent of the old manual winding chronograph, more nostalgic design.

   A sentence on the strap made it the best graduation gift for law school graduates.

   Let us enter the field of sports watches. Khaki Pilot Pioneer chronograph is a classic military pilot watch design, it uses H-31 movement, power reserve of 60 hours, the predecessor of this movement is 7753.

   The case is 41 mm in diameter and comes in black and ivory dials. Apart from the date window, this watch is satisfactory.

   One of my personal favorites is the impressive Khaki Navy Sub chronograph. This 43mm diving chronograph is water-resistant to 300 meters and is equipped with the H-31 movement.

   Unique unidirectional rotating diving bezel with rubber markings on the metal bezel.

   All in all, this watch is very impressive. In my opinion, it is the best watch in this market. The only thing that needs improvement is the date window. I especially like the orange version.

   This year, when the fancy Jazzmaster Face 2 Face was launched, it created a lot of topics. It consists of two independent movements, and the changing disk can be turned over.

   On the right is a chronograph that uses the ETA 2094 chronograph movement, which is based on the ETA2000 movement, which is specially produced for women’s watches.

   On the left is ETA2671, which is also the movement of a women’s watch.
   Of course, this configuration makes the watch huge. The width of the watch is 53mm. It is limited to 888 pieces and is relatively expensive. It is indeed a conversation box, who knows, maybe a good thing at this time, we pay attention to its prominent performance in future movie blockbusters …