Basel Watch Show Basel 2019: Retro Tudor Tudor Black Bay P01

Baselworld TUDOR in 2019 is still the popular series of the Black Bay brand in recent years. The Black Bay P01 is very curious regardless of its name or appearance. Although it looks close to BB, it is One thing is not so BB. The original reason is that the brand has taken inspiration from the past history, combined with the design characteristics of antique watches, this new Black Bay has transformed its own personality.

Tudor was inspired by the prototype of the military diving watch designed for the US Navy in 1967, and introduced the new work of Black Bay P01. The special case shape exudes a strong retro military watch atmosphere.

Having said that, back in the middle of the twentieth century, Tudor was favored by the U.S. Navy to help the military to provide special diving watches. Later, in 1967, Tudor’s technology for developing diving watches became more and more mature, so there was a major renovation-of course, this upgrade It fully meets the requirements of the US military for military watches, and also improves the performance of watches and related ergonomic design.

Although the face plate is consistent with other models in the Black Bay series, the crown position and case shape of the watch are different from those of the same series, showing the aesthetics from the early watch design.

The Black Bay P01 this time was inspired by the Prototype diving watch designed by Tudor that year, so it can be seen from the appearance that it looks very unusual, including its crown set at 4 o’clock, and the case lug connection The particularly large pieces, together with the case and lugs extending out of the hinged end link (this is a common watch design in the 1960s), etc., make this watch look full of retro-style innovation. Considering that it was born for military needs, this design has a small egg. The hinged end link at 12 o’clock is actually movable, and the wearer can pry it open. What do you mean? This is to be used with the rotating bezel of the diving watch. The bezel is usually locked. It can only be turned after opening the hinged end link. Once the wearer seizes the link back, the bezel is in a fixed state. In simple terms, it is a device to prevent accidental contact. This is a bit different from the foolproof design of the rotating bezel of modern diving watches, which shows another creative thinking.

The hinged end link of the case at 12 o’clock has the function of bezel locking. The bezel can rotate in both directions only after the wearer opens the link, preventing the bezel from being touched by mistake.

The diameter of the Black Bay P01 is actually 42mm, but because its case, lugs, and end links are too hot, the face plate is relatively not as big as 42mm in the impression (just an illusion after comparison) The faceplate layout still maintains the elements of the Black Bay series, such as inverted triangles and round hour markers, snowflake hands, etc. In addition, the black faceplate is also a common color of Tudor. It is possible to highlight the retro texture, so the luminous of the watch The material is a bit beige, and the watch looks like it has been baptized for a little time, in line with the overall Tone tone. The MT5612 movement equipped with the watch has a junior hand and date function. Tudor’s self-made movement has continued to build reputation since its launch. This movement has passed C.O.S.C. certification, which can ensure the watch has a level of accuracy above the time.

Black Bay P01

Stainless steel material / MT5612 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 200 meters / diameter 42mm