Black And White With A Star! You Don’t Want To Lose Your Favorite Black And White Look Because Of The Wrong Watch?

‘The most classic black and white’, ‘the black and white combination is the least prone to error’ … The fashionable star who put black and white on the altar, these two reasons alone can be 365 days a year. Embrace black and white. Although the classics are classics, if you watch more, you will always feel that this timeless color scheme is not good. At this time, of course, to add a little look to the Look, a watch is an excellent choice. You definitely don’t want the black-and-white matching style that you never missed. What kind of stereotypes do you wear? Which watch can double the gas field? The following recommendation may be in the middle of a black and white supporting star.

Sharp and capable black and white supporting person

Supermodel Carly Klaus white suit suit with black Bra and black sandals

A smart black and white shape requires a watch that can only convey a simple and sharp personality

Black and white shapes tend to look dull, and the embellishment of accessories is important

   The black and white combination itself is very capable, coupled with the stars who like to wear suits, then the OL temperament must be strong. In order to avoid the stereotyped and dull impression, when choosing a watch, we must avoid the masculine, traditional brown leather strap watch. The dial design is exquisite and unique, or the slender and soft lines of the watch body are the best. The diamond details will highlight the female’s agility. Piaget ALTIPLANO series feather inlaid dial, Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series of blue rectangular dial, as a black and white suit set embellishment, can express the taste of capable independent women accurately.
Watch recommendations:

Piaget ALTIPLANO watch with feather-inlaid dial, equipped with Piaget’s own 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, 18K white gold case, bezel set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds

Piaget LIMELIGHT series watch with a diameter of 26 mm, equipped with Piaget 59P quartz movement, bezel set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds

Longines Dayau Wiener watch, 20.4 mm diameter, quartz movement, steel and diamond case
Exquisite romantic black and white supporting star

A fashionable person who likes black and white and also exquisite romantic women.

Elegant and stylish black and white outfit, suitable for wearing soft and charming watches

White-based Look, you can try a light-colored watch

   Women who love black and white, but also do not want to abandon elegant charm, prefer to add romantic skirts to the shape. The swaying elegant skirt is meticulous and exquisite. The matching watch should also have the feminine character. Clear light blue, shameful pale powder, or pure white are all in line with the overall temperament of black and white modeling. Longines Jialan series watches, light blue alligator straps and “Summer Flowers” ​​blooming in the dial are cool and soft; Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series pink models are a big fan of femininity, making a touch of pale pink become black ‘Flirt’. When choosing the Breguet Naples Queen Series watch, the embossed flowers in the dial can interpret the gorgeous beauty of the wearer.
Watch recommendations:

Breguet Queen of Naples watch, 18k white gold with diamonds, bezel set with 40 diamonds, automatic movement

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch, diameter 33 mm, quartz movement, bezel set with 32 diamonds

Longines Jialan watch, 24 mm diameter, quartz movement, light blue crocodile leather strap, mother-of-pearl dial decorated with tranquil blue star pattern

Cool black and white girl

Match black and white with a cool type, and choose a watch with personality

Emphasize the presence of the watch, you can choose eye-catching colors

Black-based styling, preferably with a black and uniquely designed watch

   Addicted to the coolness of black and white collisions, it should be the most reason for most fashionable people to blurt out. Cool girl’s choice of accessories, of course, to live up to expectations, the sword goes too far. Designing a watch that can beat the eye, and the color can instantly grab the mirror, in order to get their eyes. The first thing I would recommend is the Bulgari SERPENTI watch, which looks like a snake. The unique spiral strap is arrogant, and the coolness index soars around the wrist. In view of the popular grass green in 2017 has blown into the hearts of all the tide, naturally can not let go of the green watch with a good time to brush the sense of presence, Zenith ELITE series may just agree with you. The dior DIOR CHRISTAL series, which is so beloved, is also indifferent to its cool performance. The bezel and strap set by the pyramid-shaped blue sapphire crystal are dazzling, which perfectly solves the embarrassment that the black and white Look is not bright enough.
Watch recommendations:

Bvlgari SERPENTI watch, black ceramic case, 18K rose gold bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds, black ceramic single spiral bracelet

Zenith ELITE watch, ultra-thin case, bezel set with 62 round diamonds, equipped with moon phase display function

Dior DIOR CHRISTAL watch, quartz movement, diameter 33 mm, rotating bezel set with pyramid-shaped blue sapphire crystal
   To sum up, when it comes to black and white embellishments, the first thing that comes to mind is the colorful and fancy colors. In fact, the finishing touch of black and white modeling is not necessarily brilliant colors. The key is to match the dress style with the temperament of the watch.