Chen Bailin Joins Hands With Casio Watches

On May 2nd, Casio G-SHOCK ‘SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR2011’ Chen Bailin Zhengzhou Autograph Session landed in Zhengzhou Fashion Plaza Guomao 360 Plaza. This time, Casio G-SHOCK and Chen Bailin joined hands to see Chen Bailin as a Taiwanese new-generation idol, which has a very high popularity in the Asian youth market.
Casio G-SHOCK has always adhered to subverting existing impressions and has long become a striking trend logo. While Chen Bailin, who is active in the film and television industry and trend circle, has a unique personality and tactile touch that is in line with the Casio G-SHOCK brand image. At the event site, in addition to Chen Bailin personally showing the commemorative watches specially tailored for G-SHOCK, other new models were also displayed at the scene, making the scene full of fashion. The fans at the scene were also very enthusiastic, and the wave of shouting the name of the idol was higher than the wave. On the stage, Chen Bailin had a fun interaction with the fans, and finally two lucky people received the Chen Bailin commemorative watch sent by Casio.
According to reports, Casio G-SHOCK was born in 1983. As an indicator of trendy watches, it is supported by many creative celebrities. It is not only a watch, but a fashion label that represents an authoritative culture and era, becoming a brand of pop culture. Now G-SHOCK is further carrying out the integration of various cultures, spreading the spirit of ‘SHOCK THEWORLD’ to the world.

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