Commemorating The 175th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Brand Patek Philippe Launches A New Traditional Handicraft Decoration Watch

In order to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the brand’s founding and its deep roots in traditional hand-decorated craftsmanship, Patek Philippe has specially launched 20 rare craft watches carefully crafted with these beautiful hand-craftsmanship, And 20 dome clocks and pocket watches with stand.

Ref.982 Marquetry Pocket Watch

   Looking back at 1930, after the Stern family officially took over Patek Philippe, they still adhered to the business principles passed down by the founders Patek and Philippe, which is what today’s Swiss watch industry calls the ‘Geneva’s seven traditional watchmaking processes’ (The Seven Crafts of Geneva) watchmaking tradition. Patek Philippe insists on combining the traditional craftsmanship of designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, bracelet makers, sculptors, porcelain painters and gemsmiths, and can complete the entire watchmaking process in the original factory. This insistence certainly allows Patek Philippe to make good use of these skills to make precise and detailed clocks, which will be passed on to future generations, and makes Patek Philippe today the proud family-owned watchmaking company in Geneva and the only manufacturer in the world that still fully adopts handmade clocks. . However, during the Great Depression of the 1930s and the period of decline in luxury watch sales after the 1950s, Patek Philippe also faced great economic pressure.

Ref.992 Gold Carved Pocket Watch (Front)

Ref.992 Gold Carved Pocket Watch (back)

   Fortunately, no matter how difficult the situation is, Patek Philippe always cherishes highly professional craftsmanship, and extensively applies these exquisite craftsmanship to the cases, watches and dials of its various top precious timepieces, including carving, carving, enamel Enamel, infill enamel, miniature painting, transparent enamel, hollow enamel), fine wood inlay, jewelry crafts, hollowwork and related skills have never changed.

Ref. 5131G Filigree Enamel World Time Zone Watch

Ref.7131R Filigree Enamel World Time Zone Watch

   In commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the brand, Rare Handcrafts traditional hand-crafted decorative watches, including Ref.982 and 992 pocket watches, Ref.5089 watches, and Ref.5131 men’s and Ref.7131 world time zone watches, especially the origin of the brand The urban landscape of Geneva and its landmarks, citizens and ports are used as decorative patterns for these works.