E-strap Smart Bands Make Traditional Watches Smarter

Frederique Constant launched a new high-tech masterpiece at this year’s Baselworld: the E-Strap smartband. Frederique Constant’s E-Strap smart strap is a patented smart buckle and strap specially designed for traditional watches, so our slogan is: make traditional watches smarter. The Frederique Constant E-Strap smartband, created by Frederique Constant, a Swiss watch brand, is a great way to add intelligence to traditional watches. The ultra-small extension buckle makes it difficult to detect its existence, because it is not only thin, but also covered by the original leather strap. Frederique Constant’s E-Strap smartband is based on a complete traditional Swiss smartwatch platform and its sophisticated features. The wearer can use the MMT-365 app with a traditional Swiss smartwatch. The E-Strap smart band is equipped with ‘activity tracking’, ‘smart cycle alarm’ and ‘sleep monitoring’ function to monitor sleep quality. Most importantly, Frederique Constant E-Strap is priced at only HK $ 2,200 to $ 2,400 and includes a fine leather strap with multiple colors. E-Strap will be sold through after-sales service. If customers have this demand, they can send traditional watches to Frederique Constant, and our professionals will replace the E-Strap straps for you.

   The new ‘E-Strap’ is suitable for any traditional watch with a lug width of 20 mm or 22 mm. Frederique Constant and MMT SwissConnect are working together again to bring E-Strap the same smart features as Horological Smartwatch. With the matching MMT-365 application, users can simply use the E-Strap on any traditional quartz watch or self-winding watch, and they can use various intelligent functions at any time. The module inside the buckle has a super power-saving processor, a highly integrated electronic device with Bluetooth function, and a rechargeable battery.
E-Strap Smart Band Features
Activity tracking: Track daily steps, calories burned and walking distance.
Sleep monitoring: Whether you wear a watch or place a pillow when you fall asleep, sleep monitoring can also provide you with sleep quality data, including deep sleep time, light sleep time or awake time.
Sleep cycle alarm: When the sleep cycle alarm is set, it will wake you up at the best time in the sleep cycle and make you feel better when you wake up.
Event reminder: remind you to stay active while you stay still. You can set your own ‘event reminders’ directly through the MMT-365 application.
Smart Coaching: Provides exclusive health advice and tips based on your activity and sleep data.
Cloud backup and restore: Even if you lose your watch or phone, you can still restore all your data. Traditional Swiss-made smart watches can independently store your activity and sleep information for up to 30 days without synchronizing with your phone. It’s a great way to collect and save data!

How to use

   First, the user must click the button on the E-Strap smartband to turn on Bluetooth and pair it with the MMT-365 app on their iOS or Android phone. The user can continuously press the button on the E-Strap smartband for 3 seconds to switch between the activity tracking mode and the sleep monitoring mode. When the orange LED lights up, it means that the activity tracking mode is starting and starts to monitor the steps, calories, activity time and distance. Similarly, when transitioning to sleep monitoring mode, you must continuously press the button on the E-Strap smartband for 3 seconds. When the blue LED lights up, it means that the transition is successful, and monitoring of sleep quality begins. The E-Strap smartband has a power storage of up to 7 days.
E-Strap smart strap with elegant traditional watch art
   Frederique Constant’s E-Strap smart strap is an advanced technology. Its specially designed smart pin buckle and belt show a refined taste after a rigorous manufacturing process. When worn, the smart pin buckle hides under the belt and blends with the strap. The pin buckle is made of stainless steel, rose gold plating and gold plating. This kit is equipped with special tools for users to attach the E-Strap smart strap to any traditional watch with 20mm or 22mm lugs.