Earl X Golden Horse Organizing Committee To Jointly Shoot ‘golden Horse Glory Moment’ Neon Light And Shadow Best Director, Film Empress

Piaget, Switzerland’s top watch and jewelry brand, has served as the longest-running film award for the Chinese film industry for five consecutive years-the Golden Horse Awards. The ‘Moment of Glory’ shooting plan leaves a charming demeanor for the directors and protagonists of the Golden Horse Awards.

Neon light and shadow

Best Actor Finalist Huang Bo

Best Actor Finalist Tumen

Best Actor Finalist-Chuang Kaixun

Best Actress Finalist Shu Qi

Best Actress Finalist Yin Xin

Best Actress Finalist Wen Qi

   Piaget and the Golden Horse Organizing Committee joined hands again this year in the ‘Golden Horse Glory Hour’ shooting plan to gather the finalists and directors from the three places in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, leaving a precious memorial of the May 4th. Every year, it can bring you a strong visual shock. This year, with the neon light and shadow, the finalists are brought out to make charming acting and vivid expressions become the brightest visual center in the picture.

Best Director Finalist Zhang Aijia

Best Director Finalist

Best Director Finalist

   The famous stylist Liu Daqiang once again created the image for the finalists. Hong Kong’s well-known Secret 9 production company and famous photographer CK led his team to take charge of the shooting. plan. Takeshi Kaneshiro, who was shortlisted for the film this year, was unable to participate in the shooting due to the schedule. Secret 9, which took over this shooting plan again, cultivated an excellent understanding with Golden Horse and Piaget. This year, he and Liu Daqiang challenged with strong visual effects of neon light and trendy styles, accompanied by Piaget’s brilliant jewelry and watches. , Showing the symbolic scenes of the finalists in the movie. In the eyes of each member of the star, each shot tells the mood of the finalist and the language of the movie’s plot. Frame by frame, contemporary and classic pictures have made the ‘Golden Horse Glory Moment’ unique and memorable.

Shortlisted photos of golden horses

Tian Zhuangzhuang wears Piaget G0A39111 watch

Geng Jun wears Piaget G0A42001 watch

Hui Yinghong wears Piaget G0A38211 watch and jewelry

Wen Qi wears Piaget G0A35084 watch and jewelry

   The Golden Horse Organizing Committee also arranged the best director, the best male and female protagonist to hold a small golden horse in the mirror, the starlike guides of the stars under the lens, the enthusiasm and original intention of the film work, and the joy of being shortlisted for the Golden Horse. . Under the joint cooperation of the master team, it depicts the current and retains eternal emotion.

Wen Yan wears Piaget G0A39166 watch and jewelry

Zhang Aijia wears earl jewelry

Xu Anhua wears Piaget G0A41212 and jewelry

Yang Yayi wears Piaget G0A41206 watch

Yin Xin wears earl jewelry

   The Principal of the Golden Horse Awards praised the Count, and selected the finest watches and gorgeous jewelry as the finalists, so that the shooting plan and the Golden Horse Awards will always remain brilliant. The fifty-fourth Golden Horse Awards ceremony will be held on November 25th at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, recording the moving moments of the filmmakers and Piaget.
Finalists who participated in the filming of ‘Golden Horse Glory Hour’ include:
Best Director: Zhang Aijia, Xu Anhua, Yang Yayi, Wen Yan, Geng Jun
Best Actor: Zhuang Kaixun, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Huang Bo, Tu Men (finalist Jin Chengwu failed to participate in this shooting)
Best Actress: Zhang Aijia, Shu Qi, Hui Yinghong, Yin Xin, Wen Qi