Fiyta Watch Official Announcement: Feng Shaofeng Becomes Brand Spokesperson ‘feyal Space Station’ Theme Exhibition Opens Grandly

Fiyta watches originated from the spirit of aviation. It has always used the professional and aesthetic watch design to interpret the artistic exploration of the concept of ‘flying’. Adhering to the original intention of bringing more innovative experiences to watch enthusiasts, the 4-day ‘Fiyta Space Station’ theme exhibition opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 1. During the exhibition, Fiyta announced the new spokesperson Feng Shaofeng. Regardless of his work or personal style, Feng Shaofeng shows the calm and brave dream of the modern gentleman, which fits well with the brand spirit of Fiyta. The addition of Feng Shaofeng is a balanced and dedicated gentleman force that will be added to the brand family after Gao Yuanyuan, which will definitely bring more possibilities for professionalism and aesthetics.

‘Fiyta Space Station’ Theme Exhibition Site Pavilion

Fiyta Space Station
A wonderful exploration of ‘flying’

   The ‘Fiyta Space Station’ theme exhibition started with a theme of aviation and aerospace, and started a wonderful exploration journey about ‘flying’. The design of the pavilion draws on the oriental classical elements of Dunhuang murals. Based on ‘Lotus Flying Sky Algae Map’ as the prototype, the deep and cosmic view contained in the alga well is displayed in front of the eyes through modern and simple carving and pasting technology. At the entrance of the exhibition hall, a drainage window was carefully created, and the brand totem of Fiyta watch-‘Peace pigeon wearing space equipment’ stood still.

‘Fiyta Space Station’ Theme Pavilion Details

   The pavilion adopts a circular space layout, and the smallpox in the center of the center partially restores the astronaut’s departure scene, and the aerospace replica watch is displayed at the bottom. There are four product zones in the surrounding area, which respectively display the master series Dunhuang themed watches, Mach series ‘J-20’ joint limited edition watches, four-leaf clover series watches, Fengzhi series and Indian series watches. In order to create a fantastic time to explore the atmosphere, Fiyta’s exhibition hall also set up four theme spaces-the Earth’s Dunhuang Cultural District, the Earth’s Science and Technology District, the Earth’s Chronicles and the Earth’s Rare Plants Zone. The four dimensions of technology, modern fashion, and beautiful meaning all portray a wonderful and diverse watch country for the viewer.

Fiyta Watch X Feng Shaofeng
Focus and balance to create your brand’s signature

   In this ‘Fiyta Space Station’ theme exhibition, Fiyta Watch officially announced the well-known actor Feng Shaofeng as a new spokesperson. As an all-round power actor, Feng Shaofeng and Fiyta have many things in common-high visibility, a deep fan base; high professionalism, maintaining the highest pursuit of standards in the exclusive field. The cooperation between Fiyta Watch and Feng Shaofeng is a strong union between ingenious brands and powerful actors. The unique quality of him is the best proof of the ‘exploration spirit’ and ‘professional skills’ adhered to by Fiyta.

Fiyta watch brand spokesman Feng Shaofeng wears Fiyta new style watches

   As the new spokesperson for Fiyta Watch, Feng Shaofeng has always focused on his acting career, breaking through himself in various roles. From the noble Eight Brothers in Palace Lock Heart Jade, the domineering Xiang Yu in Hongmen Banquet, the ordinary young Ma Haohan in The Endless Period, the writer Xiao Jun in the Golden Age, and the Wolf Totem. In the steppe’s Beijing educated youth Chen Zhen, and the wealthy son Gu Tingxuan in ‘Know No’, Feng Shaofeng performed every role vividly and spontaneously. He seems to be indifferent, but accurate step by step. He is unshakable in the tide of the impetuous hustle and bustle, and emits a strong and balanced powerful field. This time, Fiyta Watch cooperated with Feng Shaofeng to realize the mutual empowerment between the brand and the spokesperson. The two parties with the same temperament brought more space for cooperation and also gave the brand more possibilities for ‘exploration journey’.

Mach series ‘J-20’ limited edition watch
Tribute to the spirit of freedom and fearless aviation

   As a brand derived from aviation, Fiyta has always had a deep relationship with China’s aviation industry. In 2018, Fiyta co-branded with the fifth-generation stealth fighter ‘J-20’ and launched the Mach series ‘J-20’ limited edition watch, which will strike the fighter eagle into the toughness of the sky, condense and square. The Mach series ‘J-20’ joint limited edition watch embodies the unique elements and imprints of the ‘J-20’ fighter plane, and the flight concept runs through every detail. The contour line on the side of the case is inspired by the outline of the ‘J-20’ fuselage, showing a smooth streamline. The bottom cover is engraved and decorated with the outline pattern of the ‘J-20’ fighter, making this commemorative meaning change over time.

Mach series ‘J-20’ limited edition (fifth grade titanium)

   In the use of materials, Fiyta ‘J-20’ joint limited edition watch also unique new materials. It uses a futuristic ‘space metal’ grade five titanium or ‘ancient steel’ Damascus steel to create a strong case. Compared with stainless steel, grade 5 titanium is superior in terms of weight, hardness and corrosion resistance, and fits human skin, making it less susceptible to sensitization. Damascus steel has extremely high hardness and toughness, and has excellent rust and corrosion resistance. It will form artistic lines during the casting process, such as flowing clouds, and is known as ‘the most extreme steel art’ in the world. At the same time, the watch is equipped with a modified Swiss multifunctional automatic mechanical movement, which has a significant anti-magnetic effect, which can effectively protect the watch from magnetic field interference, ensuring that the watch is accurate and stable at all times, without fear of extreme environments.

Mach series ‘J-20’ limited edition (Damascus steel)

Aerospace replica watch
Professional timing, keeping in mind the pioneering work of space exploration

   As one of the world’s three major aerospace watch brands, Fiyta watches are well known for their professional watchmaking skills. To commemorate the breakthrough development of China’s manned spaceflight industry, Fiyta launched a replica series of aerospace watches this year. The aerospace series replica watches continue the complicated chronograph case, the case and the strap are made of light and stable five-grade titanium material, highlighting the distinctive aerospace characteristics. The ring of the watch is made of two parts, the metal part is made of grade five titanium alloy, and the eight teeth are shaped by the DNA of the Fiyta Aerospace series. It is designed to enhance the friction of the screw ring and facilitate the timing of tasks.

Aerospace replica watch

   The dial design adopts the complex function design of the three sub-dials, in harmony with the style of the case. The 12-hour chronograph dial and second dial are set at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively, which is intuitive and convenient when reading. The 3 o’clock position is a dual calendar display window. The left window is the AM / PM function display, and the right window is the regular calendar, which allows astronauts to clearly identify the Earth time. At 12 o’clock, there is a 45-minute characteristic counter, supplemented by orange and light khaki arcs, to warn the progress of the task. This feature originates from the need for Chinese astronauts to control the length of time during the first out-of-cabin walk, which is a distinctive feature of space watches that distinguish them from general complex chronograph watches.

Master Series Dunhuang Theme Enamel Watch
Whatever you want

   Adhering to the pursuit of professional watchmaking and cultural aesthetics, Fiyta launched the Master Series Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, which combines the handcrafted silk enamel craftsmanship and fine watchmaking essence, and reproduces the extreme piety and imagination of the world for thousands of years. Between square inches, the eternal brilliance of Dunhuang is reproduced.

   The Fiyta Master Series Dunhuang-themed enamel watch draws inspiration from Dunhuang frescoes, and reproduces classic scenes such as flying sky, Hu Xuanwu, Lotus Mozai, and nine-colored deer. The manufacturing process of the watch is complicated and exquisite. First, the master craftsman hand-drawn the pattern, using a 24K gold wire with a diameter of only 0.04 mm, to sculpt the flying sky, Hu Xuanwu, and nine-colored deer among the square inches of the sterling silver floor. The complex contours of the murals; on the 42mm dial, filled with dozens of enamel glazes of different colors; finally, after glazing layer by layer, dozens of calcinations and cooling, in the high temperature of 800-900 degrees Celsius, cycle by cycle, let the color It continues to be intense until it shines dazzlingly.

Dunhuang Theme Huxuanwu Enamel Watch

Dunhuang-themed nine-color deer enamel watch

   Fiyta’s Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, equipped with a modified Swiss mechanical movement, with an 18K gold case and a distinguished crocodile leather strap, each limited to 10 pieces in the world, has become a classic for watch lovers to collect.

Dunhuang-themed flying enamel watch

More Fiyta watches

   Fiyta’s pursuit of professional watchmaking never ends, as does the pursuit of aesthetics. During the ‘Fiyta Space Station’ Experience Exhibition, the brand also exhibited works such as Fengzhi series of ultra-thin men’s watches, heartstring series ladies ‘watches, and clover series ladies’ watches.

Fengzhi Series Slim Men’s Watch

   Simple in heart, thin in shape. The Fiyta Men’s Watch series is designed to be only 8.4mm thick, bringing a slim fit. The dial is simple in style, and it is available in sun sand and fire patterns. The fire pattern has a clear sense of layers, and the radial sun sand flow changes magic. The sword-shaped hour and minute hands are polished on both sides, highlighting the strength of professional watchmaking. The 3 o’clock position retains the single calendar window; the 6 o’clock special imprint series English name ‘LineCollection’ further interprets the watch’s thin texture like a line, creating an elegant timepiece between men’s wrists.

Heartstring women’s watch

   There are always moments that are touching. The Fiyta Lady’s Heartstring series continues the elegant style of the series. The dazzling dial is available in two colors, coffee and pure white. The 12 o’clock setting is inlaid with waterdrop-shaped diamonds, which show a changing color under the light. The round case is carefully polished to reflect a bright metallic luster. The pumpkin-shaped crown is inlaid with crystals, which complements the bezel, giving a beautiful visual enjoyment. The strap is inspired by the V-neck element of the evening dress. The band body is inlaid with inlay technology, lingering on the wrist, revealing the true charm of women.

Clover Women’s Watch

   The aesthetic meaning is integrated with the fashion attitude, and the ‘true love, health, reputation, wealth’ symbolized by the clover is engraved on time. The hollowed-out plate design is surrounded by rose-gold silk threads, and the clover elements are engraved on the surface of the plate in a large dimension. The idea is hidden in the wrist to pay tribute to women’s persistence and pursuit of a happy life.