Hermès Hangzhou Elegant Open Hermes Handicraft Festival

Hermes, a French hand luggage brand with a history of 176 years, after Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang, today opened the “Festival des Métiers” elegantly again on the shore of the beautiful West Lake, showing its exclusiveness to the Hangzhou public Of eight classic crafts.

 Cao Weiming cuts the ribbon for the ceremony with leather artisans, Miao Chengchao, Emmanuel Lenain, Shen Guojun, and silk scarf printer (from left to right)

 Hermès, a French hand luggage brand with a history of 176 years, after Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang, today opened the “Festival des Métiers” elegantly on the shore of the beautiful West Lake, showing the Hangzhou public eight exclusive classic crafts . Nine outstanding craftsmen vividly interpreted the essence of Hermès ‘century-old brand, telling the unique ingenuity contained in each piece, leading the audience on the scene to understand Hermès’ exquisite and mysterious handicraft palace and the ultimate state of perfection.

 Entering the ‘Hermes Crafts Ceremony’ exhibition area, you will be greeted by elegant and exquisite workbenches, various delicate needlework, delicate wood hammers, colorful silks … all kinds of tools and materials are in the hands of craftsmen Dancing lightly, the rhythm is in chapters, like a passionate symphony full of vitality, which illustrates Hermès’s endless enthusiasm and eternal pursuit of traditional manual skills.

 As the founding source of Hermès, saddle production has a unique and profound meaning in Hermes’ handicrafts. People often stop in front of the stand, listening to the whisper between the producer and the saddle. Since Hermes opened its first saddle and harness workshop in 1837, careful selection of materials and excellent production have been the keys to its world-renowned success. In order for the saddle to have a strong and delicate texture and elegant luster, to realize the natural fit between humans and horses, the craftsmen need to specialize the selected leather before making each part. The cowhide used only for the saddle wings requires tanning for 8 to 10 months in a container filled with oak bark. The famous ‘saddle needle method’ uses beeswax linen, all reinforced stitching is done by hand, giving the saddle an unparalleled firmness, and also a perfect fusion with leather.

 Keep moving forward, and in front of you is Hermes’ unique leather goods production workbench. ‘Beads round jade run’ and ‘saddle stitch method’, the leather goods division with its own superb skills, with the help of specialized tools, live demonstration of Hermes’s unique handmade skills. From raw hides to finely-crafted clinker, a fur product needs to undergo more than 200 complex and sophisticated processing techniques before it can become gorgeous, refined, and layered leather goods. After tanning, dyeing, and finishing the leather, you need to soften, cut, sew, flip, polish, and bead … Every step of the production process requires the mastery of the craftsman, and all the details of each piece of leather are made by a craftsman himself Do it manually. It is in this way that Hermes leather goods will have a one-piece integrity and a unique personality.

 After admiring the perfection of leather goods production, his eyes couldn’t help but be attracted by the on-site craftsman who clung leather on the wooden frame. He was showing Hermès’ exclusive glove making technology. Every winter Hermès designs 25 gloves, and in summer it adds 15 more, each with 8 to 10 colors, but few people know that a pair of classic Hermes gloves need to go through 22 different production processes. After the initial selection and processing of leather, polishing, and manual cutting and stitching in the later period, a pair of elegant, comfortable, and exquisitely crafted Hermès gloves came into being. Some styles can be as long as the shoulders or exposed fingers, and some styles are designed with freshness. Vibrant stripes, delicate wrinkles or gentle and intricate mesh laces, and some are decorated with studs and jewelry. The artisans confid their warm feelings, show unlimited talents through their hands, and convey Hermès’ unremitting pursuit of a better life.

 A workbench similar to Chinese prints attracted a lot of guests ‘curious eyes. Hermès’ exclusive silk scarf plate making process was presented to people in a black and white world. The dedicated scarf stenciler is shaking hands with the stereotyped pen, meticulously making each template for each color in the scarf pattern, ensuring that each element in the pattern is clear, complete and expressive. A Hermès silk scarf starts from the topic selection and passes the design, color matching, plate making, coloring, and hand-rolling processes. It takes more than 24 months before and after. After the pattern is determined, the craftsmen need to use high patience and a lot of time and painstaking efforts to pattern each color in the silk scarf pattern, and transfer every detail in the pattern to transparent paper to ensure that all colors can It is superimposed on a predetermined position correctly to form a predetermined pattern. It takes about 600 hours to make a single scarf.

 After completing the plate making process, on a huge table that is 100 meters long, the silk scarf printing and dyeing division is working to give each Hermès silk scarf a soul of color. 30 to 45 colors are selected from 75,000 colors and accurate. Color the floor to the prepared silk scarf floor. For each color, it takes 1 hour to 1 month to dry before printing and dyeing the second color. After a series of time-consuming and complicated processes, one party’s dazzling and colorful colors were finally released. After going through this journey of color exploration, audiences who have witnessed such superb skills can not stand by indifferently, but they ca n’t wait to pick up a square scarf and feel the spirit flowing at the fingertips.

 Many men linger on the Hermès tie making workbench. Since the advent of Hermes ‘first tie in 1949, the tie has become another symbol of Hermes’ lifestyle. Every Hermès tie is hand-woven from high-quality silk. Customize a Hermès tie with more than a thousand colors to choose from. Different from other ties, Hermes tie will carefully add a loose line, which makes the tie not only soft and fit, but more importantly, even after wearing it for many times, as long as the loose line is adjusted, the tie can be restored again. In a brand new and shabby state, we will continue to accompany our customers with perfect quality and witness their aging years.

 If saddles and leather goods are witnesses to the 100-year history of Hermès, the excellent watch series is a tribute to this century. The craftsmen carefully fiddled with the watch parts in their hands, making people want to peek into the details of this exquisite craftsmanship. Hermès has broken through the traditional watchmaking concept in watchmaking technology and tried to use advanced technology. The Dressage watch series is one of Hermès special watch series. With its outstanding case design and elegant curves, the Dresseage watch is equipped with the H1837 self-winding movement developed exclusively by Hermès. The movement is hand polished. The main splint of the movement is engraved with fish scales. The automatic tourbillon uses a brushing process and is engraved with a hand-polished exclusive Hermès H pattern decoration. The shiny H marks are closely arranged to outline the original shape of the splint. The cleverness of the new Arceau Grande Lune moon phase watch is that it is a full calendar watch with the function of displaying the day and month: a dark blue moon phase dial machine specially designed at 6 o’clock, rhodium-plated astrology, dial numbers The arrangement and swirl pattern make the entire watch show a mysterious and rich astronomical effect, which greatly enhances the wearer’s enjoyment of appreciation. Such a design that combines exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics can not help moving, lamenting the timelessness and eternity.

 The first presentation of the knitting and woven stitching process won a warm response once it was displayed. I saw that the splicer skillfully used the fabrics and needles of the fingers to seamlessly connect the knitted cashmere and twill silk on both sides through classic connection technology, so that the knitted cashmere was firmly locked in the middle of the two twill silks. The seams between these fabrics are extremely smooth and regular. Through this unique technique, Hermès uses more stylish and simple elements to mix and match different fabrics with treated silk, while giving women’s ready-to-wear garments, pullovers, sweaters, skirts and other new shapes. , Further enhance the quality of clothing, enhance the comfort when wearing, has become a time-honored fashion benchmark.

 In order to better convey Hermès’ admiration and insistence on pure handicrafts to the audience, this event specially set up a public open day link, the visit time is from November 8, 2013 to November 12, 2013, 11: 00-19 : 00 (in the atrium of Hangzhou Lakeside Yintai Phase I). At the same time, the film documentary ‘Hearts and Crafts’, which deeply describes the essence of Hermès craftsmanship, will also be screened in the exhibition hall on the third floor of the Hermès Intime boutique during the same period.

 The ‘Hermes Crafts Ceremony’ is like a supreme tour of the highest quality and artistic life. In this mini workshop, Hermès deeply interprets its diligent pursuit of perfection and detail with classic skills, and pays tribute to the persistence and bold innovation of generations of craftsmen. The profound and ingenious craftsmanship and the profound heritage of a century of heritage make Hermes more elegant and charming under the baptism of time.