Jewelry Creation Only For Princess Grace Of Monaco

In 1956, Grace Kelly married HSH Prince Rainier and became the princess of Monaco. To cope with the wedding event, ‘Grace de Monaco’ pink rose Become one of the most conspicuous decorations of the big wedding; the princess had a special love for roses during her lifetime. She once said that ‘Grace de Monaco’ pink roses were the most wonderful wedding gift she received. It is precisely because of Grace’s love that Montblanc inspired the “Grace de Monaco” pink rose to create the Princess Grace collection of high-end jewellery, to witness touching love, and to pay tribute to the elegant princess.
Rose and petals
   Roses are the most moving symbol of women: they are intoxicating, delicate and charming. Montblanc is inspired by the petals that best represent the beauty of the rose, and is incorporated into the design of the Princess Grace Collection of Monaco. In fact, rose petals are the main axis of design for the Princess Princess Grace Collection of Monaco, and the designer has transformed its characteristics into a sensual and feminine creative theme.

   Why is rose petals so appealing? Rose petals are delicate and fragile, as smooth as velvet, but they have the meaning of freedom; because each petal of each flower is different, it means that each woman is an independent individual, each with a unique personality and beauty. ‘The Princess Grace Collection of Monaco’ contains two petal design themes, praising the unique beauty and moving charm of each woman.
Pétales de Rose (rose petals) theme
   The perfect, lovely, and moving rose petals are at the heart of the Pétales de Rose theme. Each petal takes an asymmetrical line, and the smooth gold surface is paved with diamonds, which highlights the unique shape of the petals.

   The diamond petals are inlaid with different levels, different angles, and have a three-dimensional effect. Between the petals, they are more aerodynamic, and bloom with the movement of the wrist. Starting from a petal, the designer conceived a shape surrounded by four or six petals. A single diamond was set in the middle of the petals, like the crystal dew on the surface of the petals. It was luxurious and poetic.
Pétales Entrelacés theme

   As the name suggests, Pétales Entrelacés is composed of intertwined petals, representing lovers’ hearts, and the intimacy of men and women is harmonious. The petals are intricately intertwined, soft and wavy, and full of contours, forming a continuous wreath. Senior craftsmen use ingenious hands to flexibly inlaid petals, shaped like precious lace, and wrapped around the jade wrist like a ribbon, making people feel the eternal value of precious materials.

   The warm pink gold blooms with the movement of the wrist, and the sparkling diamonds bring out the natural charm of the petals. Pink gold and diamonds are a match made in heaven, witnessing the vow of love, eternal.