Maurice Lacroix-calendrier Rétrograde And Double Rétrograde

MauriceLacroix exhibited his new masterpieces, which used the company’s latest movements Calendrier Rétrograde ML 150 and Double Rétrograde ML 151 in these new watches.

Careful brushing, golden time markers and layered silver dials make up the perfect background, highlighting the flyback capabilities of the Calendrier Rétrograde ML 150 and Double Rétrograde ML 151 movements. Exquisite, slender and finely processed gold hands set off these beautiful watches with a modern look, and also show the watchmaker’s most perfect traditional processing art. The special ‘black gold’ surface treatment of the hands is very eye-catching, highlighting the display of the flyback function.

The exquisitely crafted gold case protects the precious movements, which are produced in limited quantities with unique decorations. The frame is carefully decorated, the edges of the frame are machined into bevels and finally gold-plated. Limited production serial numbers are engraved in three-quarters of the frame, further highlighting the unique identity of the owner.
Source: MauriceLacroix