Meidu Elegant And Stylish Top Luxury Watch

1. MIDO MULTIFORT (helmsman): Revisit the classic design, relive the original heart of love, a solid and timeless representative, the perfect unification of high quality and functionality.
    It is also the classic series of Swiss MIDO. MULTIFORT has always inherited the streamlined design with a clear industrial sense. Under the sapphire mirror, it is decorated with Geneva ripples, which beautifully interprets modern and classic concepts. The men’s gentleman, with integrity, is full of mature charm in the lines; the women’s smart, elegant, and rippled gather a unique sexy charm. The designer borrowed the shape of the side body of the American locomotive, and the fixed rivets were also reproduced on the watch’s pointer readings. This watch is a tribute to the streamlined era of the previous century.

    2. MIDO BELLUNA (Bruna): ‘A MARK OF TURE DESIGN’ Inspiration witnesses eternity, eternity witnesses love, contemporary art encounters cutting-edge machinery, and strikes a unique fashion classic.
    The Swiss watch brand MIDO’s BELLUNA series is inspired by the New York landmark Chrysler Building. The low-profile collection-shaped building structure and simple appearance make it visually full of architectural tension, while the coordination and softness of the bezel and the The toughness is contrasting and interesting. The hollow of the string on the dial is the body fragrance of the designer’s skill. The hollow figure is the arched top shape of the Chrysler building’s logo. The hands mimic the spire of the building straight into the sky. At the same time, the female watch’s crescent-shaped calendar window design adds a soft, elegant atmosphere.

    3. MIDO BARONCELLI TONNEAU: The simple design is like simple love, the most frank and always the most attractive. The violin resembles the elegant rounded corners of a scroll, the smooth arc shape, and grasps the rapidly changing times.
   BARONCELLI TONNEAU’s design is inspired by the shape of the barrel of the European noble house, which reproduces the brand’s design spirit with creativity and innovation. As the first watch series with a barrel-type appearance, this watch is loved by people with a unique taste and value for functional quality. The men’s and women’s models use steel cases with bold lines, which are elegant and luxurious against the black dial and brown strap.