No Fear Under The Heavy Pressure’ Tag Heuer And Li Yifeng Assisted In The Cba League Star Sharp Selection Plan Conference

On October 18, 2018, in Beijing Wukesong Hi-Park Basketball Park, the TAG Heuer brand helped the CBA League Star Rui selection plan launch ceremony. Tiger Heuer’s image spokesperson, brand ambassador Li Yifeng, Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and chairman of CBA, attended the event.

Hi-Park basketball park activity scene

  In the last season, since the Tag Heuer and CBA League reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides have started the monthly best star player selection plan. Under the encouragement of this plan, emerging players continue to develop their strength and continue to challenge themselves in the game. At the best level, three outstanding young players won the award. One of the star players, Rui Zhao, also came to the event. It is the growth of these new players that has made Tiger Tag Heuer more determined to cooperate with the CBA League and to train Xingrui players.

Event opening dance

Speech by General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China

  In the latest season, Xingrui’s selection plan is based on the addition of last year’s selection of Xingrui players, adding a Tag Heuer award for the best Xingrui player of the year, and providing overseas winners with special training Opportunity to encourage these young players’ determination to struggle and win on the court. TAG Heuer has always been keen to pay attention to and support sports. The brilliant performance of the athletes on the field is exactly the interpretation of the TAG Heuer brand’s ‘no fear under pressure’ brand characteristics.

Speech by CBA Commercial General Manager

Star Rui selection activity introduction

  ‘The growth of new students requires a stress-resistant process.’ In the new season of the CBA, for the first time, the ‘sharp’ logo was added to the rookie’s jersey. In the selection system, the last 24 hours of new online voting, TAG Heuer’s whistle time of ‘no fear under pressure’. During this time, each vote doubled and will be doubled in the total number of votes. Among the four monthly best players in the regular season, One person will be awarded the Starbucks Player of the Year in the CBA League Tag Heuer, which is also a new selection award this season.

Tag Heuer spokesperson Li Yifeng wore a Carrera chronograph to attend the event

  TAG Heuer’s spokesperson Mr. Li Yifeng wore the TAG Heuer Carrera Series 01 chronograph to attend the event. Li Yifeng perfectly interpreted that the TAG Heuer Carrera series watches can be worn on any occasion, whether it is a formal or sports chronograph. It can be perfectly presented on the wrist, showing a young, dynamic and new fashion style.

Tag Heuer Mini Challenge

Tag Heuer Mini Challenge

Tag Heuer Mini Challenge

Tag Heuer Mini Challenge

  Li Yifeng and CBA star sharp player Zhao Rui, Peking University men’s basketball team Zhang Ning and 9-year-old Chai Zihan players jointly challenged the Mini Tag Heuer Challenge. After 2 minutes and 25 seconds, the four ended the challenge through cooperation and successfully obtained Tiger Heuer’s gift of CBA. An overseas training opportunity for the league.

TAG Heuer presents CBA League overseas training opportunities

  The new force is the future of CBA and the future of Chinese basketball. Let us and Tag Heuer look forward to the exciting moments of CBA League players showing ‘no fear under pressure’ on the field.